Elf PIN Can Now Be Set

An Elf Personal Identification Number can now be set for every account at SantaTrackers.net.

The Elf PIN is designed as a safety and security feature. Using an Elf PIN will be an added means of us knowing a submission actually comes from you. It will be added to job applications, tracker reports and other submission forms soon.

Fraud in the elf world is rare. But this added feature will ensure the North Pole gets the information that you intend. Going forward, new accounts, both for Freelance Elves and for North Pole Elves, will register with an Elf PIN.

Please set your Elf PIN. You can change your Elf Pin at any time.

For existing accounts, please see this page or fill out the form below.

Thank you and have a nice day.

Please select a 4-digit Elf Personal Identification Number to be associated with your account
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Agent X
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elf radar

Good Idea!

Elf Ulan

I’ve already sent it!

Elf Max

I got a message with a question about when this would start to be visible. It will be a few days before you see it. It will be added it later this next week.

Elf Crusader

X, what if you forget your pin @Agent X?

Elf Cookie Dough

This is great I sent in mine