Question: How do I get a job at the North Pole as an elf?

You can apply for jobs at the North Pole on any Official North Pole website. Applicants will need to go through a process of learning the Elf Code, taking the Elf Oath and then qualifying for the position applied for. The North Pole is always hiring.

Question: Are all elves short?

Some are, some are not. Kind of a personal question.

Question: How do you tell the difference between a real elf and someone pretending to be an elf?

Any real elf not only knows the Elf Code they live by it. Most pretenders do not even know about the Elf Code.

Question: Do elves have pointy ears?

Not that we have heard.

Question: Are my parents elves?

It is possible. Santa has elves all over the world and many of them work in secret. An elf can look like any other person in any country of the world.

Question: Is my teacher an elf?

It is possible. Many teachers are elves and most are proud to be so. Santa is a big fan of educators and he encourages every teacher to become an elf.

Question: Do elves eat special food?

Elves eat all kinds of foods. They are very partial to eggnog. And candy canes. And spare ribs.

Question: How do elves poop?

Just like anyone else.

Question: Do elves have their own reindeer and sleighs?

Some do. But not all. Sleighs are expensive and reindeer are hard to come by for the average elf. Many elves at the North Pole have sleds or snowmobiles. Almost everyone has snow shoes.

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