Points Summary

As an elf on SantaTrackers.net you get points for nearly everything that you do. Click the buttons below to see points summaries for our three different kinds of points.

Elf Point Summary

Elf Points are all about your activity in the Elf Community. You get points for conversing on the Elf Wall, sharing new photos, videos, links and files, and for personalizing your profile. For a comprehensive look at your elf points, please see this link. Your Elf Points Balance:

Tracker Points

Tracker Points are all about the biggest part of our jobs: tracking Santa. You get points in this category by participating in events, having an elf job, participating in groups and making friends. For a look at tracker points, please see this link. Your Tracker Points Balance:

Santa Points

Santa Points are something different entirely. These are points you get from Santa himself when he recognizes things you do that are beyond the scope of your elf duties – that little extra that goes above and beyond to serve and help others. You will find opportunities through this category to serve and to give to others. Santa calls it the essence of Christmas. To see a detailed summary of Santa Points please click here. Your Santa Points Balance:

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