Sector 1 News



Elf of the Year Named

Greetings Fellow Trackers of Santa!It is my distinct pleasure…
Stand Down

Sector 1 Stand Down

Trackers of Sector 1, the order has been issued - Santa has ordered…
Local Christmas

Sector 2 Local Christmas Report Needed

Here's a new request from Flight Command - they want a local…
Ground Report

Sector 1 Ground Report Requested

North Pole Flight Command is requesting a ground report from…

Santa Has Launched from the North Pole

Santa has launched from the North Pole and is on his way to Sector…
Local Christmas Report

Local Christmas Report Need

North Pole Flight Command has just requested a Local Christmas…

Updated Weather Report Needed

North Pole Flight Command has requested another updated local…
Final Roof Report

Final Roof Report for Sector 1

Last call, Trackers! We need a roof report from as many of you…
Christmas Eve

It’s Christmas Eve in Sector 1

Fellow elves - Sector 1 just entered the Red Zone. It is now…
Weather Update

Sector 1 Weather Update Requested

Attention elves of SECTOR 1 ONLY! We have been asked to update…

Let’s See Your Best Elf

Let's see your best elf!Attention all Elves: at the request…
Sector 1

Sector 1 Tracker Elves Can Check In

Sector 1 Tracker elves can now check-in. Repeat: this is for…
Elf Check-in

Elf Check-In Begins in 24 Hours

Fellow Elves! We will begin the worldwide check-in process for…
Tracker Elf Conference

Tracker Elf Conference Recap

Below is the chat transcript of the Tracker Elf Conference held…
Tracker Elf Conference Agenda

Tracker Elf Conference Agenda

The Tracker Elf Conference is scheduled for this Saturday at…
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