Sector 3
Sector Activated
Finding Santa

Report Form for Finding Santa

As we promised earlier last week we now have activated a report…
Stand Down

Trackers Can Stand Down in Sector 3

Just got the call from Flight Command. Santa is about to enter…

A Last Weather Report

Santa is heading here fast. Flight Command has given us the request…

Santa Wants a Ground Report

Santa wants us to give the ground a fresh look. He'll be here…

Questions Wanted by Flight Command

Flight Command wants to hear your questions!

Weather Update in Sector 3

Flight Command is asking for an update on the weather - especially…
Red Zone

We’re in the Red Zone!

Sector 3 is now in the Red Zone. It's Christmas Eve in 3!!!That…
Sector 3

Sector 3 is on the Clock!

Sector 3 trackers - ATTENTION. This is your call to check in.…
Sector 3

Way to Go, Sector 3

Sector 3 has a lot of be proud of this week. I don't know why…

A New Tracker Challenge

Greetings, my tracker friends. It is time for my final tracker…
Crash Murphy

Chat Recap with Elf Crash in Elf Chat

Elf Crash Murphy, Santa's Eye-in-the-Sky Reporter and the Ultimate…
Sector 3

Sector 3 Has a Big Week

Greetings, Elves!Sorry I'm late with this week's report -…

Halfway to our Report Goal

Hello Trackers!As we approach the final full week before…

Santa Answers Questions

Santa here. I send greetings to my fellow elves! Thank you for…
Elf Frank Myrrh

Elf Frank Myrrh Gets Personal in New Podcast

Elf Frank Myrrh, North Pole Radio News lead news anchor, gets…

Radio News Highlight

Elf Victoria Wassail has to explain to Elf Crash Murphy why Elf Frank Myrrh is not available to talk on the radio while he follows Santa over Sector 3.

Tracker Elves

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