Sector 3
Sector Activated
Sector 3

Official: Sector 3 Online

I see no reason to wait further: I have activated Sector 3.This…
New Report

New Report Added for Trackers

A new report has been added to the Trackers Report menu. It's…
Tracking Santa

A New Era of Tracking Santa Begins

A new era of tracking Santa has begun.Starting in the next…
New Elves

New Elves Will Wait

In Elf Chat today Elf Crash Murphy announced that Elf Roger Star…
Test Flights

Test Flights Begin July 26th

Test flights of Santa's sleigh are scheduled to begin in Sector…

First Ever Regional HQ Announced for Africa

Historic news was announced at North Pole Flight Command today…

Christmas in July Chats

Christmas in July chats have been announced for July 23rd and…
Tracker Elf Press Conference

Tracker Elf Press Conference Coverage

The annual tracker elf press conference where the new recruiting…
Tracker Elf

Tracker Elf Press Conference Just Hours Away

North Pole Flight Command has just sent out a reminder of the…

Christmas in July at the North Pole

Christmas in July is the topic of this brief new episode of the…
Weirdness in Flight Command

Weirdness in Flight Command

Something really weird is going on. I cannot get anyone at Flight…
Chat Recap

Leon Day Chat Recap

It was a light-hearted and eventful fun chat today in Elf Chat…
Chat Recap - Elf Roger Star

Chat Recap with Elf Roger Star

Elf Roger Star was in the hot seat today, fulfilling the chat…
Half Way to Christmas

Half Way to Christmas This Weekend

Happy half way to Christmas!Today we celebrate Leon Day at…
200 Days

200 Days to Santa’s Launch

There are officially 200 days until Santa's launch and elves…

Radio News Highlight

Elf Victoria Wassail has to explain to Elf Crash Murphy why Elf Frank Myrrh is not available to talk on the radio while he follows Santa over Sector 3.

Tracker Elves

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