Sector 5

Sector Activated
Sector 5

Sector 5 Standing Tall

Elves of Sector 5, you are the best. Always have been. We just…
Chat with Santa

Chat with Santa

Chat with Santa Claus this Sunday in North Pole Chat at…
Elf Parade

Celebrate the Elf Parade

The Thanksgiving Day Elf Parade is a tradition celebrated by…
Elf Crusader

Elf Crusader Named Sector Lead for Sector 5

I am pleased to announce that Elf Crusader has been promoted…
Elf Promotions

Elf Promotions at Regional HQ

Elf promotions at our Regional HQ in Mistletoe, Kentucky are…
Tracker Elf Conference

Tracker Elf Conference Survey

A tracker elf conference is held every December. This has been…
Sector 5 Elves

Sector 5 Elves Needed to Report

Happy November, Elves!With Santa's Sleigh taking a test flight…
Elf Chat

Elf Chat Scheduled

Elf Chat this week welcomes Elf Crash Murphy on Saturday, November…
Elf Reports

Improvements Seen in Elf Reports

I have reviewed the progress so far in each Sector. I have met…
Elf Status

Alert! Elf Status Update

Hi elves!I've been to a couple of interesting meetings lately.…

Questions from Students and Teachers

Questions from students and teachers are featured in the newest…

Elf Moe Makes an Announcement

Elf Chat on Sunday, October 2nd, featured Elf Moe, who's usual…
Test Flights

Test Flights Fail in Hurricane

North Pole Flight Command just posted a stunning update: the…

Outage Affects News Operations

All of the North Pole has struggled to maintain contact with…
North America

North America Elves Go on Alert

For the next two weeks Sector 5 will be home to the test flights…

Radio News Highlight

North Pole Radio News Anchor Al Pyne learns of a close encounter with Santa at a skate park in Oklahoma City.

Tracker Elves

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