Sector 5

Sector Activated
Sector 5

Sector Update

Hi Gang,A little Sector Update for you, just in case you’re…
Stocking Mail

Stocking Mail is NOT for Tracking

At some point in the upcoming weeks there will be a conversation…
Air Traffic Report

Air Traffic Report Requested

Hi gang!First of all, thank you for all the kind notes and…
Tracker Report

Sector 5 to Test a New Tracker Report

Hello and merry Christmas elves of sector 5!Elf Pinky is…

Public Observance Report

North Pole Security has issued a request via North Pole Flight…
City Captain

Claim the City Captain Job

Any elf can be City Captain for the city, town or village where…
Tracker Reports

Personal Tracker Reports

Personal Tracker Reports are reports about you. The Elf Supervisors…

Special Instructions for All Trackers

Hello, Trackers – Crash here.I wanted to give you an update…

Keep the Weather Reports Coming

Elves of Sector 5,I've been informed by North Pole Flight…

Alert for All Elves in All Sectors

Attention all Trackers: In a conversation this morning with Elf…

Getting Your Elf Profile Right

Fellow Elves in the Service of Santa,We’re getting busier.…

Stuff to Be Done

Sorry gang, I’ve had issues with my account here at…
Post Template

Answers to Questions

Hi all! What follows are questions I received after today's chat…
Chat Recap

Transcript of the Elf Supervisor Chat

Elf Crash Murphy and several of the Elf Supervisors met in Elf…

Come to the Elf Supervisor Chat

Hi y’all!We have finally received buy-in from all our Elf…

Radio News Highlight

North Pole Radio News Anchor Al Pyne learns of a close encounter with Santa at a skate park in Oklahoma City.

Tracker Elves

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