Terms of Service

It’s more than just the rules. This is how we work.

By visiting, registering, using and participating on SantaTrackers.net you hereby agree to be bound by the following terms:

  • Right of Refusal – SantaTrackers.net works to ensure the safety of all site users and visitors. It reserves the right to deny service to any person at any time for any reason without explanation or cause. JUST BE NICE. We live by the Elf Code after taking the Elf Oath.
  • Elf Community Standards – Participation in the worldwide Elf Community requires great behavior, common courtesy and common sense. These are the standards.
  • Privacy – We work hard to ensure your privacy. We expect you to respect the privacy of elves working around the world who, like you, serve Santa in a special capacity. By using this site, logging in to access privileged information, and calling yourself an Elf, you agree to maintain in strict confidentiality all learned, known and shared information relative to Santa’s flight status and condition.
  • Limited Liability – Santa Claus, the North Pole, Santa’s elves, and the elf operators of SantaTrackers.net will not be held liable for anything should your use of this website prove harmful to your emotions or cause you to get a lump of coal in your stocking.
  • Naughty List – There is no naughty list. That’s a myth. We don’t keep one and neither does Santa. And yes, he told us to say that.
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