Sector 3 News and Notes
Preparing for Leon Day

Preparing for Leon Day

Hello Elves! As you may have read at we are…
Tracker Map Opens

Tracker Map Opens for Elf Training

North Pole Flight Command announced yesterday that the Santa…
Elf Conference Agenda

Conference Agenda Released

Hello elves! No sooner did the big Tracker Elf Conference get…
Sector 3 Test Flights

Sector 3 Will See First Test Flights

Greetings Elves of Europe and Africa, As Elf Max shared with…
Tracking of Test Flights

Exclusive Tracking of Test Flights

Greetings, Elves! We have received some important news today…
Elf Recruiting Begins

Elf Recruiting Starts Up

Elf recruiting is about to become a big deal, guys. I've been…
Flight Command is on the move

Flight Command On the Move

Flight Command is on the move, Elves. Heads up. In the past…
How To Get in Trouble

How to Get in Trouble as an Elf

Some have recently sent in the question "Where did Elf So-and-So…
200 Days Until Santa's Launch

200 Days Until Santa’s Launch

Greetings, elves. Today officially marks the 200-day milestone…
Sector 3 Regional HQ

Sector 3 HQ Announced

North Pole Flight Command has announced today that the regional…
Pre-season Training