New HQ for Sector 2

Sector 2 Receives a New Tracking Center

We are pleased to announce that the new Regional Tracking Center…

Thanksgiving is Recruiting Season

Greetings, friends! Thanksgiving is upon us and that's an important…
35 Million Tracker Elves

Tracker Elf Recruiting On Track

As the tally of tracker elves on record approaches 35 million…
Chat with Elf Max

Come Chat with Elf Max

Hi troopers! Elf Max here. Time for a little news post! I've…
Santa Tracker Radio

All New Santa Tracker Radio in the Works

We got a very exciting email early today - Santa Tracker Radio…
Tracker Groups

Tracker Group Applications Pile Up Fast

Applications for tracker groups, websites, radio stations and…
Promoted Elves

Congrats to Newly Promoted Elves

We are pleased to announce the promotion of two important elves…
North Pole Websites

Official North Pole Websites

Hi Trackers! We have seen there is some confusion with what…
Elf Training

New Tracker Elf Resources Coming Soon

Greetings, Elves! Now that we have passed the 100 day mark…
Tracking Santa

Tracker Goal Set for 2020

We all just got the announcement. Some are really stunned. 40…

Big Rumors Swirling at the North Pole

Greetings everyone! I have good news and I have bad news for…

Getting Ready to Track Santa Again

Hello all, Elf Max here checking in for the first time in…