Sector 5 News


Stand Down Sector 5

It might be late, but it's finally here. Our stand down order…

One Last Weather Report

Must be lots of weather going on out there! As Santa approaches…
Air Traffic

Air Traffic Report Needed

Ok, elves! We're the last  sector standing and flight command…

Elf of the Year Named

Greetings Fellow Trackers of Santa!It is my distinct pleasure…

Sector 5 Weather Updated Requested

Well, I suppose we should not be surprised by this request -…

Fun Photo Report Needed

We just got a really neat special request from Santa. He got…
Roof Report

Last Roof Report Needed in Sector 5

Flight Command would like us all to take one more look at roofs…

We Need a Ground Report, Sector 5

North Pole Flight Command has asked for a ground report from…

Santa Has Launched from the North Pole

Santa has launched from the North Pole and is on his way to Sector…
Red Zone

Sector 5 Hits the Red Zone – Finally!

Friends and Elves - Sector 5 is now finally in the Red Zone.What…

Slow Down, Sector 5

Relax, Sector 5. I'm seeing a lot of unnecessary reports from…
Sector 5 Trackers

Sector 5 Trackers Advised to Sleep

I know there are some of you Sector 5 trackers out there that…
Sector 5

Sector 5 Elves Can Now Check-in

Elves of Sector 5 - awaken and arise! Our time has come! The…

Let’s See Your Best Elf

Let's see your best elf!Attention all Elves: at the request…
Heads Up

Heads Up Sector 5

Heads up, Sector 5! Tracker check-ins will start happening soon.…
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