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Question: What makes reindeer fly?

Nothing “makes” a reindeer fly. They do so willingly.

Question: How many reindeer work for Santa?

Tens of thousands of reindeer come to the North Pole every year hoping to help Santa in some way. Santa puts as many of them to work as he can.

Question: Where do reindeer come from?

All over the world. Reindeer are indigenous to every continent. Santa has reindeer ranches in high mountain ranges all over the world. The ranches help reindeer get fed, to train and to become educated.

Question: Does Santa speak reindeer?

He does. It took him many years to learn the art of communicating with reindeer.

Question: Do reindeer understand people talk?

Some understand people talk. But, like dogs, they understand the language spoken around them. For example, a reindeer from Argentina understands Spanish while a reindeer from Denmark understands Danish. Understand?

Question: Can a reindeer fly to my house so I can talk to him or her?

They could do that but generally the only time you will find a reindeer at your house is when Santa comes. Reindeer are generally very shy.

Question: What do you feed reindeer?

This is an important question because reindeer have delicate digestive systems. They cannot be fed Christmas foods like candy canes and eggnog or fudge. They should be fed carrots, celery, oats or even fresh grasses. They love water.

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