FAQ - Tracking Santa
Question: Why is it a bad idea to follow Santa on search engines or military websites or apps?

Because they really don’t know where Santa is. They are not connected to the North Pole. They do not have the technology to accurately track how fast Santa is moving. They also don’t know the story of Santa and all he, the elves, the reindeer and others at the North Pole have gone through and are experiencing in just getting Santa around the world.

Question: Why do I have to go to bed just a few hours before Santa gets to my neighborhood?

Santa wants to get to everyone. If you stay up you will want to “host” Santa – feed him cookies, wish him a Merry Christmas, maybe rub his feet and give him some eggnog. While Santa would really love that is it practical to think he has the time to socialize? It would take him months to get around the world! Santa will let you know when it is time to get to bed so he can do his job.

Question: Why is it still daylight when I track Santa?

The world is a big place, friend. When you know your sector you know that time is different for you than for people in other sectors. Santa takes off when it is Christmas Eve in Sector 1. It will be dark there when it is light in other parts of the world.

Question: Does Santa use the same reindeer the whole trip?

Sometimes, yes. If everything goes well Santa’s “A-team” of reindeer can go the whole way with him. It has happened many times. But Santa has a back-up team of reindeer and then a back-up team to the back-up team. They are always ready to help should Santa require it.

Question: Where does Santa go to the bathroom when he flies on Christmas?

If he has to go chances are he’ll just use your restroom. But his sleigh is equipped for, uh, emergencies.

Question: What if I don’t have a chimney?

No worries. Santa knows how to use a door. Sometimes he even comes in a window. It just depends. A chimney is not necessarily his favorite way to get in a house. Sometimes it is just more convenient.

Question: What if I don’t have a stocking?

Santa may just bring a stocking for you or leave your presents somewhere close by, like under the tree. Santa will not pass you by.

Question: What if I don’t have a Christmas tree?

Well, Santa is going to be concerned about your Christmas spirit. But he understands that in some parts of the world a Christmas tree may be hard to come by. That’s okay, it is not required. But these days even getting an artificial tree is easy to find. Santa is a big believer in having a Christmas tree.

Question: What do chimneys, stockings and Christmas trees have to do with tracking Santa?

There are things you will need to know about chimneys, stockings and Christmas trees if you track Santa for Santa. You will need to understand all those things – and many more – from Santa’s perspective. It may take a while to learn these things.

Question: Is tracking Santa for Santa hard to do?

Not at all. You need only know how to tell the truth. It’s that’ simple.

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