FAQ - The North Pole
Question: Can I visit the North Pole?

Sure, why not? Just be prepared to walk a long, long way or have a sleigh to take you there. There are no roads, no rails and no airports. So you can’t take a car, a train, a plane or a helicopter. This is one reason Santa uses a flying sleigh.

Question: How many people live in North Pole Village?

More than you think – thousands, we think. Santa alone is one of the biggest employers at the North Pole.

Question: Is Santa’s Workshop open to the public?

No, it’s not even open to all elves. Santa’s workshop is a very busy place with a lot of expensive tools and work stations. It’s not safe for tours. It also contains some proprietary technology that only workshop elves know about.

Question: How has climate change affected the North Pole?

There is no shortage of snow, ice, wind, and weather of all kinds. It has always been an inhospitable place that is challenging to live in. Climate change has been slow at the North Pole.

Question: Are there trees at the North Pole?

A few. The North Pole has mountain ranges, deep valleys, rivers, streams, lakes, glaciers and other natural elements. Trees cannot grow in many places at the North Pole, however.

Question: Is it hard to find a job at the North Pole?

Not with Santa, no. But other employers are kind of scarce. There was a rumor than an ice company wanted to set up operations at the North Pole once. The place has great natural resources for that kind of business. They even set up a warehouse. But there was a hiring freeze.

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