Community standards are necessary in order to keep things focused on Santa’s mission. Santa is not a huge believer in rules, opting instead to focus on logical behavior based on the Elf Code and the Elf Oath.

These standards have been established to help new elves understand specific expected behaviors while engaging the Elf Community:

  • Have Fun

    Christmas, Santa, the North Pole, tracking Santa, candy canes, eggnog – it’s all fun. Fruitcake? Ok, maybe not fun.

  • Be nice.

    Please refrain from using profanity, hate speech, political discourse, or religious proselyting.

  • Be kind.

    All elves should be treated with kindness and respect. Bullying in any form is unacceptable.

  • Be thoughtful.

    No spamming, advertising or self-promotion.

  • Be legal.

    No posting of copyrighted material.

  • Do not sell or spam.

    No solicitation in public or private.

  • Private Messaging Policy

    Inappropriate use of private messaging would include spam, harassment, solicitation, requests for personal information or contact info away from Violation of the same will result in an instant, irreversible ban.

  • Posting Policy
    • Keep posts brief
    • Keep posts relevant
    • Refrain from sharing personally identifiable information
    • Keep links relevant (ask if you are uncertain)
    • Do not bump posts
    • Do not solicit reviews, likes or clicks to outside links
  • Link Policy
    • Links are generally allowed if applicable to our mission.
    • Links to unofficial tracking sites is not allowed.
    • Linking to the same resource more than once is considered spam.
    • It is advisable to seek advice from community management about a link before posting.
  • Content Policy for Posts, Groups, Pages and News

    Please keep all topics related to Santa tracking, Christmas, the North Pole and life as an elf. Groups for expanded Christmas-related topics are available or may be formed.

  • Complaints

    Complaints about what you got or did not get for Christmas is not allowed. This is not the place for that.

  • SantaClausology Policy

    Unbelief in Santa, expressed or implied, is not a topic of public discussion in the Elf Community. Questions directed privately to key elves are permissible if respectfully submitted.

  • Identity Policy
    • Elf privacy, regardless of age or status, is paramount. is vigilant in safeguarding private information and it complying with all laws.
    • Member display names should have “Elf” in front as their title.
    • Elf Names chosen by community members should not in any way reflect their true identity.
    • Email addresses should not be used as a display name.
    • Email addresses collected by are used only for site functionality, pursuant to our Privacy Policy. They are never sold or shared.
    • Links to social media accounts or other outside resources that may reveal your identity is discouraged.
  • Account Policy
    • Elves can only have one account.
    • Duplicate accounts will be deleted.
    • Inactive accounts will be disabled after 1 year. Job abandonment is a serious offense in the world of elves.
    • Impersonation of another elf is prohibited.
    • Violation of this standard could result in a ban.
  • Messaging Policy
    • All messaging, public and private is monitored.
    • All Community Standards are enforced in private messaging.
    • Sharing of inappropriate images, texts, and links will be reported as needed to law enforcement.
    • Soliciting private information via private messaging is prohibited
  • Standards Policy
    • These standards are governed by Santa’s Council
    • These standards may be amended, retracted or added to at any time
    • Enforcement of these standards is the sole discretion of authorized individuals
    • Bans are final and permanent
    • There is no appeal process for action taken due to violation of community standards
    • This site remains the private property of Santa Claus Ltd. There are no user rights, expressed or implied.
    • Please see Terms of Service for more information.
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