Sector 3
Elf Supervisor: Elf Rolf Jannsen
Radio Broadcast Start Time: 23 December @ 12:00
Local Time for Santa’s Scheduled Launch: 24 December @ 8:00
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snowsantaSector 3 covers all of Europe and Africa. Santa is wildly popular in Europe and has been a tradition and legend there for almost 2000 years. Santa is not as well known in Africa but his popularity is growing. Compared to other areas of the world Europe and Africa represent a smaller geographical footprint but Santa has more “customers” per square mile in this part of the world than he does just about anywhere else. Santa’s image is widely shown through out the season and children countdown the days to his arrival every year. Due to such anticipation and popularity the citizenry are always well prepared for Santa and very cooperative about things like getting to bed on time.

Issues that Santa runs into in this sector: Density in population means more frequent stops for Santa and his sleigh. That sometimes causes Santa to get bogged down, especially in bad weather. Another issue of significant concern is the age of many populated areas where building standards have not been improved upon — frankly it is just hard to get Santa’s sleigh and all his reindeer on tiny roofs of populated cities such as Rome and Berlin.

Information the North Pole Tracking Center needs most from this area: Density in population should bring density in Santa Trackers — Santa needs a LOT of them, especially from Europe. Obstacles such as fences, antennas, and trees are always a bigger issue in Europe than in other places in the world.

How Christmas is celebrated: Traditions vary from border to border but they almost all include Santa Claus. Rich foods await Santa and his reindeer as they are welcomed like royalty.

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