Stand Down, Elves

It’s time. The Bedtime Advisories are telling us and now Flight Command is tell us. Time for elves in Sector 1 to stand down.

Thank you, friends. It appears things are going well for Santa in Sector 1. Let’s now get ready for him in our own homes.

Merry Christmas to each of you.

I will be posting a recap for our Sector after Santa returns to the North Pole.

One Last Weather Update

This sounds like the final report request for our sector tonight from Flight Command. Naturally, it’s about the weather. Let’s help them out with the latest:

If you do not know or remember your sector, please see this link
Check all that apply

Watch for Bedtime Advisories

It’s getting later here, gang. Bedtime Advisories are posted at You might want to start watching for them. Not long after Santa launches we expect to see them roll out for our Sector.

Ground Report Needed

We must be getting closer to delivery in our sector. Flight Command wants a fresh look at things on the ground:

This is very important. We need to know where you are seeing what you are reporting.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
This is optional but if you can send in a picture it would help us understand

Santa Launches in 9 Hours

Santa launches in just 9 hours. For us in Sector 1, that actually happens at a decent time – in the middle of our evening or late afternoon. In a lot of sectors it is happening late at night or early in the morning. In this case, we’re the lucky ones.

I know it feels like a long time at this point. But we have waited this long, what’s a little longer?

That being said, I think it would be awesome to start sending some new Elfie Selfies to us in the Regional Tracking Center. I want to put your pictures up so elves working here can be reminded of who got us here! No rush on this, I know it’s still fairly early in the morning for some of you.

Click here to see or change your Elf PIN.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Just one image file only

Update Weather Please

We are about 11 hours now from Santa’s launch.

With him coming so soon, Flight Command is asking that we update them on your local weather. You can do so below:

If you do not know or remember your sector, please see this link
Check all that apply

Sector 1 Now in the Red Zone

Hi elves and Happy Christmas Eve. It’s dark, it’s early but it’s also officially Christmas Eve! We are in the RED ZONE. (That’s the technical term)

Now, here are the facts at this early hour:

  1. Santa is HOURS from launching still.
  2. We are HOURS away from hanging our stockings.

That means we have time to be organized. I suggest you make a plan of WHEN you’re going to check for direction here. I suggest you make a plan for KEEPING KRINGLE RADIO on at all times.

And I suggest you chug a lot of eggnog.

That is all.

PS – have a question for Flight Command? Send it in!

Local Christmas Report Needed

Santa says he’s getting distress signals in parts of our Sector. North Pole Flight Command is requesting the following information:

This is your Personal Information Number. It validates who you are. See this page.
Click or drag files to this area to upload.You can upload up to 4 files.
Optional. Please share photos of Christmas in your neighborhood

Sector 1 Elves Check in NOW

This is it! We’re on the clock as soon as you check in. You can do that below:

Tracker Alert

Elves – the time is upon us! Just a few hours now. Please pay attention and wait for the signal to check in to track Santa for Santa.

Sector 1 Explodes in Growth

Hello elves! Are you ready? This is it, the big week!

I’m happy to report the following:

North Pole Tracker Elves: 12,337
Freelance Tracker Elves: 1,905,441
Total Tracker Elves: 1,917,778

Our number of elves pale in comparison to other sectors overall. And we are very spread out geographically thanks to the Pacific Ocean. But, we are in position to help Santa better than ever. In fact, look at how our reports have piled up so far:

North Pole Tracker Elf Reports YTD: 88,826
Freelance Tracker Elf Reports YTD: 11,432,646
Total Tracker Elf Reports YTD: 11,521,472

Now, things will go differently this week. In fact, this message today is about the only predictable message you will get from me.

Why? Because every Elf Supervisor is now working on the clock put out by North Pole Flight Command. Here is how it works for us – and for all sectors this week – from today forward:

  1. You will get a message to declare your working status before flight time.
  2. We MAY get one final word from Santa before he heads to our sector.
  3. You will get fast, brief messages for report requests from me.

This means you’ll need to check in more frequently this week. It also means you may see a lot more questions from our newest elves. Please help them if you can, we will not have time to spend on training those newer elves who have not been through Elf University.

I do NOT have any new specific instructions for you at this time. We’re at a new level – that means:

  1. If you see something, say something. Send in any report you feel is necessary at this time.
  2. All I might ask of you from today forward comes directly from Flight Command and it can come at any time. So please check in frequently.

Thank you all for your great work!

A New Tracker Challenge

Greetings, my tracker friends. It is time for my final tracker update of this season. This Friday, December 23rd, Santa will launch from the North Pole and make a journey around the world unlike any other he has taken before.

Why will it be different?

It will be different because he will have at his command more detailed information about most areas he will be flying. I spoke with Santa earlier today and he is just THRILLED with the Santa tracker effort this year. Although we are now just over 500 million tracker reports, which is over halfway to our goal, reports are coming in so fast that Santa feels confident we will meet and exceed our goal easily.

We have, however, some news to share with you today that you need to be aware of:

  1. The Santa Tracking Map here at has now gone “dark”. The next time you see it will be when Santa himself launches.
  2. The test flights of Santa’s sleigh will now take a new chapter. The final version of the sleigh is being launched from the North Pole today. It will continue to fly until Thursday night, when it will return to the North Pole for a brief adjustment period. A final test flight will take place on Friday, December 23rd.
  3. That final version will feature 12 different sleighs. They will launch from the North Pole tonight and will fly only at night. Each Sector will have at least 2 sleighs in flight at a time, some will have 3.
  4. We challenge our tracker elves, between now and when Santa himself launches, to find and photograph or video any of these sleighs in flight over the next four days. Any elf who can post photographic evidence that is confirmed by North Pole Flight Command will be awarded 25,000 points by Santa himself.

That’s great news and a great opportunity for each tracker out there. We have lots of other announcements coming over the next few days. Here is what you can expect:

  • Each sector will begin a “check-in” process for tracking Santa according to the time zones of that sector. Please be paying attention.
  • A special set of “short form” reports designed for fast use while Santa is in flight will be introduced.
  • Announcements from each sector will now happen at very random times. All trackers are encouraged to check in frequently.

As a reminder, I will be in Elf Chat on Christmas Eve. I’m not sure what to expect, given the unexpected nature of the news of Santa’s sleigh this year, the many different kinds of weather challenges all over the world expected next weekend, and the unpredictable nature of tracking Santa in general. However, I will do my best to be there and prepared to discuss the latest with you.

This is a very exciting week ahead for us. Let’s stay focused on our job and get Santa around the world.

Elf Roger Star