Thank You, Sector 1 – Stand Down Order Received

Pretty light duty this year, Sector 1! Thank you for helping Santa get through our sector quickly. Merry Christmas!

You can now stand down and head for bed.

Sector 1 Air Traffic Info Needed

North Pole Flight Command is requesting that we send in an air traffic report as soon as we can:

Ground Report Requested for Sector 1

This is an unusual request from Flight Command. But let’s do it!

Please list any conditions on the ground that could be a concern to Santa

Roof Report Needed in Sector 1

Wow, North Pole Flight Command really loves us! The have requested a roof report from all areas of Sector 1 as soon as we can:

Santa hopes you will inspect your roof and the roof of homes next door to you only.

Sector 1 – Local Ground Report Required

Wow, this one is a surprise. Now Flight Command wants a ground report. Odd request, but we’ll do it!

Please list any conditions on the ground that could be a concern to Santa

Updated Weather Report for Sector 1

Flight Command is really interested in the weather from our Sector today. Please send in an update when you get a moment:

Check all that apply
Don't be shy. Santa needs the details.

We are in the Red Zone Sector 1!!!!

Here we go, Trackers!

We’re now officially in the Red Zone. That means we move now to high alert status. For a while, our news will have priority posting because Santa comes to us first. Let’s be on our toes so we can respond in a timely way.

Sector 1 – Photo Report

Let’s have a little fun, Sector 1. Elves, please do a photo report if you can. I’d like to see a selfie of you in your home tracking center. Let’s show the world we’re ready to work!

Weather Report Needed in Sector 1

Hi gang,

North Pole Flight Command would like to get a good read on weather in Sector 1. Please send in the following information when you get an opportunity:

Check all that apply
Don't be shy. Santa needs the details.

Sector 1 Trackers Begin Checking In

This is it Trackers!

Within 24 hours we will be in the Red Zone. That means 24 hours from right about now it will be Christmas Eve in our Sector — and we’ll be on the job tracking Santa in our sector. The first in the world.

Please take this time before we land in the Red Zone to check in via the form below. And remember, this is for SECTOR 1 ELVES ONLY:

Please give us a summary of your availability.

Tracker Alert: Worldwide Tracker Check-in Soon to Start

Tracker BulletinTracker Friends,

This may be my final general post of this season. The news from this point forward should come exclusively from your Elf Supervisor. Please pay attention to what I am about to tell you:

News is about to begin coming faster and faster to you via North Pole Flight Command, Santa Update and this site,

Why? Because Flight Command is now engaging their final countdown protocol.

This means they are completing their checklists around the world. They are looking for any reason to stop or delay Santa’s launch. What they want is a complete green light from every sector – a simple “go for launch” degree from anyone with flight control status.

Part of that protocol is a call for tracker check-ins. We anticipate those check-ins will begin in about six hours in Sector 1 and roll out sequentially in each sector.

There is NO RUSH to check in.

When your elf supervisor wants you to check in, he or she will tell you with very specific instructions.

The process is designed to allow 24 hours for all trackers to check in. So, take your time, listen to your elf supervisor, check in when you are asked and await further instructions.

Merry Christmas, good luck, and we thank you in advance for your service to Santa.

Sector 1 Tracking Center Online Now

Sector 1 UpdateHello my friends of Sector 1!

I am pleased to report that our new regional tracking center located on Christmas Island is now active. It is a little sparse here but everything works. We are now ready to receive your reports.

Of course, being Sector 1, we will be receiving the first visits from Santa.

That means we will need to be first in everything else: first to send in reports, first to track Santa, first to report on his visits, etc. Being the first means being the best.

It’s still early. We have lots of time to learn our jobs and to be ready to help Santa.

For now, I’m content to let you study the training materials Elf Max has posted here to the site. I might have some instruction for you later this week. But there are no new reports due at this time.

One thing I would tell you: look for the color purple. Purple is the code for all things pertaining to our sector. If it’s in purple, it belongs to us. Just as heads up for you

Feel free to ask any questions you might have in the comment area below.