Half Way to Christmas This Weekend

Happy half way to Christmas!

Today we celebrate Leon Day at the North Pole. “Leon” is Noel spelled backwards, which makes this day a little silly. It is kind of like April Fool’s Day for elves. Folks here do things backwards, enjoy pranking each other and decorating where they can for Christmas, even though it’s not Christmas.

Leon Day is actually an internet invention. It was first marked years ago online by early Christmas communities, such as the Merry Forums of MyMerryChristmas.com. Each 24th of the month is known as Rudolph Day and the countdown to Christmas Eve – the ultimate 24th day of the month during the year. June 24th and June 25th are special because they mark the half-way point to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Leon Day also falls about a week before July 1st – so it’s the perfect lead-in to Christmas-in-July.

Of course, we have things going on this weekend to mark Leon Day and the beginning of Christmas in July.

In Elf Chat, on Saturday, June 25th, we get a visit from Elf Roger. This is actually a re-schedule of the chat Roger was supposed to hold in April. He’s going to give us a program update for Tracker Elves. I’m not sure if he has any big announcements, but he has told me he is opening to answering any questions you might have.

Later on Saturday, also in Elf Chat, we anticipate a gathering of several North Pole Elves who will be talking about both Leon Day and Christmas in July at the North Pole.

We hope you can join us!

200 Days to Santa’s Launch

There are officially 200 days until Santa’s launch and elves all over the world mark the milestone.

Over at North Pole Flight Command it is actually a very hectic time. This 200-day mark is a big one. Elf Buck Sanchez will be reviewing all operations and meeting with Santa this week to report on what he finds.

Here at SantaTrackers.net the milestone is marked in a more quiet way. While we note with some anticipation the closeness of Santa’s launch there is not as much urgency yet as it relates to Tracker Elves and their training.

“Elves who work as trackers this year would be advised to get on board early to get up to speed,” Elf Roger Star said. “We have a lot of changes these year, for sure. But we have time yet to learn those new processes and to become a bigger part of the tracking team for Santa. This year we are focusing on quality instead of quantity, so to speak. We feel that if we have better elves than we have had in the past we think we won’t need so many of them.”

What does a tracker elf need to be working on at this point in the countdown?

Elf Roger advises all elves go to Elf University to brush up on their skills and the changes already announced for this year. He also told me that elves need to be ready to participate in Christmas in July where a lot of big news will be breaking about tracking Santa this year.

Elf Harold

Chats Scheduled for Leon Day Weekend

Elf Roger Star will be in Elf Chat on Saturday, July 25th – also known as Leon Day at the North Pole. This replaces the chat originally scheduled by Roger in April that was missed due to technical difficulties. It will be held here on SantaTrackers.net.


This chat should NOT be confused with two other chats scheduled for that same weekend, just announced at SantaUpdate.com.

In those chats, which are for general audiences not just tracker elves, Elves Frank & Crash will hold an open chat on Saturday, followed by a chat about the History of Christmas in July at the North Pole by Elf Dr. Grant Smedley.

These events will kick off our Christmas-in-July celebrations.

We hope you can join us.

Elf Winslow

Elf Chat this Sunday

We are pleased to announce a new chat has been added to our schedule. Elf Crash Murphy will be here on SantaTrackers.net for “open chat” with any elves who care to attend at 6pm EST on Sunday, May 22nd.

The chat comes right after the Chat with Mrs. Claus that is scheduled for North Pole Chat at SantaUpdate.com at 5pm this Sunday.

What is “open chat”?

If means we can talk about anything you want. There are no announcements to be made or any training scheduled – this chat is being held “just because”.

Elf Crash Murphy will be going on vacation soon, as you may have heard on the most recent North Pole Chat, and he wanted to check in with the Elf Community before he heads out.

We hope you can join us!

Sector Weather Analyst Job Open

The new position of Sector Weather Analyst has just been posted by the Department of Elf Resources.

Elf Sandy Claus informs me that this position was requested by the Elf Supervisors to help stay on top of ever-changing weather conditions in every sector and to advise on flight operations.

The requirements in this position are fairly simple but there will be periods of intense activity.

Elves will be expected to be active and reporting in this role during flight-intensive periods, whether it is for Santa or for test flights.

A special closed group will be formed just for Weather Analysts so that Elf Supervisors can communicate with you separately. The reports you will be sending in will be different than standard weather reports and will take precedence.

This job is not exclusive and you can hold other elf positions while doing this job.

Due to the critical need for good information as it relates to weather each Elf Supervisor will be hiring specifically for his or her sector and there will be a number of elves placed in this position.

More details on this position can be found via the Elf Jobs page or by clicking here.

Chat Recap – Elf Jobs Update with Elf Sandy Claus

Elf Chat featured a visit from the head of the Department of Elf Resources, Elf Sandy Claus. Sandy just got back from the Elf Supervisor’s Meeting in Costa Rica, an event that figured a little in our chat about new elf jobs. There are several new jobs that Sandy told us about. Here is the chat transcript:

Elf MaxHello!
Elf Sandy ClausHi everyone!
Elf MaxHello! And welcome back!
Elf UlanHello!
Elf Sandy ClausOh it’s good to be back! But what a great week
Elf Sandy ClausHi Elf Ulan!
Elf MaxDid you stay the whole week?
Elf Sandy ClausYes, I returned yesterday, a little ahead of the others
Elf Sandy ClausSo much work to do!
Elf MaxOh I bet…you must be tired
Elf Sandy ClausActually, I’m good. Santa had us on an easy schedule. It was pretty relaxed.
Elf MaxSo did you get a lot of sun?
Elf Sandy ClausYes. I got fried to a crisp!
Elf MaxHahaha
Elf MaxHopefully that will heal soon.
Elf Sandy ClausIt is not too bad, actually. Totally worth it.
Elf MaxWell, Sandy, for our chat today, we really haven’t had a chance to talk about or plan this. How would you like to proceed?
Elf Sandy ClausWell, there are some new things to discuss. But maybe we should start with questions first?
Elf MaxOk, that’s fine. We can keep things casual.
Elf MaxWho has a question they would like to ask of Elf Sandy?
Elf Sandy ClausWhile we wait for that, I can answer a question I got in my email about the Birthday Coordinator job. The question was will there be more than one.
Elf Sandy ClausAnd the answer is yes, we will start with just two but will add as our birthday list grows.
Elf MaxOk. That sounds like a good plan.
Elf Sandy ClausMax, I have a question for you – how is our birthday portal coming along?
Elf MaxIt’s done.
Elf Sandy ClausOh wow!
Elf Sandy ClausThen we are definitely moving forward on that project this week. By next week at this time we will have two new Birthday Coordinators.
Elf MaxNice.
Elf MaxNo questions from you elves for Elf Sandy?
Elf UlanI do!
Elf Sandy ClausGo ahead, Elf Ulan!
Elf UlanThank you! About the new educator group
Elf Sandy ClausOk
Elf UlanI want to know about the details
Elf Sandy ClausOk. We want a group of educators to advise us. Mostly what we want are ideas for certain age groups of students
Elf Sandy ClausTowards the months of September through December we get a lot of younger elves
Elf Sandy ClausWe are looking to develop features that can be used in the classroom
Elf Sandy ClausWe get suggestions all the time over at SantaUpdate.com from teachers
Elf Sandy ClausBut they tend to come in at the last minute
Elf UlanOkay!
Elf Sandy ClausWhat we want is a good group of educators who can advise us all year long
Elf Sandy ClausAnd help us to help them.
Elf Sandy ClausWe have some teachers who want to track Santa as a class
Elf Sandy ClausThat has always been hard because school is out by the time Santa leaves the North Pole
Elf Sandy ClausSome of that will change this year with the things we learned at the Elf Supervisor meeting this week
Elf Sandy ClausBut we will still need to find ways for students in class rooms to learn about Santa and the North Pole
Elf Sandy ClausWe also want to find ways to reach out to those folks and let them know about the free resources we want to provide
Elf Sandy ClausSanta is a big fan of teachers!
Elf Sandy ClausSo this job is really a consultant type role. We want professionals – those who know that business to advise us
Elf UlanVery interesting!
Elf Crash MurphyThat’s a very cool thing, Elf Sandy!
Elf Sandy ClausYes, this is a very important project. I report directly to Santa on this thing.
Elf MaxSandy, I got the new Sector Lead job posted yesterday. I expected some questions but so far nothing. That’s a big deal, that job.
Elf Sandy ClausYes, it is a new job all together.
Elf Sandy ClausAnd a very big deal.
Elf Sandy ClausI don’t think elves have noticed it yet.
Elf MaxWell, I’m still not clear how it will work for sure
Elf Sandy ClausThe Elf Supervisors asked for this new position.
Elf Sandy ClausIt could be a very demanding job.
Elf Sandy ClausAs it says in the job description, it is kind of like an assistant Elf Supervisor role, in each sector
Elf MaxHow does this help the Elf Supervisor?
Elf Sandy ClausWell, each sector is actually quite large. This Sector Lead will help inform the Elf Supervisor in a private fashion of big things going on in the Sector
Elf MaxOk…like what “big things”?
Elf Sandy ClausNews. Weather. Natural disasters, etc.
Elf Sandy ClausThey will have news posting capabilities, we hope.
Elf MaxOh boy. How are we going to do that?
Elf Sandy ClausI don’t know.
Elf MaxThis sounds like a job for very experienced and mature elves.
Elf Sandy ClausYes.
Elf Sandy ClausWe have time to work this out. I think the target of getting this done is September, you know, to have elves in place
elf radarHello Elf Ulan
Elf Crash MurphyAre we going to find an elf like that in Sector 2?
elf radarHello Elf Ulan
Elf Sandy ClausGood question!
Elf UlanHello elf Radar!
Elf MaxWe also have the new Podcast Producer job that has recently posted
Elf Sandy ClausYes, also known as the Assistant to Elf Frank Myrrh position. That’s what we are calling it in ER
Elf Crash MurphyOh – don’t tell him that! His head will swell
Elf Sandy ClausHahaha. We’ll just keep that between us then.
Elf MaxThat is another one that will take a very mature elf.
Elf Sandy ClausYes, I agree.
Elf Sandy ClausI think the Social Ambassador jobs available now are very exciting.
Elf Crash MurphyThat’s why I’m here. I want to know about that
elf radarSorry guys, I was froze on this end and didn’t know the chat had started.
Elf MaxSorry to hear that Elf Radar
Elf UlanDid someone already apply for ER?
Elf Sandy ClausThe Social Ambassador jobs will require someone who is a self starter on social media
Elf Sandy ClausI haven’t had a chance yet to check email or new applications today. I’m a week behind
Elf Crash MurphyAre we going to be monitoring those social media sites all the time?
Elf Sandy ClausLoosely, yes. Elf Ivy will be over that.
Elf MaxWill Ivy be the one doing the interviews?
Elf Sandy ClausYes, this is her baby
Elf MaxDon’t we already have a few elves who run social channels?
Elf Sandy ClausI think so. I believe we’re going to try to work them in to this new arrangement if we can. But honestly anyone can run a channel out there tied to SantaTrackers.net and we can’t do a thing about it.
Elf Crash MurphyYeah, true
Elf Crash MurphyI’m kinda a social media junkie
Elf Sandy ClausMaybe you should apply, Crash!
Elf Crash MurphyAh…my hands are kind of full. I couldn’t do it justice
Elf MaxOur time is running short. Any last minute questions for Elf Sandy?
Elf Crash MurphyAre there more new jobs coming out?
Elf Sandy ClausYes. Tons.
Elf Sandy ClausWe are trying not to bombard the board with a ton of them.
Elf Sandy ClausBut we are expecting more sector jobs to come from the Elf Supervisors individually
Elf MaxLike what kind of jobs?
Elf Sandy ClausI don’t know
elf radarThese sound like great jobs with a lot of potential.
Elf Crash MurphyYeah, I was there for that conversation. Santa told the Elf Supervisors to get creative
Elf Sandy ClausYes, that’s right
Elf Crash MurphyThe Supes were really concerned with having help doing all they need to do
Elf Crash MurphySo Santa said to be aggressive and invent jobs. Elves are wanting more to do and want to help
Elf Sandy ClausYes. My job is to help them get those jobs defined. I’m expecting some calls and messages this week from Elf Supervisors
Elf MaxInteresting.
Elf UlanYeah, I d love to help him and y’all
Elf Sandy ClausI would also suggest – again – that if any elves out there have an idea for a job we want to hear about it
Elf Crash MurphyI’d like to be a cookie tester. I volunteer as tribute
Elf Sandy ClausHahaha – I bet you would!
Elf UlanMe too!
Elf MaxSandy, I hear a lot of rumblings about Christmas in July. How will those events affect jobs?
Elf Sandy ClausChristmas in July is going to shake things up, yes.
Elf Sandy ClausBut I honestly don’t know what to expect other than I think July through October will be very busy this year. And then it just goes absolutely crazy.
Elf Sandy ClausThe best jobs will be filled before September. And any elves applying coming November will just not have much to pick from.
Elf UlanElf Sandy, what should I prepare now for the job?
Elf MaxWhy is that? We get most of our elves back in November?
Elf Sandy ClausJust the way Santa wants it
Elf Sandy ClausElf Ulan – I will send you a message. But for right now, write down some of your ideas
Elf Sandy ClausThe Elf Educator group is going to take us some time to build. Teachers are BUSY people and finding those who have time to participate will be difficult
Elf MaxSandy, is there a similar group being formed for parents?
Elf Sandy ClausYes. But I’m not sure who is going to lead on that project. So far, no applications.
Elf MaxOk, very good. Informative chat today, thank you Elf Sandy!
Elf Crash MurphyYes, great job!
Elf Sandy ClausThanks for having me today!
Elf Sandy ClausBye everyone!
Elf Crash MurphyHave a great Saturday!
Elf MaxVery good. Thanks everyone!

Points for Giving to Santa’s Sleigh

We are pleased to announced a new association with Santa’s Sleigh, a charitable effort anchored in several Christmas communities online including the Merry Forums of MyMerryChristmas.com. You can add Elf points to your account for your participation.

This is an entirely optional activity and not required of any elf. Elves who are underage must have parental guidance in order to participate. 

In addition to the Elf points gained from your donation, you will also be generously rewarded with extra Santa points and awarded with this new badge:

Santa Sleigh Badge

Santa’s Sleigh is funded by hundreds of small donations – usually from $5 to $20. Someone benefitting from Santa’s Sleigh is sponsored by a licensed charity, a church, a school or community service group.

Santa’s sleigh works with these entities to meet critical needs such as food, medicine and funds to pay utility and medical bills. Santa’s sleigh also provides Christmas trees, Christmas meals and modest gifts. In additional, Santa’s Sleigh organizes service projects – everything from shoveling snow to sending Christmas cards to the shut in.

We are grateful for this new association and will provide news updates of our collective efforts to support Santa’s Sleigh.

You can learn more about Santa’s Sleigh at their website by clicking on the banner below:

Santa's Sleigh

Focus Groups and Costa Rican Tacos

Santa Tracker Podcast
Santa Tracker Podcast
Focus Groups and Costa Rican Tacos

Focus groups and Costa Rican Tacos are talked about in this wide ranging new episode of the Santa Trackers Podcast. Elf Frank and Elf Crash try to get down to Santa’s strategy for this year. But Crash is especially feeling in the dark.

Santa and Elf Roger have led an effort to completely redesign the SantaTrackers.net website and to purge the Elf Community of “deadbeat” elves. But Elf Crash suspects the big changes are still ahead and it begins with this first-ever Elf Supervisor gathering in Costa Rica coming up soon.

Elf Crash was just assigned to help train that group but he has no idea what to say to them. In this episode elves Frank & Crash explore what they do know and what it can all mean for the months ahead.

Crash also shares some insights into Elf Max, who he met in person just a few months ago. He tells a great fishing story as well as the story of Elf Max’s elf journey.


Pointsmania with Elf Crash Murphy

Crusader Christmas
Crusader Christmas
Pointsmania with Elf Crash Murphy

Pointsmania is the topic of this conversation between me, Elf Crusader, and Elf Crash Murphy.

Crash, as you know, is Santa’s Eye-in-the-Sky reporter who tracks Santa in the best way possible. He’s right behind him, in a sleigh of his own, tracking Santa and reporting about it on live radio.

Crash is a leader in the tracker elf community and trains many, including Elf Supervisors, on the finer points of tracking Santa.

In this new episode of the Crusader Christmas Podcast Crash and I have an extended conversation about the changes in points on SantaTrackers.net and what it means for tracker elves everywhere. Crash explains Santa’s thinking with all the changes.

Crash told me that Santa is making elves here. He sees the tracker elf population out there as future North Pole elves who can contribute in many ways to his mission.

Crash was kind enough as well to delve into a couple of side topics, too – and slipped in a story or two along the way, including a great one about the time he dropped a hammer through a roof on Christmas Eve trying to give Santa a hand.

You can hear it above or over on the SantaTrackers.net podcast page.

Introducing Bonus Codes

Bonus codes are a new feature that will allow you to earn extra points. This new feature is now active.

We encourage you to visit the Bonus Codes page in Elf University and to there receive a special code that will both train you on how to do it and that will reward you for trying it out.

You will get a tiny little point reward and a nifty new Bonus Freak badge at the same time.

You will always want to be on the lookout for new bonus codes.

You might read about them in a news article, receive them via private message after completing something (like an elf job application, or see them attached to special activities or even tracker reports.

There is a new group at SantaTrackers.net dedicated to this purpose. It is called The Points Group. If you go there, you will see a bonus point extra posted by me. Hint: you get points for joining groups.

An elf who keeps a sharp eye out for bonus codes can really increase their points totals and their badge collection.

Elf Trixie

New Points System Now Active

A new points system has been engaged, triggering a new era in tracking Santa for Santa.

The new system, as announced weeks ago, features three total points types. You can access them via the new Points Summary gateway.

Elf Points are points as you have always known them. Points are awarded for your activity as an elf on SantaTrackers.net, especially in terms of your elf profile and how you present yourself as an elf online. This overall points pool gives you a ranking as an elf that features a star-theme. The higher your points the higher rank you achieve.

Tracker Points are a new points category that focuses on your core job as a tracker elf – tracking Santa for Santa. Tracker reports are at the center of your tracker rank, as are activities and duties most closely associated with tracking Santa. Your Elf Supervisor contributes to your ranking through a review process that evaluates your reports to flight command for their quality and usefulness.

Santa points are a less sharply defined category. These points are mostly acquired through Santa himself, who monitors your online behavior and rewards you for your kindness, creativity, initiative and charitable actions.

In all, all three point types are listed via their own links above. While this system overhaul has taken extensive hours of work we recognize that it is possible that errors have occurred.

If you feel that is the case you can request a Point & Badge Audit. It might take a few days to sort out but we are confident any errors can be rectified.

Over the course of the next several hours and days a lot of news will come out to help explain new processes, features and actions that can be taken to improve your point standings and ranks.

Elf PIN Can Now Be Set

An Elf Personal Identification Number can now be set for every account at SantaTrackers.net.

The Elf PIN is designed as a safety and security feature. Using an Elf PIN will be an added means of us knowing a submission actually comes from you. It will be added to job applications, tracker reports and other submission forms soon.

Fraud in the elf world is rare. But this added feature will ensure the North Pole gets the information that you intend. Going forward, new accounts, both for Freelance Elves and for North Pole Elves, will register with an Elf PIN.

Please set your Elf PIN. You can change your Elf Pin at any time.

For existing accounts, please see this page or fill out the form below.

Thank you and have a nice day.

Please select a 4-digit Elf Personal Identification Number to be associated with your account