Sector 2, Thank you!

Trackers…Santa made it easy on us this year. Our bedtime warnings have been received and it’s time for us to stand down. Thank you for your service.

Local Ground Report Needed

Ok, looks like Santa needs to know what might be on the ground:

Please list any conditions on the ground that could be a concern to Santa

Roof Report Needed in Sector 2

Hey guys…Santa wants a roof report if you please have time:

Santa hopes you will inspect your roof and the roof of homes next door to you only.

New Weather Report Needed in Sector 2


Flight Command has just requested a fresh local weather update from all areas of Sector 2.

Check all that apply
Don't be shy. Santa needs the details.

Weather Report Required in Sector 2

Greetings, Trackers!

We need a weather update please:

Check all that apply
Don't be shy. Santa needs the details.

Sector 2 is Now in the Red Zone

Ok, trackers. We’re a very big sector and that means getting requests out of our area can be a bit tricky. Those in the Far East of Asia are now in the Red Zone — it’s Christmas Eve for you.

But those of you out west in places like Israel, Jordan, etc…it’s still December 23rd.

We cover more time zones than anyone.

I know this means some of you out west will be up earlier and will work longer. Don’t be afraid to take frequent breaks based upon YOU time zone.

We’re now on the clock for real!

Weather Report Needed from Sector 2


Flight Command is wanting a weather report from all trackers in Sector 2 as soon as you can provide it, please:

Check all that apply
Don't be shy. Santa needs the details.

Asia & the Middle East Trackers Check In

Hello Trackers from Asia and the Middle East!

Our time has come! We can begin checking in NOW:

Please give us a summary of your availability.

Tracker Alert: Worldwide Tracker Check-in Soon to Start

Tracker BulletinTracker Friends,

This may be my final general post of this season. The news from this point forward should come exclusively from your Elf Supervisor. Please pay attention to what I am about to tell you:

News is about to begin coming faster and faster to you via North Pole Flight Command, Santa Update and this site,

Why? Because Flight Command is now engaging their final countdown protocol.

This means they are completing their checklists around the world. They are looking for any reason to stop or delay Santa’s launch. What they want is a complete green light from every sector – a simple “go for launch” degree from anyone with flight control status.

Part of that protocol is a call for tracker check-ins. We anticipate those check-ins will begin in about six hours in Sector 1 and roll out sequentially in each sector.

There is NO RUSH to check in.

When your elf supervisor wants you to check in, he or she will tell you with very specific instructions.

The process is designed to allow 24 hours for all trackers to check in. So, take your time, listen to your elf supervisor, check in when you are asked and await further instructions.

Merry Christmas, good luck, and we thank you in advance for your service to Santa.

Sector 2 Reports from Rudolph Island

Sector 2 UpdateHello friends!

The regional tracking center for Sector 2 is now operational from Rudolph Island, Russia. It serves Asia and the Middle East. That’s actually not far from the North Pole — in the far northern area of the sector.

But honestly, it does not matter where the regional tracking center is located. We’re here, the lights are on and we’re ready to rock.

And rock we will.

Over the next several days I will be alerting you to news coming out of the sector and of direction we will be receiving from North Pole Flight Command. Some of that direction will be very plain but most of it really won’t begin until we get closer to Santa’s flight time.

That gives us plenty of time to read up on the training materials and learn what each report type is. I hope you make use of the next four days or so to ask questions, so you are clear on what to do.

My name is Elf Clif, and I will be tracking Santa with you from here at Rudolph Island.

Sector 2 Receives a New Tracking Center

We are pleased to announce that the new Regional Tracking Center for Sector 2 will be located on Rudolph Island Russia.

Sector 2 covers a diverse area of the world in Asia and the Middle East. It spans several time zones and areas from Siberia and the Orient in the East to Israel and Jordan in the Middle East. There are both millions of believers and Santa trackers who live in this expansive area.

Rudolph Island is a remote, northern location up near the Arctic Circle. It is an excellent location from which to receive reports from trackers in Sector 2 and it also has the advantage of being the closest regional tracking center actually to the North Pole.

Our Elf Supervisor for this sector continues to be Elf Clifford Moyer, an elf with many years now of service in this part of the world. Clif speaks 14 languages and is an expert on all the varied cultures within Sector 2.

Voicing the news for North Pole Radio News and stationed as well at Rudolph Island is veteran journalist, Elf Roz, who has reported on Christmas Eve many times over the years. New studios for her reporting will also be constructed as part of the new Tracking Center.

This location will have built a special temporary unit. It will be removed after Christmas, and no one will know that the facility was ever there. Due to its remote nature, everything needed for work and life on Rudolph Island will need to shipped in by sleigh.

This is one of the larger and more ambitious new Tracking Center projects the North Pole is working on. It should be complete and operational around December 16th.