Sector 2 Activated

Attention all elves of Sector 2: I am pleased to report that the regional tracking center in lovely downtown Bethlehem, Palestine is now operational. As such, I can also announced that we need to activate all elves in the sector.

That means we need to get an ELF STATUS REPORT from each of you by August 24th, and the sooner the better.

This is not a drill. It’s the real deal and it counts.

As far as test flights of Santa’s sleigh I’m told there is a plan to at least brush by our sector sometime in the coming weeks. I don’t yet have details but as soon as I know you will know.

I will slowly be sending out requests for reports, some for training purposes and some for real. So please be sure to check back here on for further instructions.

Thanks, elves!

New Report Added for Trackers

A new report has been added to the Trackers Report menu. It’s called the Sleigh Sighting Report and it is for those elves who believe they have seen a sleigh in flight.

The Elf Supervisors specifically asked for this report to be added in advance of tracking the test flights of Santa’s sleigh. They said that with so many sleighs in flights this was a very common occurrence last year.

Elf Pinky reported that her regional tracking center alone last year received more than 40,000 reports of sleigh sightings.

“It is not hard to see how this can happen,” Elf Pinky said. “We have right now 12 prototype sleighs testing around the clock. That’s more than 100 flights a day and they go all over the place, day and night. Then, in the hours before Santa launches and even when he is in flight the North Pole sends up tens of thousands of sleighs in support of Santa. Those are airlift sleighs moving freight, scout sleighs, transport sleighs moving elves all over the place, reindeer support sleighs and weather tracking sleighs – how is it possible that people DON’T see more sleighs on Christmas Eve?

So if you have seen a sleigh North Pole Flight Command wants to know about it. You can access the new report from this link, or by clicking on Tracker Reports in the menu above.

A New Era of Tracking Santa Begins

A new era of tracking Santa has begun.

Starting in the next few days your Elf Supervisor is going to ask you to file a new report – and this one counts. This is the time we have been talking about all year. This is when you really need to be paying attention.

Today was posted a new report, titled Elf Status. This new report will tell Flight Command and your Elf Supervisor whether or not you are on the job.

Traditionally, we have done in the past something we called the Elf Check-in, which was a way to indicate your readiness before Santa took flight. That old way of doing things is now gone. Tracking Santa is now different in every way and it begins with this new report.

This next week, all Elf Supervisors in each sector will call for your Elf Status report.

It is important that you respond by filing that report when the Elf Supervisor asks for it. It does not matter what your Elf Status report says at this point. But the fact that you respond to YOUR elf supervisor within the window of time called for matters a great deal. This will be one of those reports that applies to your elf evaluation score later next year.

If you file that report that you are on the job it will lead to other very important reports that will count between now and Christmas. This is definitely the time to start paying attention to what is happening.

Also, today and over the next few days – changes have been implemented to our elf registration process. For all new elves coming aboard, as previously announced, a 90-day working period as a FREELANCE ELF is now required BEFORE a new elf will be allowed to become a part of the Elf Community here at and classified as a NORTH POLE ELF.

A freelance elf works by contract for one full season. You can read the contract at this link. All new elves will need to abide by the contract, do their jobs as elves and gain the endorsement of their elf supervisor. This is another way in which tracking Santa is different. No more can an individual sign up as an elf and do no work. They have to actually be an elf tracking Santa for Santa.

A freelance elf still files reports. In fact, the reports are even MORE critical to a freelance elf because a review of their reports over their first 90-days is key to them becoming a North Pole elf.

Regardless of your class as an elf, reporting is now active and it all counts. We are attempting to get 1 billion tracker reports this year. Starting today, those reports count.

But they only count if you file the reports needed when your elf supervisor asks for them. Please do not just send in reports willy-nilly.

In fact, if your reports are not applicable, on-time, and comprehensive they will not help you at all. The point behind all of this is to do a better job of reporting the right information at the right time when Santa needs it.

Right now, Santa’s sleigh is in the test flight period. Your reports during this period matter because we are testing all systems, including the reporting system, as part of the test flights. If your reports show snow where there is really dry heat, it hurts the effort and could count against you.

We also remind you that many reports have changed and some new reports are yet to come out. Please pay attention.

Thanks and happy tracking, elves!


New Elves Will Wait

In Elf Chat today Elf Crash Murphy announced that Elf Roger Star will outline more changes this week that will affect newly signed-on elves at

According to Crash new elves will have to work in a freelance capacity for at least 90 days and will be required to have their elf supervisor endorsement before being allowed to join the elf community as a North Pole Tracker Elf tracking Santa for Santa. Crash said the idea originated with Elf Moe, who expressed frustrations with recent elf recruits.

Today’s chat was full of information and seemed to have a little more serious tone:

Elf ErnestHello everyone
Elf ErnestChat today will begin at the top of the hour, or whenever Elf Crash gets here
Elf weather trackerHi Elf Ernest
Elf MaxHi Elf Weather Tracker
Elf MaxHi Elf Ernest
Elf MaxIsn’t*t a bit strange for you to be hosting chat here instead of at SantaUpdate?
Elf ErnestYes, it is.
Elf ErnestBut Elf Roger asked me to pinch hit for him today because he’s involved in some Christmas-in-July thing
Elf MaxAh, I see. So you’re hosting the chat…no announcements?
Elf ErnestRight, I’m just facilitating
Elf ErnestBut I think Crash will be breaking some news today
Elf MaxOh? That’s interesting.
Elf weather trackerHi Elf Ulan
Elf ErnestHe’s been in a lot of meetings. His tracker work is keeping him very busy
Elf MaxI’m all ears
Elf Crash MurphyHi everyone!
Elf weather trackerHi Crash
Elf ErnestCrash! You are a little early
Elf Crash MurphyI could leave if you want
Elf ErnestNo no no
Elf ErnestIt’s all good!
Elf Crash MurphyDid I see Elf Ulan here?
Elf Crash MurphyI love her. She’s so NICE
Elf Crash MurphyHi Elf Weather Tracker!
Elf Crash MurphyHey Max
Elf MaxHi Crash
Elf Crash MurphyMax, are you going to ask me about Crusader’s podcast again?
Elf MaxConsider yourself asked
Elf Crash MurphyI promise I will get in studio
Elf MaxWhen?
Elf Crash MurphyWhen Frank pushes me in there
Elf weather trackerHi Elf Radar
Elf MaxHahaha – ok, I’ll let him know
Elf ErnestFolks, welcome to today’s Elf Chat
Elf ErnestWe have Elf Crash Murphy here today and you know him as a radio voice
Elf ErnestAnd as the Ultimate Santa Tracker
Elf ErnestHe follows Santa every Christmas Eve around the world in his own sleigh
Elf ErnestAnd he reports the news
Elf ErnestIn fact, you can hear a re-broadcast of last years Tracking Santa show on Kringle Radio right now
Elf ErnestBut Crash is here today as a leader in the tracker elf community
Elf ErnestHe officially represents Elf Roger Star today
Elf ErnestAnd Crash, I hear you have news to share?
Elf Crash MurphyI do.
Elf UlanHi Elf Crash! Thank you so much! Me too!
Elf Crash MurphyRoger will be posting or making some kind of announcement this week
Elf Crash MurphyBut he told me to share a little bit of it with you guys here today
Elf Crash MurphyThere are some changes coming to how new elves become new elves here on
Elf Crash MurphyThey are working out the details, but basically a new elf must seve
Elf Crash Murphyserve, that is
Elf Crash Murphyas a freelance elf for 90 days before they can become a North Pole elf
Elf UlanHi elf Weather Tracker!
Elf Crash MurphyAnd participate here on with all of you
Elf MaxWhoa
Elf ErnestThat’s a very interesting development. Why is this happening?
Elf Crash MurphyIt is all about elf quality, as I understand it.
Elf Crash MurphyThey want a new elf to get a little reporting experience and gain the endorsement of their elf supervisor before they will be allowed to join here
Elf MaxWhat does this exactly mean, Crash?
Elf weather trackerI think that is a great idea
Elf Crash MurphyIt means the rush of new elves we see in the fall months of October thru December are a thing of the past
Elf Crash MurphyElf Moe came up with this.
Elf Crash MurphyHe’s been really troubled by some problems with new elves of late and this was his solution
Elf Crash MurphyIt bears Santa’s approval. It’s happening
Elf MaxWow
Elf ErnestSo…the elf supervisor has to approve a freelance elf becoming a North Pole elf?
Elf Crash MurphyYes, the elf supervisors are becoming a bigger and bigger part of things here
Elf MaxHow do they have time to do that?
Elf Crash MurphyWell, if a new freelance elf signs up Monday, as the test flights begin, they have 90 days or until the end of October to get in the good graces of their supervisor
Elf Crash MurphySo a new elf starting Monday could be a North Pole Elf by the time Santa flies
Elf MaxWhat if they sign up in November and want to be a North Pole elf?
Elf Crash MurphyThey have to wait 90 days.
Elf ErnestSo it wouldn’t happen for them before Christmas?
Elf Crash MurphyNope, not a chance
Elf MaxWhoa again
Elf ErnestI’m with Weather Tracker. This is a really good idea
Elf Crash MurphyYes, I think so too. It puts the focus right where Santa wants it – on the quality of reports
Elf MaxThat’s some really big news. Why wait to announce it?
Elf Crash MurphyThere are some changes to the sign up and registration process we need to get taken care of.
Elf Crash MurphyBut Elf Roger wanted our North Pole elves to know about it before hand, just because
Elf ErnestOk. Got it
Elf ErnestAny other news?
Elf Crash MurphyUm…I’m going to the Eggnog Chug in about an hour.
Elf ErnestHahaha. Me too!
Elf ErnestOk, elves. Questions for Crash?
Elf MaxCrash, I think this means we’re going to have a lot fewer elves here this Christmas.
Elf Crash MurphyYes, Max.
Elf weather trackerWill I be helping with the test flight
Elf MaxDo we have enough elves to get the reports they want this year?
Elf Crash MurphyYes, Max. Santa is okay with it
Elf Crash MurphyElf Weather Tracker, let’s talk about those test flights
Elf weather trackerOk
Elf Crash MurphySectors 5 and 1 were two of the last to announce and they are both scrambling to get set up
Elf Crash MurphySo I’m not sure, but I don’t think it will be next week for them anyway
Elf Crash MurphyI think the test flights will concentrate on Sector 4 for at least a week. After that, I don’t know
Elf Crash MurphyWatch for announcements from Elf Pinky for your sector
Elf UlanDo we need to send some reports for the test flight?
Elf ErnestIs the map going to be live, Crash?
Elf weather trackerOk thank you Crash
Elf Crash MurphyElf Ulan, yes, pay attention because your elf supervisor could ask for reports at any time
Elf Crash MurphyYes, Ernest, my sources in Flight Command tell me the map should be active Monday or Tuesday
Elf UlanOkay, I’ll!
Elf MaxOh boy. A lot of news here today in this chat
Elf ErnestWill the Elf Supervisors just start posting?
Elf Crash MurphyYes, they will. In fact, Elf Tubby wanted to post today but Roger told him not til Monday
Elf ErnestWill there be radio coverage of the launch of the test flight?
Elf Crash MurphyNo. There will be FLIGHTS. Plural. There are 12 prototype sleighs and they all have a different schedule. Too much to cover on the radio. We’re not ready yet in radio-land for that kind of reporting.
elf radarWhat kind of response time will we have on our reports when they are requested?  I mean our regular reports for Christmas, not those involving test flights.
Elf ErnestOk, so you’ll be staying at the North Pole during the test flight period?
Elf Crash MurphyThe response time? What do you mean, Elf Radar?
Elf Crash MurphyYes, I’ll be at the North Pole for at least a few weeks. After that, we’ll see.
Elf ErnestDo we know how heavy of a flight schedule the test flights will have?
elf radarHow long will we have to respond to these reports so they can be used.
Elf Crash MurphyI’m told it will be around the clock from the get go.
Elf Crash MurphyOh, I see what you’re saying. I don’t know the answer to that. Maybe once we get started we can get one of the elf supervisors into a chat to respond to that.
Elf MaxThere’s kind of a new feeling to all this this year
elf radarok. Thank you.
Elf ErnestI think that’s what Santa wanted, Max
Elf Crash MurphyI agree Maxy.
Elf UlanDoes each sector will start the test flight with different test reindeer at the same time?
Elf Crash MurphyTracking feels more…serious in some way.
Elf Crash MurphyI don’t know, Elf Ulan. We really don’t know or get much information about the test flight reindeer. I’ll see if I can find that out.
Elf ErnestCrash, with 12 sleighs…how many test flight reindeer are there?
Elf Crash MurphyI don’t know yet about this year, but last year at the peak we had more than 6000 test flight reindeer
Elf MaxThat’s a lot of reindeer feed!
Elf UlanOkay, than you!
Elf Crash MurphyYes, the Reindeer Operations Department has a bigger job than most people know
Elf ErnestCrash, do you ever go on test flights?
Elf Crash MurphyI do. We have to test our radio broadcast capabilities every year. That’s usually in October for me.
Elf ErnestHow long does that take?
Elf Crash MurphyA couple three or four days. It just depends.
Elf MaxDo you like doing that, Crash?
Elf Crash MurphyYeah, it’s good practice for me.
Elf Crash MurphyI like to broadcast “We’re going down!” now and then…just to see if anyone is listening
Elf ErnestHahaha…does that get you in trouble?
Elf Crash MurphyYes, every time
Elf Crash MurphyI try to do it when I know I’ve got a rookie in Flight Command
Elf ErnestYou’re terrible…
Elf Crash MurphyI have to have my fun
Elf ErnestOkay, any last questions for Crash?
elf radarI liked that!
Elf MaxCrash, do Santa’s regular reindeer ever serve on the test flights?
Elf Crash MurphySometimes, especially if they are recovering from some sort of injury. They use the test flights for rehab
Elf Crash MurphyBut the closer it gets to December the less they are there because Santa doesn’t want any of his A-team to risk injury
Elf MaxInteresting
Elf ErnestCrash, what do you think of the idea of sending the other North Pole News Reporters to practice on the test flights?
Elf Crash MurphyWell, they’d have to become sleigh certified first. Sleigh flight is not for everyone.
Elf ErnestIs that hard?
elf radarDo the reindeer have any problems flying in and out of the different climates encountered around the world?
Elf Crash MurphyI threw up every day for three weeks when I got certified the first time.
Elf Crash MurphyGood question, Elf Radar. And the answer is THEY CAN have issues in different climates
Elf Crash MurphyBut Santa has established rules for the reindeer to keep them safe
Elf Crash MurphyHis most experienced reindeer know how to adjust. Diet and rest play into it.
Elf Crash MurphyBut reindeer do not care for heat much. Cold, doesn’t affect them. But heat is a problem
Elf Crash MurphyAgain, a lot of this is managed by Reindeer Operations. Those elves work hard.
Elf weather trackerDoes Santa want us to leave water out for the reindeer?
Elf Crash MurphyYes, Weather Tracker. Santa always appreciates water for the reindeer.
Elf Crash MurphyBut just water
Elf Crash MurphySome want to share soda or eggnog or other stuff for the reindeer to drink and that’s not good.
Elf weather trackerOk, I will leave a bowl of water out
Elf Crash MurphyA BIG bowl, I hope
Elf weather trackerOf course
Elf UlanOkay!
Elf Crash MurphyYou know who the thirstiest reindeer is?
Elf weather trackerRudolph
Elf Crash MurphyIt’s Blitzen. I’ve seen him nearly drain a lake. That guy can guzzle it!
Elf UlanNo, who?
Elf weather trackerOh geeze
Elf Crash MurphyRudolph is a little guy. He drinks fairly little.
Elf Crash MurphyWe always joke we have to give water with electrolytes to Rudolph
Elf Crash MurphyHe doesn’t think that’s funny.
Elf MaxHahaha
Elf ErnestOk, guys. Thanks for being here today. Crash, great chat!
Elf weather trackerI will also be leaving carrots out as well
Elf Crash MurphyIt’s been a good one. Y’all have a great weekend
Elf Crash MurphyAwesome, Weather Tracker
Elf UlanThank you Elf Crash, and everyone! See you again soon!
Elf MaxThank you Crash and Ernest
Elf Crash MurphyBye everyone!
elf radarThanks guys! Merry Christmas in July everyone.
Elf ErnestSee ya!
Elf weather trackerBye
Elf MaxWow, good chat! I’ll get it posted soon!

Test Flights Begin July 26th

Test flights of Santa’s sleigh are scheduled to begin in Sector 4 starting sometime on Monday, July 26th, North Pole Flight Command has announced.

We are not sure yet if the tracking map for those first flights will be ready or not by that date. We are expecting an announcement from Elf Tubby Ryder, elf supervisor for Sector 4. Since that tracking center was the first announced and thus the one center most ready we are thinking the odds are pretty good that the map will be ready.

12 prototype sleighs have already been positioned at a reindeer ranch in Argentina. Two full teams of test flight reindeer are already in South America at the same ranch to be readied for the launch of the sleighs. We are awaiting word to know if the flights will work around the clock or if they will only be scheduled at certain times of the day.

Because of the late start to the test flight program many assume the flight schedule will be aggressive.

Once we know the first few weeks of the schedule we will share that information with you.

First Ever Regional HQ Announced for Africa

Historic news was announced at North Pole Flight Command today for Sector 3, which covers the continents of Africa and Europe. South Africa’s city of Bethlehem will host the first-ever regional tracking center in Africa.

Bethlehem, South Africa, joins Bethlehem, Palestine, this year as hosts for their sectors. This is the first time in history two regional centers have been hosted by cities of the same name, and two cities that bear some connection to Christmas.

It is winter in South Africa, just as it is winter in Australia in Sector 1, as well as winter in Milagro, Ecuador in Sector 4. That means each of those regional tracking centers will be in summer mode when Santa actually takes flight. This is a significant operational decision, one that bodes well for the support of Santa’s flight. Sometimes regional centers working during winter months suffer issues due to weather that affect their abilities to offer support to Santa.

With this announcement our focus now turns to the following for each sector:

  • The readiness of each location
  • The elf leadership communication from each sector
  • The tracking of test flights of Santa’s sleigh
  • The first test of new reporting expectations of tracker elves

Pay close attention in the coming weeks, elves. There will be a lot of news and some new opportunities to serve the cause of Santa.

Christmas in July Chats

Christmas in July chats have been announced for July 23rd and 24th. For tracker elves, a special discussion will take place in Elf Chat with Elves Ernest and Crash:

Elf Chat

This will be held on Saturday, July 23rd at 2pm EST in Elf Chat.

Chat with the Clauses!

Santa and Mrs. Claus will both be chatting on Sunday, July 24th in North Pole Chat at

Chat with Mrs. Claus

Chat with Santa

Sector 2 Regional HQ Announced

North Pole Flight Command just announced another regional tracking center location, this time for Sector 2 covering Asia and the Middle East.

In a surprise selection the city of Bethlehem was chosen over nine other finalists announced months ago. Nobody really expected Bethlehem to be selected because it is a very popular tourist destination that gets huge crowds and lots of attention every Christmas season. Regional Tracking centers are typically located in remote areas.

As it is, North Pole Security is working hard to make sure the actual location within Bethlehem is not found out by the public.

I called Elf Clif, who is elf supervisor in Sector 2, and he told me he was already on his way to the area with a team from Santa’s workshop to remodel the facility and to install equipment. Clif said he wants to be up and running before test flights of Santa’s sleigh start.

Sector 4 is already set up and ready to do business.

We are expecting news of regional tracking centers for Sectors 1,3 and 5 to come very soon.


Tracker Elf Press Conference Coverage

Santa Tracker Podcast
Santa Tracker Podcast
Tracker Elf Press Conference Coverage

The annual tracker elf press conference where the new recruiting goal for tracker elves is announced is now underway. Please use the player embedded to listen to it instead of the live Kringle Radio feed, which we understand is experiencing some technical issues this morning. We have been told that the events today are being recorded and will be made available on all websites as well as on Kringle Radio for a short time.

This is a major announcement, elves. For months we have been hearing about the importance of this July 11th event.

I have been told that after the news is announced we will be putting together a chat schedule for the rest of July in Elf Chat to discuss this announcement and answer your questions.

Tracker Elf Press Conference Just Hours Away

North Pole Flight Command has just sent out a reminder of the annual tracker elf press conference, scheduled tomorrow, July 11th at around Noon EST. Coverage will be on all official North Pole News websites –, and

This is a highly anticipated event. For each of the last five years Santa has announced challenging increases in the elf recruiting goal. But we have been told since January this event today would be making an announcement of an entirely different kind. The tracker elf website at and a number of changes to the tracker elf program have already been previously announced.

We are also told this announcement kicks off a busy couple of weeks with more breaking news from Flight Command. We expect an announcement about the launch of test flights of Santa’s sleigh and also more announcements of where regional tracking centers for this year’s flight will be located.

We hope you can join us for this great event.

Elf Winslow

Christmas in July at the North Pole

Santa Tracker Podcast
Santa Tracker Podcast
Christmas in July at the North Pole

Christmas in July is the topic of this brief new episode of the Santa Trackers Podcast with elves Frank & Crash.

There’s a big difference between Elf Frank and Elf Crash. Crash is a very social elf who participates in most big events at the North Pole, while Elf Frank tends to hold back a little due to his duties in reporting the news. So Crash hosts the podcast this time around and speaks more to the events of Christmas in July at the North Pole.

The bigger question of course is how elves who are NOT at the North Pole and how they can celebrate Christmas in July. Elf Crash has some things for you to consider if you find yourself in this situation.

In all, it’s a quick episode with some good ideas. Enjoy.

Leon Day Chat Recap

It was a light-hearted and eventful fun chat today in Elf Chat as several North Pole elves and even Santa stopped in to say hello. And Frank and Crash pranked each other good, in true Leon Day fashion. Here is the chat transcript:

Elf ErnestHi Max!
Elf MaxHi there. Thanks for being here!
Elf ErnestNot too sure how long I can stay, but I’m here. Who else is coming?
Elf MaxI’m not too sure. But I think I saw Elf Sandy logged in
Elf ErnestOh, that’s awesome.
Elf ErnestIt’s like a reunion today. So many back from vacation and excited.
Elf MaxI’ve noticed!
Elf Crash MurphyHowdy
Elf MaxHi Crash. Good radio report today
Elf Crash MurphyThanks. But no news really to report.
Elf ErnestSo you think nothing is up over there, huh?
Elf Crash MurphyYeah. Santa told me as much.
Elf ErnestThen why are they in lockdown?
Elf Crash MurphyWell, I shouldn’t say anything. But evidently Elf Agent X gave his yearly security lecture there this week.
Elf ErnestOooooohhhhhh. That might explain it.
Elf Crash MurphyYeah, it might not be Elf Buck after all.
Elf MaxWhat security lecture?
Elf Crash MurphyFlight Command works with people stationed all over the world. North Pole Security feels Flight Command is the most exposed department to hackers and trolls
Elf MaxOh…I see
Elf ErnestCould be a good theory. I hope they get over that soon and let you guys in.
Elf Crash MurphyI think Santa will make sure they relax.
Elf MaxInteresting.
Elf ErnestIt’s not unusual for this kind of thing to happen. I think they mean well.
Elf Crash MurphyThat’s my feeling too
Elf UlanHi, good evening! It’s morning here^^
Elf TrixieHi guys!
Elf Crash MurphyHi Elf Ulan!
Elf Crash MurphyHi Trixie!
Elf MaxElf Ulan has been active today! Welcome!
Elf Sandy ClausHello everyone!
Elf MaxHello Elf Sandy! Welcome!
Elf MaxHow is Leon Day over in ER?
Elf Sandy ClausGood, we’re having a good day. Some worried about Crash’s Snow Ball Fight?
Elf Crash MurphyMy snowball fight? When did it become mine?
Elf ErnestHahaha….you’re welcome Crash
Elf UlanHi Elf Crash! Sorry, I was late to notice your answering last chat, I was almost sleeping
Elf Sandy ClausYeah, since the update yesterday everyone is talking about it being your fight
Elf UlanThank you, Elf Max!
Elf Crash MurphyNo worries, Elf Ulan. I know these things are not coming at a good time for you
Elf Crash MurphyWhat update?
Elf MaxErnest mentioned you in the monthly countdown update. Maybe you have not read it yet
Elf Crash MurphyOh. I see
Elf Crash MurphyNo I have not read it yet.
Elf TrixieYou don’t read the news the minute we post it?
Elf Crash MurphyUsually I do, yes. But just getting back from vacation I have some catching up to do
Elf UlanThank you for understanding me, Elf Crash!
Elf MaxFolks, this is an open chat today. Nobody’s really in charge and any elf from the North Pole could show up to it.
Elf MaxSo if you have questions just fire away
Elf TrixieI can’t stay long.
Elf MaxThat’s okay, Trixie.
Elf Sugar CookieHow has everyone’s Leon Day been?
Elf TrixieI volunteered as a cookie hostess at the picnic today
Elf ErnestLeon Day has been awesome. Good weather here today
Elf MaxI’ve been mostly online. Trying to catch up.
Elf Crash MurphyHave you been on vacation, too, Max?
Elf MaxYes, kinda. Visited my parents and helped them with some stuff.
Elf MaxI got back on Wednesday.
Elf ErnestWhat are you guys most looking forward to with Christmas in July?
Elf Sugar CookieWelcome back!
Elf TrixieFor me, it’s the radio replay of Santa Tracking last year
Elf TrixieI love that!
Elf Crash MurphyWell, that’s great to hear!
Elf MaxWhen is the big snowball fight, Crash?
Elf Crash MurphyA couple of hours. That’s why I can’t stay long. I have to put in my armor
Elf Sugar CookieYour armor? What kind of armor?
Elf ErnestYou have armor for a snowball fight?
Elf UlanDoes someone do pranks there too?^^
Elf Crash MurphyIt’s basically a plastic garbage bag with a hole cut into it for my head
Elf Sandy ClausLOL
Elf Sugar CookieHey, whatever works! Lol
Elf TrixieLOL!!!!
Elf MaxI hear you don’t lose, Crash
Elf Crash MurphyWhat are you talking about? I get creamed every year. I feel like I’m the biggest target
Elf MaxI hope someone will take video this year
Elf TrixieYes, I’d love to see it.
Elf Sugar CookieMe too!
Elf Crash MurphyIt is all for fun.
Elf UlanMe too!
Elf ErnestGotta run, guys. Thanks for being here.
Elf MaxOk, bye Ernest!
Elf Sugar CookieI have to go too; happy Leon Day, everyone!! I’ve really been enjoying these chats!
Elf UlanThank you, Elf Ernest!
Elf TrixieSanta!
SantaHi everyone! Happy Leon Day!
Elf UlanYou, too, Elf Sugar Cookie!
Elf MaxWow, Santa! I didn’t know you were coming
SantaI’m in Ernest’s office. He signed off and encouraged me to sign on and say hi
Elf UlanHappy Leon Day, Santa!!!
Elf TrixieGod bless Elf Ernest!
Elf TrixieAnd you, Santa!
SantaHahaha. Hi Elf Ulan!
Elf MaxIf we knew you’d be here there would be hundred in chat today!
SantaWell it’s a good thing we didn’t announce it. I can’t stay long, I have to judge the Miss North Pole contest soon
Elf UlanI’m so happy to be with you here too!
Elf Crash MurphyOooohhh…that sounds like a tough job!
SantaLOL, yes, someone has to do it.
Elf TrixieDoes Mrs. Claus join that?
SantaYes, Mrs. Claus is the brains of the whole thing.
Elf Sandy ClausHahaha…good answer, Santa.
SantaYes, I listen closely during things like this.
Elf MaxSo Santa, is everything ok at Flight Command?
SantaEverything is fine at Flight Command. No problems.
Elf Crash MurphyI’m taking your word on that Santa
SantaCan’t stay, guys. Gotta scoot. Just wanted to say hi and Happy Leon Day!
Elf MaxOk, bye, Santa!
Elf Sandy ClausThanks for coming by Santa!
Elf UlanThank you, Santa!
Elf MaxWow. Who knew?
Elf Crash MurphyIs Santa scheduled for a chat during Christmas in July?
Elf TrixieYes, I think so. Both he and Mrs. Claus will chat at
Elf UlanI’m sooo excited about it!
Elf Crash MurphyI wonder if he would do a chat here?
Elf MaxI think that’s a good idea, Crash. Something just for elves.
Elf Sandy ClausWe could ask….maybe?
Elf TrixieCould not hurt.
Elf UlanPlease ask him!
Elf TrixieOk guys, I have to go too. Nice to see you all!
Elf Sandy ClausI will bring it up to Elf Ernest. You okay with that Max?
Elf MaxHeck yes!
Elf UlanNice to see you too, Elf Trixie, thank you!
Elf MaxHi Elf Frank
Elf Frank MyrrhAnyone still here? Sorry I’m late.
Elf UlanThank you, Elf Sandy!
Elf Sandy ClausWow, we are getting quite a few elves here today!
Elf Crash MurphyNo, we’re not here, Frank.
Elf MaxHahaha
Elf Frank MyrrhDon’t you have a snowball fight right now, Crash?
Elf Crash MurphyIt’s in a few hours.
Elf Frank MyrrhNo, it’s happening right now. You’re missing it.
Elf Crash MurphyWut?
Elf UlanI wanna join it if I can!
Elf Frank MyrrhYeah, I just came from there.
Elf Frank MyrrhI was looking for you
Elf Crash MurphyWhat time is it? Really?
Elf Frank MyrrhSeriously. The mud is flying right now.
Elf Crash MurphyNo way
Elf Frank MyrrhWay. You better get over there.
Elf Crash MurphyBye.
Elf MaxFrank, is it really happening now??
Elf Frank MyrrhNo. It’s a couple of hours away.
Elf Sandy ClausOhhhh….you’re terrible!!!
Elf UlanBye Elf Crash, have a lot of fun!
Elf MaxHahahaha!!!!
Elf Frank MyrrhHe’ll be the first one there by a mile
Elf Sandy ClausOhmygosh
Elf MaxThat’s a great one, Frank
Elf Frank MyrrhI hope he thinks he missed it.
Elf Roger StarHi everyone.
Elf MaxOh boy….I’m cracking up here.
Elf Sandy ClausHi Elf Roger
Elf UlanHi Elf Roger!
Elf MaxRoger! Your 2nd chat today!
Elf Roger StarYes, I feel so important
Elf Sandy ClausYou are important!
Elf MaxJust don’t mess with Frank today
Elf UlanYes!
Elf Roger StarThank you Elf Sandy. Why don’t we want to mess with Frank?
Elf MaxHe just pranked Elf Crash good!
Elf Roger StarHe did? That’s why I’m not talking to anyone today. Can’t take them serious
Elf Frank MyrrhI’m just going to hide for the rest of the day.
Elf Sandy ClausI’m not standing next to you!
Elf UlanLol!
Elf Frank MyrrhI don’t blame you
Elf Crash MurphyYou’re a dork, Frank
Elf Maxhahaha!
Elf Frank MyrrhWell, that’s my cue. See you guys!
Elf Crash Murphyhe ran, the turkey!!!
Elf UlanThank you, Elf Frank. Have great days!
Elf Roger StarHahaha
Elf MaxThat’s funny, Crash. Oh man.
Elf Crash MurphyThe field wasn’t even torn up. Nobody was out there.
Elf MaxHe got you good!
Elf Crash MurphyHe should learn not to mess with me. I’ve got a surprise for him once he gets to his sleigh.
Elf Sandy ClausUh oh
Elf Roger StarI’ve got cameras out there you know
Elf Crash MurphyYou do? GOOD!!! I hope it makes the news
Elf MaxWhat is waiting for him?
Elf Crash MurphyLet’s just say there will be a blizzard right over his sleigh seat
Elf Sandy Claus**Giggle***
Elf UlanLol!
Elf Roger StarCrash…it worked, you got him. He’s covered in snow
Elf Crash MurphyI did? SWEET!!!!
Elf Sandy ClausHow did you arrange that so fast?
Elf Crash MurphyElf Bubby had his snow removal team out there standing on their shovels. I just gave them a little something to do. Three guys, two minutes and done.
Elf Roger StarBrilliant
Elf MaxRoger, can we see the video?
Elf Roger StarI’m asking security about it now. They just called.
Elf Crash MurphyNorth Pole Security? Hahahaha
Elf Sandy ClausOh boy…
Elf MaxGuys, our chat time is up. What a great chat!!!
Elf Roger StarYes, very entertaining!
Elf Sandy ClausFrank and Crash have been quite the entertainment today for sure.
Elf Roger StarBye everyone!
Elf MaxThanks for coming everyone!
Elf Crash MurphyI’ll swing by to see that video, Rog
Elf Sandy ClausHappy Leon Day, all!
Elf MaxHave a great day!
Elf UlanThank you, everyone, it was a wonderful time. I’m curious what their next prank!^^