Cyber attacks

Cyber Attacks Continue Against the North Pole

Cyber attacks continue to plague North Pole websites as the hours to Santa's launch continue to count down. North Pole Security is currently working on restoring service to as well as a new threat to servers at the Regional Tracking Center for Sector 1 in Fiji. North Pole Flight Command assures that none of... Read more

Tracker Check In

Tracker Check-in Scheduled

Attentional All Tracker Elves in All Sectors, We are pleased and excited to announce that Tracker Elf check-ins will begin on the following schedule: (All dates and hours are local time) Sector 1: December 22nd at 11:00pm Fiji Time Sector 2: December 22nd at 7:00pm Turkmenistan Time Sector 3: December 22nd at 8:00pm Iceland Time... Read more