Changes in the Elf World

Changes in the Elf World

Santa Tracker Podcast
Santa Tracker Podcast
Changes in the Elf World

Changes in the Elf World are afoot due to a report submitted to Santa by Elf Roger Star.

The report showed that very few of the 200 million registered elves the program has gathered in the past five years are actually sending in tracker reports to help track Santa for Santa. The topic has been a big part of the conversation between Santa and Elf Roger and it has already led to many changes. The website changeover is indicative of the changes yet to be announced and rumors in North Pole media have started to make some elves nervous.

In this episode Elf Frank Myrrh grills Elf Crash Murphy about what he knows and what he can say about the changes to come. Elf Crash explains that after 5 years Santa remains committed to the program but that changes are inevitable.

Take a listen to this episode at the all-new podcast page.

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Elf Frank Myrrh
Elf Frank Myrrh is the lead anchor of North Pole Radio News which is featured at Kringle Radio, Santa Tracker Radio, Merry Christmas Radio and a host of other Christmas radio stations around the world. He is the host of the North Pole Podcast and the brand-new Santa Tracker Podcast.
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elf radar

Thank you guys! I feel much better about the upcoming changes now.

Elf Ulan

Thank you Elf Frank. The all-new podcast page is nice! I listen to the podcast APP that has old episodes so I’m happy to be able to listen to the new episodes. I have a question. I listened to Elf Crusader’s episode with Elf Crash. I worry about the podcast partner changing. Will Elf Frank’s podcast partner change? I hope not. I’m a new listener to the Kringle radio, and I especially like Elf Frank and Elf Crash conversation very much! I think they’re the best radio partners, and I want to continue listening to them as long as they can. Thank you.

Elf Ulan

Thank you, Elf Frank! I feel relieved to hear that. Okay, that’s why he knows many things. I always enjoy listening to the radio. And I wish I could do something to do the Elves World change for the better while retaining the best parts of it. Thank you!

Elf Cookie Dough

Thank You Elf Frank Myrrh this is very helpful