Elf Count Update for August

Greetings, Elves! Good news! We have great recruiting action going on. Here is our updated count of elves for August:

Sector 1 – 8.5 million – +15.2%
Sector 2 – 3.3 million – +2.7%
Sector 3 – 18.2 million – +4.6%
Sector 4 – 11.6 million – +2.3%
Sector 5 – 22.3 million – +17.4%

Total Elves – 64.0 million +9.5%

These are outstanding results, especially from Sectors 1 and 5. I think we knew Sector 5 would be strong but that is an exceptionally great number.

Our Freelance Elf count increased by 6.2% but our North Pole Elf Count increased by a whopping 20.2%

We only need 136 million more elves! That’s a fantastic report!

Your Elf Supervisor may update your sector with even more detailed information. Keep up the good work, elves!

Sector 5 Rocks the July Recruiting Numbers

Sector 5 totally rocked the recruiting numbers in July. We went from 16,925,973 elves in June to 19,037,530 elves in July.

That’s an increase of better than 2.1 million elves in July – or better than 12%. I’m so totally stoked.

Why did we do so well?

Well, it’s simple. You guys are THE BEST.

Now, based on how I reported this last month some of you are hung up on how many freelance elves versus how many North Pole elves. Well, guess what – I’m not going to tell. Elves is elves. I’ve been told not to worry about it, so you shouldn’t worry about it.

We just need to keep this thing going.

Are you ready to hear this? Our goal for just our humble, tiny, little sector…is 90 million elves this year.

Yeah, that’s a lot.

But that number also shows how important Sector 5 is, gang. We account for almost HALF of the tracker elves world wide.

It sure seems we’re pretty special, eh?

Time to Shine, Sector 5

Ok, so I’ve had a few freak out messages today from a few who heard Santa’s news conference. Seems some of you think that 200 million tracker elf goal is impossible.

I’d like to break it down for you in simple terms. It’s really not so bad.

First of all, there are 8 BILLION people in the world. Santa is only asking for 200 million. Piece of cake. 200 million is NOTHING compared to how many people there actually are.

Now, as I’ve told you before, we are the biggest sector. Who has the most expectations put on them by being the biggest? US!!!

And I’m telling ya right now, that’s a good thing. According to the most recent numbers from Elf Flip there are just short of 17 million tracker elves in Sector 5 – right now. Think about it. Right now in the heat of July we nearly have a fifth of the total number of elves that Santa is going to need — right now! That’s better than 30 percent of all elves in the world – right NOW – are in our sector.

I figure it’s going to take us to grow to 90 million elves in Sector 5 by December 23rd if we’re to do our part. 90 million minus 17 million = 73 million. With 23 weeks left roughly until Christmas that means we only need to come up with a little more than 3 million a week.

Well, how hard can that be?

I’ve done the math. If every elf just finds FIVE friends between now and December 23rd and helps them to become tracker elves — guess what? — WE WILL BEAT THE 90 MILLION MARK EASILY.

You can’t find five people from all your family, friends, teachers, leaders, and neighbors who want to help Santa Claus?


This goal is going to be easy.

Don’t get discouraged. We’ve been through this before. The last ten days or so before Christmas are AMAZING and this is when the big numbers will come in. And they WILL come in.

Mark it down. Circle this day on the calendar when I told you this is going to happen and that it’s no big deal. Sector 5 will lead the way. It’s our time to shine.

We can do this!

Sector 5 Rocks the Elf Count

Sector 5 is rockin’ the elf count. That weird little Elf Flip just sent me our June numbers and I have to tell you – I’m excited.

This is where we stand, officially:

Freelance Elves – 15,338,477
North Pole Elves – 1, 587,496

Total Elves – 16,925,973

That’s more than any other sector. Sector 5 is #1!

And it will remain that way for the whole year. We will be the biggest sector, guaranteed.

I won’t have the July numbers for a while but I want you to know that I intend to have the biggest increase in our elf count. Santa’s off to a fast start this year and we will be off to a fast start.

I know Santa releases the big goal next week and while I have no clue what it should be I’ll tell you right now our goal will be bigger than ever. So that means we do NOT take our foot off the gas. We start pushing now. Talk to your friends, talk to every adult you know, talk to your Grandma – talk to everyone! We need elves!


Santa’s Sleigh is Coming to Sector 5

Did y’all see the news at North Pole Flight Command? Santa’s sleigh is coming for Independence Day, kids.

We finally get our first tracking test of 2021. You can follow along and I can follow along.

Just so you know, I was contacted by Flight Command with this announcement. They are expecting to test all of our systems here at the new regional HQ.

So I’ll be working all weekend.

I’ll be glad to get this out of the way earlier this year. That leaves us free to focus on other things down the road, like RECRUITING.

Of course, we don’t know the goal yet.

But my money says it will be huge.

So let’s have some fun in tracking Santa’s sleigh over the next few days, or for however long it will be over North America.

Time to shine!

Sector 5 On Alert

Sector 5 is called to alert status effective immediately. I have just received word that the test flights of Santa’s sleigh will shift over to our sector within the next week. It is anticipated that Santa’s sleighs will be over this skies of the USA over the 4th of July weekend.

This is a very exciting prospect because so many people will be outside on those days and many will be looking to the skies.

Not only does this provide you elves of Sector 5 to be seeing the map in use in our sector but it also gives you great weather to be visually trying to see Santa’s sleigh. The test flights continue around the clock so the possibility exists that you might see it during the day or the night.

As I receive more information I will pass it on.

Official Elf Count Update

Hello Trackers! My name is Elf Flip. I am an accountant at North Pole Flight Command and I am charged with keeping count of tracker elves in each sector. I am here to give you an update on the total number of elves we have tracking Santa for Santa.

After seasonal adjustments, the total number of registered freelance and North Pole contracted elves working as Santa Trackers tracking Santa for Santa is 54.8 million, down from a peak recorded last Christmas Eve of 56.7 million.

Seeing that Santa has not yet announced the recruiting goal for Christmas 2021, we cannot effectively communicate what our anticipated needs will be. We expect Santa will make that announcement soon.

Here is the breakdown by sector, rough estimates at this time:

Sector 1 – 7.1 million
Sector 2 – 3.0 million
Sector 3 – 16.5 million
Sector 4 – 11.3 million
Sector 5 – 16.9 million

I will be providing periodic updates, as directed by Flight Command. Your elf supervisor may update you as well about the elf count by sector.


Preparing for Leon Day

Hello Elves!

As you may have read at SantaUpdate.com we are soon to celebrate Leon Day, the half-way point to Christmas. It is just a week away.

While we celebrate the day with silly things here at the North Pole it is not necessary that you do the same. At the North Pole elves wear their clothes backwards and talk backwards. It is not necessary for you to do that where you are. You can, if you want. But it is not required.

Despite the goofiness of the day it still remains a work day at the North Pole. The workshop does not stop working for Leon Day. The test flights of Santa’s sleigh continue. Everything operates normally…well, as normal as can be with backwards elves.

What Leon Day means for the serious tracker elf is that the news gets much busier. Being more than half way just means we get busier.

So it’s a signal for you. Things are happening and happening quickly. Be sharp.

Tracker Map Opens for Elf Training

North Pole Flight Command announced yesterday that the Santa Tracker Map will be opened exclusively here on SantaTrackers.net. We are pleased to announce that as of this morning the map is live and available at this link.

Please note that while the map is now open there is not year much flight activity to show you. The North Pole Navy has repositioned to the North Atlantic and a limited number of flights are going out over the water.

We have it on good authority they will be test flying the sleigh first in Sector 3 and that those flights are scheduled to begin just after Leon Day. So, for the next week or so, you should only expect to see the test flights over the waters of the Atlantic and it may not in fact move very much.

What’s going on?

Well, the reindeer have all been selected. All of them are working a schedule getting exercise, food and even a few shots to fight against tropical diseases. They are being conditioned for a very heavy flight schedule in the months ahead.

The sleighs themselves are nearly flight-ready. There are 12 of them. They are being washed and waxed. Some are being loaded with weights. Others are being installed with special tracking equipment. No two sleighs are alike in how they are outfitted.

The test pilots are in flight school. They are receiving simulator training. Some are already reviewing their flight mission notes with assigned locations and test procedures they must follow.

Some sleighs are being flight tested over the water for the next week or so. I’m not sure the nature of those flights but they are very limited. Some of those flights are just to get the reindeer used to being used with this model of the sleigh.

And no – Santa will not be involved in the test flights. He rarely is at this point in the season.

We will keep you posted. And you can now keep your eye on  the map.

Conference Agenda Released

Hello elves! No sooner did the big Tracker Elf Conference get announced then a meeting was held today to set it all up. As a result, you can now see the conference agenda.

We are releasing this a month in advance so that you can prepare. How do you do that?

1. Review all tracker elf training materials and make a list of questions.
2. Match your questions to the presentation where you think it will best fit. (Although any of our experts will be glad to take any question you have).

Each presentation at the conference will be about 10-15 minutes long. The remaining time after each speaker is meant for you to ask questions. That open discussion is where most elves learn the most stuff.

It is very important that you ask questions at the conference. We want every elf to be aware and to understand.

Also be looking for LOTS of new training material to be introduced around the time of the Conference. We have elves working on that stuff now and we will begin releasing new training information around the 10th of July this year, just in advance of the Conference.

Exclusive Tracking of Test Flights

Greetings, Elves!

We have received some important news today from North Pole Flight Command. The tracking of the test flights of Santa’s Sleigh will be available exclusively right here on SantaTrackers.net and it will be made available for Tracking Elves alone for training purposes.

Flight Command has not yet said WHEN the map will be activated but it is expected to be very soon – like within just a few days.

Santa’s sleigh has so far only seen very limited testing. According to flight command the sleigh design was approved by Santa weeks ago and the first prototype models have been built. Reindeer from Santa’s ranches around the world have been summoned and flight teams are being assembled now.

But the schedule of test flights is still underdevelopment as of this report. We should know soon, I’m being told, from the team at Flight Command.

This is all new territory for us. Usually test flights of Santa’s sleigh do not get underway until August at the earliest. That has all changed this year for some reason.

The tracking of those flights have never been open before beyond the North Pole. So to get it now will be a real aid to new tracker elves who do not know what the map looks like.

We are told that test flights, at least at first, will be focused on certain sectors  a week at a time. That information is also new as it has not been the practice of Flight Command to reveal the strategy behind test flight locations.

This information will prove useful to tracker elves who want to plan their use of the tracking data.

As I get more information, I will share it with you.

Elf Recruiting Starts Up

Elf recruiting is about to become a big deal, guys. I’ve been in a lot of meetings and there will be a lot of talk about this going forward. And I mean a lot.

It is a strange thing, if you ask me. It’s only June. Most people aren’t even thinking of Christmas. What’s more, Santa has not yet told us what our recruiting goal is this year. He usually does that in July, or at least he has for the last several years.

Maybe he will do it sooner this year. I do not really know. Everything else seems to be happening sooner this year, so why not Santa’s big announcement?

Anyway, regardless – getting new elves is going to become important.

How do you recruit new elves where you are? Well, that’s something we will be talking about for months. We know that no matter how hard we work it seems the most new-elf sign-ups happen in that last week before Christmas. That is not ideal. It means just a short period of training time for those elves who just sign up.

We know it is a much better experience if they sign up sometime before Christmas so they can get trained and have the fun that tracker elves usually have. But, it’s up to them.

Think about your friends. Think about your family. Heck, think about your parents. They need to become tracker elves, too. I’ll tell you right now it takes a lot more time for parents to train as tracker elves. So you might just want to start working on them now.

Keep an eye out from an elf named Flip Beanz. He’s a numbers guy. It’s his job to keep track of and to report on the number of tracker elves we have. I think his first report of the season is coming out in the next couple of weeks. He’ll tell us what the score is.

Also, your Elf Supervisor will be talking a lot more about this this year.