Outage Affects News Operations

All of the North Pole has struggled to maintain contact with the outside world since late last Wednesday night. A fierce and prolonged winter blizzard laid waste to new fiber optic cables being installed to upgrade North Pole infrastructure. The surprise storm also disrupted all outdoor activities and ground traffic as well as delayed flight operations at the sleigh port. Any Internet-connect device or system suffered significant downtime, a first for the North Pole.

As explained earlier today via North Pole Flight Command the storm hit while critical upgrades were being made. Normally, such intense weather is not seen during this time of the year at the North Pole. Elves in the Weather Tracking Department are examining what went wrong with their forecasts and why crews working the upgrades were not given more notice in advance of the storm.

“For all of our modern technology we still are not 100 percent accurate in predicting North Pole weather,” said Elf Seymour Snow, head meteorologist for the North Pole Weather Tracking Department. “This storm was aided by a cold front usually seen during the months of January and February – very cold, very swift and super fierce. It was the equivalent of a Category 5 hurricane. That’s not unusual for the North Pole but it is unusual for this time of the year. We can handle it usually. But I think with the upgrades they were working on it made us a little vulnerable and the weather took complete advantage.”

Santa has had plenty to say to several departments about this storm. The Weather Tracking and Utilities Departments were not the only ones affected. Almost all departments were affected.

Elf Ernest tells me that he has checked in with all department heads and that the overall state of readiness for Operation Merry Christmas remains on track, although most departments fell “a little short” of their production goals for last week.

Elf Ernest also says some events were cancelled, shipments were missed and that the check-in of arriving reindeer was suspended during the course of the storm.

As of today it appears all operations at the North Pole are returning to normal since Internet connection has been restored.

North America Elves Go on Alert

For the next two weeks Sector 5 will be home to the test flights of Santa’s sleigh. The time frame begins as the test flight pilots and reindeer shift to Mexico later this week to accept delivery of Version 4 of this year’s design.

From Mexico the flights will travel north to the United States and Canada, where days of testing are planned during fall weather in North America.

I am told these flights will be in our sector until at least October 1st.

I am also told the possibility of sleigh sightings is very high during the next few weeks.

Santa’s sleigh has not had an easy test flight experience this year. In fact, it is expected that Version 5 of the sleigh will be released likely next week, based on results from this week’s flights.

What is the problem?

Flight analysts and engineers are refusing to discuss it at this time. With about 100 days to go until Santa’s launch there appears to be plenty of time to get the issues resolved.

For our tracker elves in Sector 5 I would remind you that this test flight period is an opportunity for us to test some reporting functions. We already have a couple of report requests out, which are the real deal. You should be ready over the next two weeks to respond to some new requests.

Also, October marks the beginning of the fourth quarter of the year – the most important time of the year. The reports you send in and how you respond to requests – whether you are a freelance elf or a North Pole Elf – are vital to your annual review as an elf. You would be wise to remain on your toes.

That is all for today, elves.

Thank you for all your great work!

Sector 5 Local Christmas Report

Howdy, Elves!

I have to tell you, I was really disappointed by the two days of sleigh flybys we had. They just ran right through us.

I got a lot of reports of possible sleigh sightings but I got more questions than anything. The test flights have yet to come to our area and stay here for a little while.

I complained about that a little bit to Flight Command. After all, how are you guys supposed to get trained if we don’t get sleighs in the skies here?

Well, I guess they heard me. I got a call from Santa himself.

He said, “Pinky, send your elves out as soon as they can get out to do a Local Christmas Report.”

I love that report. Here’s what you need to know that Santa needs to know:

This is a report about the Christmas Spirit in your area. There are lots of signs that show up before Christmas that the Christmas Spirit is building. You can see it by noticing:

  • Christmas products in advertisements and on store shelves
  • Christmas trees being decorated or even cut down in some places
  • Christmas music on the radio
  • Christmas movies on TV
  • People talking about Christmas
  • Groups rehearsing Christmas plays or concerts

You know all the signs. Is it happening where you live? Maybe or maybe not. After all, we’re four months away still.

Either way, Santa wants to know what you see and what your think.

Let’s give him a good report before September 15th. He’ll probably want this report a time or two more before Christmas.


Slow Sleighs Over Sector 5 Soon

Hey gang – I just got a weird update from North Pole Flight Command. We have officially been put on alert. It says:

“Sector 5 will soon have slow moving, low flying sleighs in flight. This presents an excellent opportunity for tracker elves to view sleighs in flight. We do not presently have a precise timetable for this event. It will happen quickly. Advise all eyes on the Santa Tracking Map.”

That’s it, for now. When I know more you will know more.

We do have an open request for weather forecasts, specifically for August 23rd and August 24th. Maybe this is why they want the weather updates.

In any event, we should be seeing our first real opportunity of the season.

Keep an eye on North Pole Flight Command, too. They may be making an announcement soon.

Fresh Request for Sector 5

Gang, I know this might seem confusing. But we need weather forecasts for next week – I’m told specifically for the dates on August 23rd and August 24th.

No – these weather forecasts are not for potential test flights of Santa’s sleigh.

It’s my understanding that a shipment of some sort is scheduled to take place on those dates. It will be coming from the North Pole, through Canada and the United States and maybe as far south as Northern Mexico.

What it is, I can’t tell you. But they want to know what the weather will be like in all areas. They either want to avoid weather, or fly right into it. I don’t know right now.

I’m told I may find out sometime this weekend. They say it’s “no big deal”. We’ll see.

Anyway, if you can accommodate this as soon as you can get a forecast for those dates, it will prove most useful.

Maybe by Saturday or Sunday I’ll be able to give you more information.

Thanks, elves.

An Update for Tracker Elves

(From the Office of Elf Roger Star – International Director of Santa Trackers) – As you are all well aware, yesterday a test flight of Santa’s sleigh crashed in the South Pacific. If you are following the news reports here and on other official websites of the North Pole, you are as informed as I am about the current status of the test flights.

There have been many from every sector who have questions about what happened and what this event means. The purpose of my statement here today is to clarify the situation as much as I can and to provide direction for tracker elves everywhere about what they can and should be doing right now.

North Pole Flight Command, hours ago, announced that all test flights have been suspended while they conduct an investigation into what happened and how another similar event can be prevented. How long test flights will be suspended is not known at this time.

Regardless, I have instructed elf supervisors of every sector to continue with their plans. That means you MAY receive direction and/or requests from your elf supervisor even if the test flights remain grounded. The operation of test flights never had anything to do with your responsibilities as a tracker. The test flights give us good training and are helpful in developing tracking skills such as spotting Santa’s sleigh in flight. But the test flights are not necessary for you to do your job.

We remind you, that this is a new year and that Santa has placed upon us new expectations in our tracking duties. We must move forward with those things.

Please remain engaged in checking in as frequently as you can for new direction from your elf supervisor.

If and when the test flights resume, you will hear how those flights might impact your sector and if there is an opportunity for you to participate in some way.

For now, assume that all operations are normal, and that you are “on-the-job” in your tracking duties. Your elf supervisor will provide an occasional update of your responsibilities.

Thank you.

Radio News Report of Sleigh Crash

The North Pole Podcast
The North Pole Podcast
Radio News Report of Sleigh Crash

Elf Frank Myrrh and Elf Crash Murphy have now filed this radio news report of the crash of a test flight of Santa’s Sleigh.

Sleigh Crash Reported in the South Pacific

North Pole Flight Command is reporting that one of the sleighs that are part of the test flights has gone down in the South Pacific. The sleigh pilot and the reindeer have been rescued by a team from the SS Jingle Bell and are reportedly in good condition. We have no indication of the fate of the test sleigh, however.

This is a breaking news situation. We will keep you posted as more information becomes available.

Chat with Crash This Saturday

If you are available we invite you over to SantaUpdate.com and North Pole Chat for a conversation with Elf Crash Murphy. This general-audience chat will begin at 1pm EST in the North Pole Chat room at SantaUpdate.com on Saturday, August 20th.

While this chat is not specific to tracker elves I have it on good authority that Crash will be prepaid to update us on the status of the test flights and how tracker elves world wide are doing.

He will also be available to answer any general questions about Santa, Christmas and the North Pole.

Hope you can make it!

Elf Winslow

Sector 5 Alert Possible

The test flights of Santa’s Sleigh will engage with the North Pole Navy, per Elf Randi’s report from Sector 1 yesterday. But the bigger point is that we’re not entirely sure where the North Pole Navy is at this point.

We have been told we might see some of these test flights at least partially in Sector 5 over the coming days. So we need to alert everyone to a possible alert in the coming days.

Does that sound confusing?

I’m sorry if it does. I just haven’t been informed exactly what is going to happen.

I know this is unfair to you. And it certainly is not normal. But in the early going here of the test flights this is not all that unusual.

So just be ready to be ready. Or be ready to sit still.

I don’t know.

Reports Slowly Coming In

Reports to North Pole Flight Command are a little slow to come in. This is expected.

Hello everyone, Elf Flip here, with an update on our goal this year. In the past, I have updated you on the number of tracker elves recruited each year. With the change of focus to tracker elf reports, my job changes slightly.

Our goal, as announced at the annual tracker elf press conference at the North Pole in July, is to get 1 billion tracker reports. We have a little more than 3,000 reports as of this morning.

I know it sounds like a tiny little dent towards our goal. But I would remind you that last year at this time we had 0 reports by this point in the season.

Some here at Flight Command feel that part of the reason for the low number is because tracker elves for the most part haven’t even checked in yet.

And it is easy to see why that is true. In many parts of the world it is still summertime and many are on vacations. Some elves haven’t even thought of Christmas yet. As elves wake up to the fact that Santa’s flight is soon to be only 100 or so days away, they will come back and check in.

So nobody is really panicked about the report totals. It’s going to happen.

I have spoken to each elf supervisor. They are all very pleased so far with the quality of reports coming in. In fact, there are no issues at this time to tell you about.

Yes, we have a long way to go to that goal. And we recognize that the vast majority of reports will be coming in November and December.

I think it is safe to say that as of right now, we are right on target.

Weather Report Requested

We need a WEATHER REPORT from all areas of Sector 5 by August 15th from all available elves.

NOTE for FREELANCE ELVES: Please use the standard freelance elf report for this request.

No, we do not have a schedule yet for test flights of Santa’s sleigh in our sector. This report is requested because we have North Pole scout teams coming to North and Central America in advance of test flights later this month. The weather report is for them.

As far as when we will see the test flights in our sector all I can tell you is that it will happen on very short notice. Maybe a day or two in advance we might learn of it. So please be paying attention.

I’m being told that they likely won’t need much from us but I’d still like you all to be on alert just to see if we can be the first sector to report a sleigh sighting this year. That hasn’t happened yet and I’d like to be the first, ya know?

Some of you have expressed concern about our regional tracking center here in Mistletoe, Kentucky. Yes, I know that recent flooding in nearby areas have been a concern. But please be assured that we are all okay. The barn – which is really where our tracking center is, truth be told – sits at the top of a hill. While we can see flooded areas close by where we are is totally fine and we’re operating without issue.

Thank you for your concern.