New Registration Process Announced

A new registration process for new elves hoping to be accepted into the tracker elf program to track Santa for Santa is now active.

All registration links on will now engage that new process.

After months of study in the wake of a difficult 2022 Christmas season that saw a share of new elf behavioral issues the new process is designed to help bring new elves into the Elf Community and to give elves who have previously been dismissed a 2nd chance at an elf career.

“We have to remember that many elves are young and inexperienced in many ways. We don’t want to forever penalize them for minor indiscretions as an elf” said Elf Crash Murphy, International Director of Santa Trackers. “We lost some good elves last year and we’re hoping to get some of the back if they are willing to mend their ways and try again.”

That review process for returning elves – no matter why they left or were dismissed – begins with the new application process.

Returning elves will have their applications reviewed by a committee made up of Elf Moe, Elf Agent X, Elf Sandy Claus and the elf supervisors. Each case will be thoroughly reviewed before a reinstatement decision is made.

New elves will go through the Department of Elf Resources, led by Elf Sandy Claus, where applications will be individually reviewed by a very large staff of reviewers specially trained in the process.

This new process will NOT instantly bring new elves on board. In fact, it is anticipated that new elves will take one to two weeks to get approval.

That is one reason that registration is opening now and will likely close later in November.

Those interested in applying are encouraged to act sooner rather than later.

Tracker Elves and the Search for Santa

Santa Tracker Podcast
Santa Tracker Podcast
Tracker Elves and the Search for Santa

In a new episode of the Santa Trackers Podcast Elf Crash Murphy answers questions posted by many of our tracker elves.

Elf Frank Myrrh asks Crash about how tracker elves can aid in the search for Santa. They talk about a wide range of questions related to where Santa might be, how he is dressed and how he might respond if he is spotted.

In addition, Elf Crash talks about specifics of the Tracker Elf program, including an important update on the Elf Evaluations that many trackers have been anxious to receive.

Elf Crash talks about the odds of finding Santa and what Santa’s prolonged absence from the North Pole means for everyone working to track Santa for Santa.

It’s a long episode and many of you are mentioned in it.

Elf Crash expects this episode to likely raise more questions and he is encouraging all elves to ask their questions either in the comments below or on the Elf Wall so that he can address them in an upcoming episode of the Santa Trackers Podcast.

Report Form for Finding Santa

As we promised earlier last week we now have activated a report form so that tracker elves can report possible sightings of Santa.

Finding Santa

This report is a little different. It goes straight to the Finding Santa Trask Force at North Pole Flight Command.

When you send in information via this form it gets added to the database of other information recently gathered about Santa’s possible location.

This allows analysts to compare all the information.

With this mass amount of information, Elf Roger Star, Elf Agent X and other task force leaders can move elf assets from the North Pole Sleigh Fleet, the North Pole Navy, and Flight Command Scout teams to different locations.

We recognize that these reports are mostly tips. Most will likely not pan out. However, all it takes is one good report to move us closer to finding Santa.

We hope you will use this report form frequently. There are NO bad reports!

The News Department will be providing updates at least weekly. Be sure to follow breaking developments at, and right here on for ongoing information.

Thank you.

First Instructions in Helping to Find Santa

As you are likely well aware by now, Mrs. Claus has introduced an effort to find Santa. Our department is included in this effort.

What follows are some brief points for you to remember as we get this effort organized. I’m not a news-writer and certainly not much of a memo-maker, but I’ll do my best here to be clear.

But, just to save time and frustration, it has already been posted that I’ll be working on a new podcast with Frank in the next few days and I want your questions. The questions we have received so far are very good. But let’s not hold back – I want to make sure we are all together on this thing as much as possible. So keep those questions coming.

The first thing I want you all to be aware of is that what we’re engaged with here is quite different from the tracking of Santa that we usually do. We don’t track Santa usually to find him – we track him to follow him.

So what we are doing now is very different.

It is also a lot harder to do.

So let’s be clear about what we’re doing and how we are going to do it:

1. We are trying to find someone who does not want to be found. That means we need to be looking.

2. Looking means we are eyes-up at all times. If we see something – anything – say something! If you see any kind of clue that might be helpful, you need to report it.

3. Someone asked what we would say to Santa if we spotted him. That’s a great question and I’ll answer it. But before I do, I want you to remember that you will not see Santa anywhere in the world right now wearing red, sporting a long white beard and driving a sleigh. He’s on foot. If he has a beard, it’s kinda short right now because he shaved it off before he left. And he’s definitely not wearing red. Santa will NOT appear as Santa right now and that’s on purpose. But a good elf could spot Santa even if he doesn’t look like himself. And if you think you do spot Santa and can talk to him, simply ask him, “So, how’s Operation Merry Christmas going?”. Santa will answer that question every time. I know we talk about Operation Merry Christmas all the time but the average person out there doesn’t talk about it everyday like we do and would hardly understand that question if it were asked. If you ask that question of someone who is not Santa they are going to say something like “Excuse me? Are you talking to me?”. You’ll know right away whether or not you’re talking to Santa.

4. Many reports we have already received attach a photo or even a phone video showing men who might be Santa from a distance. That’s okay. Even if it proves NOT to be Santa we appreciate getting such reports, images and video. Send them in, post them up on the Elf Wall or whatever. Just send it up the line.

We are working with Elf Max to get a new reporting form set up for you to share information, pictures and videos. It should be up in a few days.

There are meetings I am attending at the North Pole. I am learning more about what other departments are doing and what they think we can do as tracker elves to help with finding Santa.

As I get more information, I will share it with you via news reports or podcasts with Frank or officially through news posts like this one here on

Finally, I want you to know that this project is going to take us some time. Santa didn’t set this thing up for him to lose. He’ll be almost impossible to live with if we don’t find him so I can guarantee you he’s going to make this as hard on us as possible. This will not be easy.

I will be attending a briefing given by Elf Agent X in North Pole Security that I hope gives us some new information about where Santa MIGHT be. I think working with other departments and working together we stand the best chance of finding Santa eventually.

I thank you for your patience and I especially thank you for your attention at this time of the year when many are not thinking much about Santa and Christmas.

Interview with the New International Director of Santa Trackers

Santa Tracker Podcast
Santa Tracker Podcast
Interview with the New International Director of Santa Trackers

Elf Crash Murphy was named the new International Director of Santa Trackers, replacing Elf Roger Star, who was promoted as the Director of North Pole Flight Command.

In this episode of the Santa Tracker Podcast Elf Crash tells the story of how his promotion came about, how this new job has changed his life and how it could affect his working relationships at the North Pole going forward.

Crash also details a few of his plans for the tracker elf program and updates us on the current situation with Santa trackers worldwide.

This fun interview exposes more detail about life at the North Pole and the adventures of one of the most famous of all elves in the world.

250 Days Until Santa’s Launch

The North Pole quietly marks 250 days remaining until Santa’s launch. It has been a very eventful time at the North Pole the past two months. Here is a brief recap of where things stand:

– Santa is not at the North Pole. He left on walkabout nearly a month ago and has not been heard from since. It may be months before he returns.
– Mrs. Claus has been in charge in Santa’s absence and has announced a number of changes.
– The North Pole now has four senior vice presidents over Production, Operations, Distribution and Public Relations. Several departments also have new leadership, including:
– Elf Roger Star is the new director of North Pole Flight Command.
Elf Crash Murphy is the new International Director of Santa Trackers.
– North Pole Flight Command reports that all preparations for Santa’s launch are on track.
– Santa’s Workshop reports that production is on track for a successful Christmas season.
– All of Santa’s reindeer have successfully migrated back to their native homelands and will return to the North Pole sometime later this year.
– Santa’s new sleigh is still in the design phase and will start test flights soon.

In all, Mrs. Claus reports that all phases of Operation Merry Christmas are optimistic of being ready for Santa’s flight in 2023.

Leadership Changes Announced at the North Pole

Mrs. Claus today announced major restructuring of North Pole leadership.

In prepared comments signed by Santa in advance of his recent trip around the world Mrs. Claus said the changes have been made necessary by the growing nature of Santa’s mission and the needs of a changing world.

The restructuring means changes for many elves in many departments.

Operation Merry Christmas, which is what Santa calls all that he does, is run by four major departments at the North Pole: Production, Distribution, Operations and Public Relations.

The Department of Production is headed by new Senior Vice President, Elf Wally. Wally has for years headed the Wrapping Department at the North Pole. From that vantage point Wally was well positioned to observe all the moving pieces that make up North Pole production. Under his direction all North Pole manufacturing production of toys, stockings, wrapping, decoration and foods will continue under unified leadership.

The Department of Operations is managed by Elf Olivia M. Peters, a long-time North Pole resident who has worked in the administrative offices of Santa Claus for decades. She is a trusted voice to Santa, an operations professional with years of expert experience in coordinating North Pole events. The following departments will report to her: North Pole Security, the North Pole Department of State, the Research and Development Department, the Department of Traditions, Medical and Safety.

The Distribution Department will be headed by Elf Gertrude Gates, a former certified sleigh pilot, sleigh traffic controller, fleet manager and distribution executive in North Pole Flight Command. Gerty is a legend of sleigh flight, having logged thousands of hours as a test pilot and scout support over generations of Christmas Eve flights. She is a logistics and distribution expert and one of Santa’s most trusted advisors. North Pole Flight Command and Reindeer Operations departments will be her responsibility going forward.

Continuing in his role as Senior Vice President of Public Relations, Elf Ernest now adds several departments related to his list of responsibilities. The North Pole Post Office, which continues in its role to manage all internal and external communications worldwide for the North Pole, will now report to Elf Ernest and continue to be managed by Elf Hugo Slavia.

The News Department, which has grown rapidly the past 20 years under Elf Ernest’s leadership, will now be headed by Elf Ed Zachary, legendary North Pole reporter who will work under Elf Ernest’s direction. Cyber Operations, which includes all official North Pole websites, apps and social media channels, is a newly formed department that will expand into new areas of e-commerce and charitable outreach, will also be under Elf Ernest’s direction. The Department of Records, an extension formerly of the North Pole Post Office, will be re-organized this year and report to Elf Ernest.

These four broad departments – Production, Operations, Distribution and Public Relations – will each re-organize and announce more changes soon. Thousands of elves are expected to change roles, achieve promotions, and expand responsibilities in the coming weeks ahead. Here is a chart that outlines the new organizational structure:

Leadership Changes

(Click the image to see an expanded view)

Details of some of these changes will be provided in the weeks and months ahead. We encourage you to check back frequently for updates.

International Director of Santa Trackers Named

Elf Roger Star, new director of North Pole Flight Command, announced today a new International Director of Santa Trackers. Elf Crash Murphy, famously called the Ultimate Santa Tracker, has been promoted to the position.

Elf Crash Murphy was the inspiration for the Tracker Elf program instituted by Santa in 2016. As Kringle Radio’s “Eye-in-the-Sky” reporter, Elf Crash has dutifully followed Santa in a chaser sleigh every Christmas Eve for years, giving live radio reports of Santa’s activities on his annual sleigh ride.

His Santa tracker efforts led to the idea that millions of believers around the world could be deputized to “track Santa for Santa”, aiding the Big Guy by reporting on local conditions in advance of Santa’s arrival in neighborhoods, villages, towns and cities worldwide.

Since that time millions of people of all ages have taken the Elf Oath and engaged with North Pole Flight Command as “tracker elves”.

Elf Crash Murphy now leads this growing group of elves, replacing Elf Roger Star, who headed up the pilot program for years under Santa’s direction.

“Elf Crash Murphy is the natural leader for this group,” said Elf Ernest, Senior Vice President of Public Relations, which operates the News Department at the North Pole. Elf Ernest has been Crash’s boss as part of his radio assignments. “Nobody knows these elves better. He has contributed hours to their training. He participates in regular chats and podcasts and news reports, all aimed at support of the elf community. We’re thrilled for him.”

Elf Crash begins his assignment immediately. By special arrangement with Santa, Elf Crash will continue his broadcasting duties every Christmas Eve.

As the new International Director of Santa Trackers it is expected that Elf Crash will continue to participate in North Pole podcasts and radio news reports in that capacity.

Elf Roger Star Gets a Promotion

In a surprise announcement today Mrs. Claus said that Elf Roger Star will take up duties as the new director of North Pole Flight Command, effective April 1st.

Elf Roger has been serving as the International Director of Santa Trackers where he led the elf community at Santa

Mrs. Claus explained in her written announcement that the promotion for Elf Roger is the first of several restructuring changes at the North Pole that will be rolled out over the next few weeks and months.

That means the job Elf Roger has had for six years as International Director of Santa Trackers will be held by someone else soon.

Elf Sandy Claus is taking applications and screening candidates now. It is expected that Mrs. Claus and Elf Roger Star will name a replacement in the coming weeks.

Interested elves should contact Elf Sandy as soon as possible.

Mrs. Claus Stands in for Santa

Mrs. Claus has taken charge in the absence of Santa Claus while he goes on walkabout. News of Santa’s travels broke at yesterday.

As noted at North Pole Flight Command this morning, Mrs. Claus has set up office at Santa’s Workshop and chosen Elf Trixie to be her Chief of Staff while Santa is gone.

For the Elf Community at, Elf Trixie says that Mrs. Claus will be meeting with Elf Roger Star this next week for an update on the various projects already in progress for the tracker elf community.

As for Elf Trixie, I am her boss in her regular duties, and while serving Mrs. Claus as Chief of Staff I have been told that Trixie will continue in her regular reporting duties for North Pole News and here at

We have all been told that even though Santa will be absent for a while we can expect things to carry on normally.

North Pole Chat Scheduled

A North Pole Chat will be held on Saturday, April 15th at 1pm EST on

We do not know who the scheduled guest will be but Elf Ernest tells me it will be likely the most important chat of the year.

We expect to know who the guest will be in about a week, so stand by for another announcement soon.

It has been about two months since our last chat so it is expected that a lot of news about the progress of Operation Merry Christmas 2023 will be discussed.

We hope you can join us.

300 Days Until Santa’s Launch

300 days remain until Santa’s launch from the North Pole for Christmas 2023. It is a Sunday and the countdown clocks everywhere here at the North Pole mark the snowy milestone.

300 Days

Here is where we stand on Operation Merry Christmas so far:

– The Sleigh Committee is meeting daily in Flight Command to explore new designs and to approve a development schedule for this year’s sleigh. Santa will not be participating in this process this year.

– Elves from the Locations Committee are at work traveling in each sector to develop a list of finalists for Regional Tracking center locations to be used this year.

– Santa has met with all department heads, and all department heads and supervisors are meeting individually with elves to discuss goals for the new year.

– Santa’s Workshop has preliminary production data for toys to be made this year. Elves are hard at work at this time making “classics” – which are toys that have passed the test of time and are made each year – while other elves are still working on obtaining supplies and materials for new projects anticipated for later in the year.

Other elements of the season, such as eggnog, candy canes, stockings, tree stars and Santa tracker maps are all in the planning and development stages.

Also, Elf Training is in full swing at this time.

With 300 days to go, it appears all is on track for Operation Merry Christmas.