The Herald Star to Publish Soon

The North Pole will be publishing an all-new news portal to be known as the Santa Trackers Herald Star. The newspaper-style media will be an exclusive feature for members of the elf community. It is expected that the publication will make its debut soon on

The North Pole News Department has announced that veteran elf newsman Harold Star will be the editor. In an exciting development, Senior Vice President of Public Relations, Elf Ernest, has announced that the publication will be staffed by a mix of veteran and rookie elf reporters. It is hoped that applicants will come forward from each sector to help report the news.

What makes this publication unique is that it will showcase news ABOUT Santa tracker elves. This is different that the other news on that is FOR Santa tracker elves.

Santa himself has fully endorsed this project. In an early January meeting where the idea of the publication first took root Santa enthusiastically embraced the idea of sharing news about Santa tracker elves. “They should be not only recognized for their great work,” Santa said. “They should be heralded for the work they do.”

The comment is thought to be the genesis for the publication’s name, the Santa Tracker Herald Star.

While exact details of all the content that will be published in the Herald Star is still being worked on we do know that aside from Santa tracker elf features the publication will report on general Christmas news and feature topics such as Christmas movie reviews, advice columns, Christmas foods features and North Pole articles of elf culture.

Hiring for the publication is underway and first edition news stories are being worked on.