Weather Report Requested

We need a WEATHER REPORT from all areas of Sector 5 by August 15th from all available elves.

NOTE for FREELANCE ELVES: Please use the standard freelance elf report for this request.

No, we do not have a schedule yet for test flights of Santa’s sleigh in our sector. This report is requested because we have North Pole scout teams coming to North and Central America in advance of test flights later this month. The weather report is for them.

As far as when we will see the test flights in our sector all I can tell you is that it will happen on very short notice. Maybe a day or two in advance we might learn of it. So please be paying attention.

I’m being told that they likely won’t need much from us but I’d still like you all to be on alert just to see if we can be the first sector to report a sleigh sighting this year. That hasn’t happened yet and I’d like to be the first, ya know?

Some of you have expressed concern about our regional tracking center here in Mistletoe, Kentucky. Yes, I know that recent flooding in nearby areas have been a concern. But please be assured that we are all okay. The barn – which is really where our tracking center is, truth be told – sits at the top of a hill. While we can see flooded areas close by where we are is totally fine and we’re operating without issue.

Thank you for your concern.


Sector 2 Activated

Attention all elves of Sector 2: I am pleased to report that the regional tracking center in lovely downtown Bethlehem, Palestine is now operational. As such, I can also announced that we need to activate all elves in the sector.

That means we need to get an ELF STATUS REPORT from each of you by August 24th, and the sooner the better.

This is not a drill. It’s the real deal and it counts.

As far as test flights of Santa’s sleigh I’m told there is a plan to at least brush by our sector sometime in the coming weeks. I don’t yet have details but as soon as I know you will know.

I will slowly be sending out requests for reports, some for training purposes and some for real. So please be sure to check back here on for further instructions.

Thanks, elves!

Santa’s Sleigh Flight Tests Over Sector 1

Elves of Sector 1 – we’re on the clock!

All 12 of the test sleighs are in rotation over the skies of Sector 1. It appears they will be here for several days.

I do not have an exact flight plan for the next week but I was told to prepare for flights over New Zealand and Australia. Maybe Japan later in the week. There will be lots of over-the-water flights, especially at night, I’m told.

For now, any weather reports you can share from your local area would be helpful. Flight Command has not asked for any area in particular, which is not unusual for this time in the test flight schedule.

Of course, if you see any sleighs in flights please be sure to report them via the appropriate report. I think our best chances for sightings would be over New Zealand or Australia. We will certainly be watching the skies here in Wiseman’s Creek.

Thanks to all Sector 1 elves who have sent in their Elf Status Report as well.

Nothing else is needed at this time but check in often, okay?

I will keep you posted.

Sector 5 Now Activated

Hi, Kids. Hahaha. Sorry. That was a dumb way to start this.

I’m activating the sector today. This is official. This counts. So make sure you do this right. Go to the Elf Status Report and give me an idea of your availability.

Remember, the Elf Status Report is one you can use at any time. Yes, there will be times I will ask you to update it. But I know many of you have a lot of stuff going on right now. Some are going on vacation, others are heading back to school. Your status could and probably will change a lot over the next couple of months.

Whenever a change is upon you, just update your Elf Status Report. We’ll work with what you have going on.

And speaking of things going on – frankly, I’m not exactly sure when we’re going to see much action in Sector 5. It seems Flight Command is changing their tune nearly every day.

I think some of that has to the with the weather. In much of Sector 5 right now it is dry and hot. I think they want to test right now in cooler climates. So I think they will be sticking to the south for a while. They keep sending me mixed signals on that, so don’t take it as gospel truth. If there is an official change, I’ll let you know.

But as other elf supervisors have indicated, I think the tests are headed into the South Pacific for a few days before venturing into Sector 1. I think after that they may drift over towards us.

However it plays out, I want to be ready. I see no reason not to activate and to begin our own little tests.

So be on your toes! I may test you with a request even IF we don’t have test flights in our area.


Sector 1 Now Activated

Greetings from Wiseman’s Creek. We are sufficiently operational to announce that all Sector 1 trackers can now officially report their elf status: let’s see who is on the job! Click here to fill in the report

All Sector 1 elves should report their status no later than August 23rd.

We are doing this now because there is a chance the test flights of Santa’s sleigh will be headed to Sector 1 next week. We received word today that they will remain in Sector 4 “for three or four more days” before heading out over the South Pacific for the first of many over-the-water tests. Their generation direction will be south and west of the coast of Chile.

That could mean they are headed our way  later. We want to be ready for them.

As a reminder, we are looking for some more weather analysts in our sector. If you have previously applied there is no need to apply again. I will be in contact with you soon.


Sector 4 Elves Report Required

With Santa’s sleigh in our sector now and set to remain so over the next couple of days, I have decided to accept Elf Status reports from you effective immediately.

I am requesting that all Sector 4 elves – Freelance and North Pole elves alike – to please send in an Elf Status Report via this link before August 31st, 2022.

This one counts. If you have questions, please ask on the Elf Wall.

I am especially anxious to see if we get any of the new Sleigh Sighting Reports in the next few days. Sleighs are active in our sector right now, 24 hours a day. It is very possible for them to be seen.

Are there more report requests coming?

Answer: yes. As the test flights travel from Sector to Sector we will be asking for all kinds of reports, especially weather reports. Even when the test flights are NOT in our sector we will be asking for some reports.

We are live. We are active. And you should all be paying attention and ready to respond.

Official: Sector 3 Online

I see no reason to wait further: I have activated Sector 3.

This means that all tracker elves in Sector 3 need to file a status report. You can do so at this link: ELF STATUS REPORT. Please complete this by August 21st. If no response is received from elves working Sector 3 we will record you as “inactive”.

This is not a drill. Repeat: this is not a drill. This one counts. Please follow directions.

I do not yet have the flight schedule for Sector 3 test flights. And we do not yet have selected our weather analyst elves. I hope to address that in the next few days. I will keep you informed.

Just so you know, the regional tracking center located here in Bethlehem, South Africa is not 100% ready for business. But we have communication set up with North Pole Flight Command and we should be fully operational within the next four or five days.

We are sufficiently along where going active was possible. So I did it.

Merry Christmas, Sector 3. Let’s show them all what we can do.

Sector 1 Soon to Activate

Elves of Sector 1 – wake up!

Flight Command has just issued a test flight schedule update and we’re on it. We’re still setting up the Regional tracking center here in Wiseman’s Creek and we have some bugs to work out. But since the sleigh flights are going to test somewhere over our sector soon I have no choice but to advise that activation will take place soon.

What does activation mean?

It means we can start having elves update their status, we can report on sleigh sightings, we can contribute any kinds of reports that Flight Command needs to help with the test flights of Santa’s sleigh.

It means, we’re on the job!

So, ready or not here in Wiseman’s Creek, we’re going to have trackers in our Sector tracking stuff soon. Please stand by for more information as it become available to me.


Sector 5 Nears Activation

Hi Elf Friends – I send you greetings from Mistletoe, Kentucky where the regional tracking center is getting ready for the first flight activity over Sector 5. It’s coming very soon.

I’m writing today to let you know that we will be activating as a sector very soon. That’s because North Pole Flight Command has informed us that the test flights of Santa’s sleigh are headed for Northern Mexico and the South West of the United States very soon.

Once I have more concrete information I will activate the sector. With that status I can begin receiving reports from you.

That means you need to be paying attention. DO NOT SEND ANY REPORTS YET. I’m just letting you know it is happening very soon. Like, within a few days. So stand-by. Okay?

New Report Added for Trackers

A new report has been added to the Trackers Report menu. It’s called the Sleigh Sighting Report and it is for those elves who believe they have seen a sleigh in flight.

The Elf Supervisors specifically asked for this report to be added in advance of tracking the test flights of Santa’s sleigh. They said that with so many sleighs in flights this was a very common occurrence last year.

Elf Pinky reported that her regional tracking center alone last year received more than 40,000 reports of sleigh sightings.

“It is not hard to see how this can happen,” Elf Pinky said. “We have right now 12 prototype sleighs testing around the clock. That’s more than 100 flights a day and they go all over the place, day and night. Then, in the hours before Santa launches and even when he is in flight the North Pole sends up tens of thousands of sleighs in support of Santa. Those are airlift sleighs moving freight, scout sleighs, transport sleighs moving elves all over the place, reindeer support sleighs and weather tracking sleighs – how is it possible that people DON’T see more sleighs on Christmas Eve?

So if you have seen a sleigh North Pole Flight Command wants to know about it. You can access the new report from this link, or by clicking on Tracker Reports in the menu above.

A New Era of Tracking Santa Begins

A new era of tracking Santa has begun.

Starting in the next few days your Elf Supervisor is going to ask you to file a new report – and this one counts. This is the time we have been talking about all year. This is when you really need to be paying attention.

Today was posted a new report, titled Elf Status. This new report will tell Flight Command and your Elf Supervisor whether or not you are on the job.

Traditionally, we have done in the past something we called the Elf Check-in, which was a way to indicate your readiness before Santa took flight. That old way of doing things is now gone. Tracking Santa is now different in every way and it begins with this new report.

This next week, all Elf Supervisors in each sector will call for your Elf Status report.

It is important that you respond by filing that report when the Elf Supervisor asks for it. It does not matter what your Elf Status report says at this point. But the fact that you respond to YOUR elf supervisor within the window of time called for matters a great deal. This will be one of those reports that applies to your elf evaluation score later next year.

If you file that report that you are on the job it will lead to other very important reports that will count between now and Christmas. This is definitely the time to start paying attention to what is happening.

Also, today and over the next few days – changes have been implemented to our elf registration process. For all new elves coming aboard, as previously announced, a 90-day working period as a FREELANCE ELF is now required BEFORE a new elf will be allowed to become a part of the Elf Community here at and classified as a NORTH POLE ELF.

A freelance elf works by contract for one full season. You can read the contract at this link. All new elves will need to abide by the contract, do their jobs as elves and gain the endorsement of their elf supervisor. This is another way in which tracking Santa is different. No more can an individual sign up as an elf and do no work. They have to actually be an elf tracking Santa for Santa.

A freelance elf still files reports. In fact, the reports are even MORE critical to a freelance elf because a review of their reports over their first 90-days is key to them becoming a North Pole elf.

Regardless of your class as an elf, reporting is now active and it all counts. We are attempting to get 1 billion tracker reports this year. Starting today, those reports count.

But they only count if you file the reports needed when your elf supervisor asks for them. Please do not just send in reports willy-nilly.

In fact, if your reports are not applicable, on-time, and comprehensive they will not help you at all. The point behind all of this is to do a better job of reporting the right information at the right time when Santa needs it.

Right now, Santa’s sleigh is in the test flight period. Your reports during this period matter because we are testing all systems, including the reporting system, as part of the test flights. If your reports show snow where there is really dry heat, it hurts the effort and could count against you.

We also remind you that many reports have changed and some new reports are yet to come out. Please pay attention.

Thanks and happy tracking, elves!


150 Days Until Santa’s Launch

North Pole Flight Command marks this date as another important milestone – it is exactly 150 days until Santa’s takes flight from the North Pole.

As you have already seen, the test flights are now underway and sector elf supervisors are starting to call for tracker elf activation.

At the North Pole, there are other preparations being made that will be shared via the news at

We have also recently learned that Santa will be making an announcement soon about the North Pole Navy.

Stand by for breaking news.