Elf Trixie’s Elf Journey

Elf Trixie's Elf JourneyElf Trixie’s Elf Journey is not an easy story. She never intended to become an elf.

Many do want to become elves. But many are not fully aware of what it takes to learn to become an elf.

As part of the Tracker Elf Conference held during Christmas in July Santa wanted Elf Trixie’s story told.

Why? Well, Trixie is a college student. She is young for an elf. And she is not from the North Pole.

Santa felt that a lot of new tracker elves out there could identify with Trixie’s story.

She had a hard time becoming an elf until she really learned what the Elf Code is all about.

The Elf Code is made up of the letters of the word “Christmas”. Each letter means something. What Trixie learned is that “Christmas” is at the heart of being an elf. A lot of people assume they know what that means.

But Trixie only learned what Christmas really means by actually becoming an elf and doing elf stuff.

We hope by reading what Trixie has to say you might learn a thing or two as well.

Chat Transcript

Elf Crash Murphy Hello everyone and welcome to Elf Chat today.
Elf Crash Murphy My name is Elf Crash Murphy and today we will discuss “Learning to Be an Elf” with Elf Trixie. Trixie, thank you for doing this today.
Elf Trixie Crash? Really? I get to do this with YOU?
Elf Crash Murphy Sure!
Elf Trixie I’m a little shocked. I love talking with you!
Elf Crash Murphy Why thank you! I love talking with you too.
Elf Trixie I thought Ernest or maybe Max was going to do this. No offense, but why you?
Elf Crash Murphy I think you let it be known pretty well that you were not ambitious to chat today.
Elf Trixie True. This is kind of a personal topic.
Elf Crash Murphy Right. I get you. I know exactly how you feel.
Elf Trixie Huh? You’re a big famous dude, Crash.
Elf Crash Murphy I mean our experience in becoming elves just may be similar.
Elf Trixie Really?
Elf Crash Murphy Yeah, you know, I never planned to become an elf. It wasn’t on my radar. It just kind of happened.
Elf Trixie Same. I’m kind of glad to hear that. Gol.
Elf Crash Murphy Learning to Become an Elf is our topic today and it is one Santa wanted on the agenda for this weekend’s Tracker Elf Conference. But you had your hands so full yesterday waiting til today was okay.
Elf Trixie I’m part of the Tracker Elf Conference?
Elf Crash Murphy Well yeah. You’re an important elf, Trixie. Since you started writing those countdown posts on SantaUpdate.com a lot of folks have come to know you. They like you. And the elves here at SantaTrackers.net want to know more.
Elf Trixie I don’t like that, Crash.
Elf Crash Murphy I know. You’re a newsperson. It makes sense you don’t like it.
Elf Trixie Thank you. A lot of elves don’t get that.
Elf Crash Murphy Well, I do. But I’d like you to think about something here. You’re not talking about yourself today exactly.
Elf Trixie What do you mean?
Elf Crash Murphy You’re talking about your experience — what you have gone through in becoming an elf. That’s what we are trying to accomplish here today.
Elf Trixie Hmmm-kay.
Elf Crash Murphy I talked to Ernest and to Max and even to Santa about this a little bit.
Elf Trixie You did? (gulp)
Elf Crash Murphy Yeah.
Elf Trixie I feel like I’m on the spot now.
Elf Crash Murphy No, no. Please don’t feel that way, girl.
Elf Trixie Crash….
Elf Crash Murphy Look, do you know there are a lot of new elves out there who feel like they’re not really elves? They don’t know what to do. What to say. What to feel. They feel a little out of place.
Elf Trixie Well I can relate.
Elf Crash Murphy Well, there you go! That’s why Santa wants you to share —  if those elves out there who feel that way can hear your story then maybe you can help them.
Elf Trixie Gol. Really?
Elf Crash Murphy Yes! Relax. Tell us what first comes to mind. How did you end up at the North Pole?
Elf Trixie I got a scholarship. Well, I was put in a program.
Elf Crash Murphy Where did you think you would be going to school?
Elf Trixie I applied at several colleges and I was thinking I’d end up maybe at Texas Tech or somewhere like that. I was also considering the University of Oklahoma and a counselor there called me up one day and said she had been contacted by a program manager who was interested in having me apply.
Elf Crash Murphy Apply for a program — is that like a class?
Elf Trixie It was a summer intern position. As a journalism major they try to place you in jobs that give you experience.
Elf Crash Murphy Ok, so this program was in Oklahoma?
Elf Trixie No, it was here. At the North Pole
Elf Crash Murphy Really? At the university here?
Elf Trixie Yeah. I had no idea the North Pole had a university. But I thought it was cool.
Elf Crash Murphy You did?
Elf Trixie Yeah, I thought I would be up here hanging out with scientists and biologists and people like that.
Elf Crash Murphy Not elves?
Elf Trixie I never considered elves. Or the North Pole, as in Santa and stuff. I was thinking like summer camp with seals and penguins and such.
Elf Crash Murphy Oh I see. We have those exploration groups and stuff here. I could see why you thought that.
Elf Trixie Yeah, so when I got here and they started in with all the Elf Code stuff I was like huh?
Elf Crash Murphy When did you realize you were dealing with something different?
Elf Trixie I met with the counselor here, an elf named Harriet Star.
Elf Crash Murphy I don’t think I know her.
Elf Trixie She’s wife to my boss, Elf Herald Star.
Elf Crash Murphy Ah, I see.
Elf Trixie Harriet explained to me that even to be an intern I had to become an elf.
Elf Crash Murphy Ok, got it. I guess that makes sense.
Elf Trixie It didn’t make any sense to me. I was an intern — a temporary, unpaid employee. I was only supposed to be here for about six weeks.
Elf Crash Murphy So you had to think this whole thing was crazy.
Elf Trixie Looney tunes, Crash.
Elf Crash Murphy You didn’t believe in Santa?
Elf Trixie Of course I believed in Santa. I just didn’t think I’d end up working for the guy.
Elf Crash Murphy You sound like you were not happy about all this.
Elf Trixie I wasn’t mad. Just confused. Why didn’t someone tell me before I got here?
Elf Crash Murphy Oh, I see. So you felt like you were not informed?
Elf Trixie Yeah, I mean the point was to learn to be a reporter. That’s what was in it for me.
Elf Crash Murphy But aren’t you, in fact, doing that?
Elf Trixie Yeah, but I had no idea it would be as an elf.
Elf Crash Murphy Ok. So did you want to leave?
Elf Trixie Yeah, I tried to leave.
Elf Crash Murphy Wow.
Elf Trixie Harriet stopped me. She was very patient and I decided to stay and give it a try. I’m very glad I did.
Elf Crash Murphy That was all about two years ago. And you’re still here. What happened to school?
Elf Trixie I’m still in school. I just transferred to SNPU.
Elf Crash Murphy Oh. How did that happen?
Elf Trixie Well, I like being an elf. I asked to transfer. They had never done that before and didn’t know what to say.
Elf Crash Murphy So you had to talk to someone special?
Elf Trixie Yeah. Santa.
Elf Crash Murphy Oh boy.
Elf Trixie Yeah.
Elf Crash Murphy Ok, so that’s college. Let’s go back to you becoming an elf. What was that like?
Elf Trixie Horrible.
Elf Crash Murphy Really? It wasn’t fun?
Elf Trixie Yes, it was fun. But it was not in my plan. I’m a planner, Crash.
Elf Crash Murphy What’s that mean?
Elf Trixie It means I make lists. I do things on purpose. I make a plan and I attack it. That’s how I got through high school, my summer jobs and everything.
Elf Crash Murphy Gosh, that sounds like a really good elf to me.
Elf Trixie That’s what Santa said.
Elf Crash Murphy No kidding?
Elf Trixie For reals
Elf Crash Murphy Well, how did you get past all that? Were the requirements to become an elf really that hard for you?
Elf Trixie No. I look back on it now and it’s silly how stupid I was being.
Elf Crash Murphy How so?
Elf Trixie Well, being an elf is all about thinking of others. You don’t get taught that in college. In fact, quite the opposite.
Elf Crash Murphy Oh – that’s really interesting. What made you realize that?
Elf Trixie One of my first elf assignments was to visit an orphanage. Elf Harold Star accompanied me because I was both suppose to write a story and participate in the event.
Elf Crash Murphy Ok, makes sense. Duty as an elf and duty as a reporter.
Elf Trixie I know, right?
Elf Crash Murphy Which did you do first?
Elf Trixie I read books to the kids. That’s elf work. And I found that I really loved it.
Elf Crash Murphy Did it change the way you wrote your story?
Elf Trixie YES! Writing that story helped me see that I really liked elf work.
Elf Crash Murphy Ah, I get that. You had an epiphany.
Elf Trixie I sure did.
Elf Crash Murphy You know, that happens I think to all of us.
Elf Trixie It does?
Elf Crash Murphy Oh yeah. Someone gets a chance to become an elf and they think, “Cool, I get to be an Elf!” and all they can think about is working in the workshop or riding in Santa’s sleigh
Elf Trixie Oh gol, me too! Totally that was me, Crash
Elf Crash Murphy People don’t realize that being an elf means thinking of other people first.
Elf Trixie Right — or how to help others. It never occurs to a new elf.
Elf Crash Murphy How do you get them to understand that?
Elf Trixie I don’t know, Crash. For me it was a process.
Elf Crash Murphy You mean you were educated by your elf experiences?
Elf Trixie Totes. The more they had me do elf stuff the more I wanted to be an elf.
Elf Crash Murphy Ok, now we’re getting to the nitty gritty.
Elf Trixie We are? LOL
Elf Crash Murphy Well yeah. You actually had it easy.
Elf Trixie I did? I thought it was hard.
Elf Crash Murphy Well I mean easy in that you came to the North Pole and got to learn to be an elf by doing elf stuff with real elves. Most people don’t get that chance.
Elf Trixie Dang. I never thought of it that way.
Elf Crash Murphy So imagine you’re a new tracker elf out there. Alone. In your own home. By yourself. Maybe even living with older siblings or other family members who don’t believe in Santa.
Elf Trixie That would be hard.
Elf Crash Murphy Sure it is. Some even get bullied for believing in Santa or admitting they are elves.
Elf Trixie I know. I have heard stories. I’m not sure I could handle that.
Elf Crash Murphy I thought you were going through some of that.
Elf Trixie Yeah — a little bit.
Elf Crash Murphy You wanna talk about that?
Elf Trixie Well, it was my Mom.
Elf Crash Murphy That’s tough. She didn’t think you were an elf?
Elf Trixie Well I was writing letters and sending pictures. Me with Harriet. Me visiting the reindeer. Me on a sleigh. Me visiting the workshop. All fun Christmasy elf stuff.
Elf Crash Murphy Most elves don’t get to do stuff like that.
Elf Trixie Yes, that’s why I was taking pictures and sending them to Mom.
Elf Crash Murphy She didn’t like them?
Elf Trixie She liked them fine. But at one point she sent me a letter telling me to stop the elf stuff and focus on my school work. She said that she and Dad were not paying good money for my education just to see me mess around.
Elf Crash Murphy Oh boy. She didn’t realize this was all part of your schooling?
Elf Trixie Nope.
Elf Crash Murphy So..what happened?
Elf Trixie I went home and tried to explain it all.
Elf Crash Murphy And?
Elf Trixie It was a disaster. They didn’t understand.
Elf Crash Murphy That all sounds normal to me.
Elf Trixie Yes, I understand that now. But I didn’t at the time.
Elf Crash Murphy So what did you do about it?
Elf Trixie What could I do about it? I didn’t do anything. I came back and started a new semester and kept working as an elf.
Elf Crash Murphy But by this point you like elf work?
Elf Trixie I love it, Crash.
Elf Crash Murphy Ok, so what changed?
Elf Trixie I just did the work. I just focused on others. Now I see everything I do as helping others. It’s a good feeling.
Elf Crash Murphy Trixie, I think you just made the point today that Santa and Ernest wanted you to make.
Elf Trixie I did? What did I say?
Elf Crash Murphy You just said that working for the good of others is what you did. That’s the answer.
Elf Trixie I have answers?
Elf Crash Murphy Of course you do. Thanks for sharing your story. Let’s open up for questions now.
Elf Trixie Okay.
Elf Max Trixie…Max here.
Elf Max You moved up kind of fast
Elf Max I mean, I’ve never been to the North Pole yet
Elf Trixie Yeah, I know. My whole story is weird
Elf Max Do you think it would be hard for me to get into the University?
Elf Trixie Gol. No.
Elf Max What do I need to do?
Elf Trixie Do you need to go? I thought you already finished school
Elf Max I did. But I really want to go to the North Pole.
Elf Trixie Hmmm. Who’s your boss?
Elf Max Ernest
Elf Trixie I’d talk to him
Elf Crash Murphy Good advice.
Elf Max Good chat today. Trixie. I think you’re great!
Elf Trixie Awwwww
Elf Max No. Seriously. You should do more chats
Elf Crash Murphy I agree
Elf Trixie Thanks you guys.

Elf Resources Announces the Latest in Elf Promotions

We are pleased to announce the following promotions and assignments for elves effective this week:

Elf Barney Q – State Representative of North Dakota
Elf Louise – State Representative of New Hampshire
Elf Liv – Province Representative of Saskatchewan
Elf Brandi – State Representative of Arkansas

Elf Maria R.  – Country Ambassador, Mexico
Elf Izzy – Country Ambassador, Romania
Elf Mel – Country Ambassador, Denmark

Elf Deidre – City Captain, Milan, Italy
Elf Fabio – City Captain, Manchester, England
Elf Queenie – City Captain, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
Elf Thor the Magnificent – City Captain, London, Ontario, Canada
Elf Georgie – City Captain, Hoover, Alabama
Elf Gingeria – City Captain, Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico
Elf David E – City Captain, Limon, Costa Rica
Elf Sandy Coco – City Captain, Ashburton, New Zealand
Elf Randy P – City Captain, Dunedin, New Zealand

These individuals have been added to the Elf Map.

Please note that this marks the first assignments for State/Province Representatives and the first Country Ambassadors as well.

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First Altair Elf Named

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What does Altair mean? It’s a name for one of the brightest stars in the sky. We think it is an appropriate designation for those who bring so much to the elf community.

The level we set for this achievement is 5000 points. The first to reach this level is Elf Lil Cream. If you are active at all in the Elf Community you, of course, know who Elf Lil Cream is. She is an outstanding elf who participates regularly, has served as a City Captain, she hosts her own tracker podcast, and she is a friend to all she encounters online. She was recently hired as a Certified Podcaster and is working with Elf Frank Myrrh on the all-new Santa Trackers Podcast. She is also under consideration for other elf positions.

As our first Altair elf, she receives a heart 1000-point bonus. As with all ranks, she will be able to grow within the Altair tier in gaining up to five additional red stars. Those levels are not disclosed publicly and they are pretty steep. We have no doubt she will continue to soar to new heights.

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Elf Excellence - Altair

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