Trackers in Sector 4 Can Stand Down

Wow, such an easy ride this year. Thank you elves for your great service and Feliz Navidad!

Sector 4 is in The Red Zone!

Our turn, guys! Sector 4 is now in the Red Zone and ready to set the table for Santa. Let’s look sharp and be ready for anything that Flight Command requests.

In fact, let’s begin by sending them a weather report:

Check all that apply
Don't be shy. Santa needs the details.

Trackers in Sector 4 Can Check In

Hola, Trackers of Sector 4!

North Pole Flight Command has now informed us that we can begin check in for trackers in our Sector. You can do so below. Please standby for further instruction.

Please give us a summary of your availability.

Tracker Alert: Worldwide Tracker Check-in Soon to Start

Tracker BulletinTracker Friends,

This may be my final general post of this season. The news from this point forward should come exclusively from your Elf Supervisor. Please pay attention to what I am about to tell you:

News is about to begin coming faster and faster to you via North Pole Flight Command, Santa Update and this site,

Why? Because Flight Command is now engaging their final countdown protocol.

This means they are completing their checklists around the world. They are looking for any reason to stop or delay Santa’s launch. What they want is a complete green light from every sector – a simple “go for launch” degree from anyone with flight control status.

Part of that protocol is a call for tracker check-ins. We anticipate those check-ins will begin in about six hours in Sector 1 and roll out sequentially in each sector.

There is NO RUSH to check in.

When your elf supervisor wants you to check in, he or she will tell you with very specific instructions.

The process is designed to allow 24 hours for all trackers to check in. So, take your time, listen to your elf supervisor, check in when you are asked and await further instructions.

Merry Christmas, good luck, and we thank you in advance for your service to Santa.

Sector 4 Now Live

Sector 4 UpdateHola, Trackers!

Elf Tubby here in La Paz. Sector 4 is now online and ready for action.

Sector 4 includes all of South America, the entire Atlantic Ocean and all of Greenland. We think we’re the biggest of all sectors but Sector 2 doesn’t count us because so much of it is water. We say that’s dumb. If there are believers out there on the water, Santa is going to serve them and we’re going to track him doing it.

Are you ready to once again track Santa for Santa?

We did a really great job last Christmas. There are many more of you this Christmas.

I’m going to give you another day or two to study the training posts before I ask you to do anything. We still have a lot of time until Santa launches.

So poke around and feel free to ask me any questions that you might have. Just use the comments below!

Sector 4 Sets Up Shop in Bolivia

We are a little late with this announcement. Sorry about that.

Tracker Elves in Sector 4 will be happy to learn that the regional tracking center for Sector 4 will be located this year in La Paz, Boliva.

This was a surprise choice. Unlike other regional tracking centers, this one located in a big city. La Paz, which means Peace, is the capital city of Boliva. It is a rare thing for a regional tracking center to actually be located in a large city.


Because these regional tracking centers are serious workplaces. The work of tracking Santa around the clock goes on in these centers. If people knew where they were located the tracking center would have to deal with visitors all the time. That’s why the tracking centers do not go to large cities usually. Fewer people mean fewer visitors.

As it is, the La Paz center will be located in an undisclosed part of the city in a building with no signs. Elves who work there will actually have apartments for them to live in, so once they are there they will not need to go in or go out.

Engineers will have the facility ready to occupy by Friday of this week and they should be operation by Saturday night.

Tracker Elves in Sector 4 should be ready to receive instruction from Elf Tubby at any time — he will post it right here.


Stand Down Sector 4

Elves of Sector 4, our work is done! Santa has sent the stand down order for this year. It was a pleasure working with you and I hope we see you next year.