Test Flights Begin July 26th

Test flights of Santa’s sleigh are scheduled to begin in Sector 4 starting sometime on Monday, July 26th, North Pole Flight Command has announced.

We are not sure yet if the tracking map for those first flights will be ready or not by that date. We are expecting an announcement from Elf Tubby Ryder, elf supervisor for Sector 4. Since that tracking center was the first announced and thus the one center most ready we are thinking the odds are pretty good that the map will be ready.

12 prototype sleighs have already been positioned at a reindeer ranch in Argentina. Two full teams of test flight reindeer are already in South America at the same ranch to be readied for the launch of the sleighs. We are awaiting word to know if the flights will work around the clock or if they will only be scheduled at certain times of the day.

Because of the late start to the test flight program many assume the flight schedule will be aggressive.

Once we know the first few weeks of the schedule we will share that information with you.

First Ever Regional HQ Announced for Africa

Historic news was announced at North Pole Flight Command today for Sector 3, which covers the continents of Africa and Europe. South Africa’s city of Bethlehem will host the first-ever regional tracking center in Africa.

Bethlehem, South Africa, joins Bethlehem, Palestine, this year as hosts for their sectors. This is the first time in history two regional centers have been hosted by cities of the same name, and two cities that bear some connection to Christmas.

It is winter in South Africa, just as it is winter in Australia in Sector 1, as well as winter in Milagro, Ecuador in Sector 4. That means each of those regional tracking centers will be in summer mode when Santa actually takes flight. This is a significant operational decision, one that bodes well for the support of Santa’s flight. Sometimes regional centers working during winter months suffer issues due to weather that affect their abilities to offer support to Santa.

With this announcement our focus now turns to the following for each sector:

  • The readiness of each location
  • The elf leadership communication from each sector
  • The tracking of test flights of Santa’s sleigh
  • The first test of new reporting expectations of tracker elves

Pay close attention in the coming weeks, elves. There will be a lot of news and some new opportunities to serve the cause of Santa.

Christmas in July Chats

Christmas in July chats have been announced for July 23rd and 24th. For tracker elves, a special discussion will take place in Elf Chat with Elves Ernest and Crash:

Elf Chat

This will be held on Saturday, July 23rd at 2pm EST in Elf Chat.

Chat with the Clauses!

Santa and Mrs. Claus will both be chatting on Sunday, July 24th in North Pole Chat at SantaUpdate.com

Chat with Mrs. Claus

Chat with Santa

Tracker Elf Press Conference Coverage

Santa Tracker Podcast
Santa Tracker Podcast
Tracker Elf Press Conference Coverage

The annual tracker elf press conference where the new recruiting goal for tracker elves is announced is now underway. Please use the player embedded to listen to it instead of the live Kringle Radio feed, which we understand is experiencing some technical issues this morning. We have been told that the events today are being recorded and will be made available on all websites as well as on Kringle Radio for a short time.

This is a major announcement, elves. For months we have been hearing about the importance of this July 11th event.

I have been told that after the news is announced we will be putting together a chat schedule for the rest of July in Elf Chat to discuss this announcement and answer your questions.

Tracker Elf Press Conference Just Hours Away

North Pole Flight Command has just sent out a reminder of the annual tracker elf press conference, scheduled tomorrow, July 11th at around Noon EST. Coverage will be on all official North Pole News websites – SantaUpdate.com, SantaTrackers.net and NorthPoleFlightCommand.com

This is a highly anticipated event. For each of the last five years Santa has announced challenging increases in the elf recruiting goal. But we have been told since January this event today would be making an announcement of an entirely different kind. The tracker elf website at SantaTrackers.net and a number of changes to the tracker elf program have already been previously announced.

We are also told this announcement kicks off a busy couple of weeks with more breaking news from Flight Command. We expect an announcement about the launch of test flights of Santa’s sleigh and also more announcements of where regional tracking centers for this year’s flight will be located.

We hope you can join us for this great event.

Elf Winslow

Christmas in July at the North Pole

Santa Tracker Podcast
Santa Tracker Podcast
Christmas in July at the North Pole

Christmas in July is the topic of this brief new episode of the Santa Trackers Podcast with elves Frank & Crash.

There’s a big difference between Elf Frank and Elf Crash. Crash is a very social elf who participates in most big events at the North Pole, while Elf Frank tends to hold back a little due to his duties in reporting the news. So Crash hosts the podcast this time around and speaks more to the events of Christmas in July at the North Pole.

The bigger question of course is how elves who are NOT at the North Pole and how they can celebrate Christmas in July. Elf Crash has some things for you to consider if you find yourself in this situation.

In all, it’s a quick episode with some good ideas. Enjoy.

Leon Day Chat Recap

It was a light-hearted and eventful fun chat today in Elf Chat as several North Pole elves and even Santa stopped in to say hello. And Frank and Crash pranked each other good, in true Leon Day fashion. Here is the chat transcript:

Elf ErnestHi Max!
Elf MaxHi there. Thanks for being here!
Elf ErnestNot too sure how long I can stay, but I’m here. Who else is coming?
Elf MaxI’m not too sure. But I think I saw Elf Sandy logged in
Elf ErnestOh, that’s awesome.
Elf ErnestIt’s like a reunion today. So many back from vacation and excited.
Elf MaxI’ve noticed!
Elf Crash MurphyHowdy
Elf MaxHi Crash. Good radio report today
Elf Crash MurphyThanks. But no news really to report.
Elf ErnestSo you think nothing is up over there, huh?
Elf Crash MurphyYeah. Santa told me as much.
Elf ErnestThen why are they in lockdown?
Elf Crash MurphyWell, I shouldn’t say anything. But evidently Elf Agent X gave his yearly security lecture there this week.
Elf ErnestOooooohhhhhh. That might explain it.
Elf Crash MurphyYeah, it might not be Elf Buck after all.
Elf MaxWhat security lecture?
Elf Crash MurphyFlight Command works with people stationed all over the world. North Pole Security feels Flight Command is the most exposed department to hackers and trolls
Elf MaxOh…I see
Elf ErnestCould be a good theory. I hope they get over that soon and let you guys in.
Elf Crash MurphyI think Santa will make sure they relax.
Elf MaxInteresting.
Elf ErnestIt’s not unusual for this kind of thing to happen. I think they mean well.
Elf Crash MurphyThat’s my feeling too
Elf UlanHi, good evening! It’s morning here^^
Elf TrixieHi guys!
Elf Crash MurphyHi Elf Ulan!
Elf Crash MurphyHi Trixie!
Elf MaxElf Ulan has been active today! Welcome!
Elf Sandy ClausHello everyone!
Elf MaxHello Elf Sandy! Welcome!
Elf MaxHow is Leon Day over in ER?
Elf Sandy ClausGood, we’re having a good day. Some worried about Crash’s Snow Ball Fight?
Elf Crash MurphyMy snowball fight? When did it become mine?
Elf ErnestHahaha….you’re welcome Crash
Elf UlanHi Elf Crash! Sorry, I was late to notice your answering last chat, I was almost sleeping
Elf Sandy ClausYeah, since the update yesterday everyone is talking about it being your fight
Elf UlanThank you, Elf Max!
Elf Crash MurphyNo worries, Elf Ulan. I know these things are not coming at a good time for you
Elf Crash MurphyWhat update?
Elf MaxErnest mentioned you in the monthly countdown update. Maybe you have not read it yet
Elf Crash MurphyOh. I see
Elf Crash MurphyNo I have not read it yet.
Elf TrixieYou don’t read the news the minute we post it?
Elf Crash MurphyUsually I do, yes. But just getting back from vacation I have some catching up to do
Elf UlanThank you for understanding me, Elf Crash!
Elf MaxFolks, this is an open chat today. Nobody’s really in charge and any elf from the North Pole could show up to it.
Elf MaxSo if you have questions just fire away
Elf TrixieI can’t stay long.
Elf MaxThat’s okay, Trixie.
Elf Sugar CookieHow has everyone’s Leon Day been?
Elf TrixieI volunteered as a cookie hostess at the picnic today
Elf ErnestLeon Day has been awesome. Good weather here today
Elf MaxI’ve been mostly online. Trying to catch up.
Elf Crash MurphyHave you been on vacation, too, Max?
Elf MaxYes, kinda. Visited my parents and helped them with some stuff.
Elf MaxI got back on Wednesday.
Elf ErnestWhat are you guys most looking forward to with Christmas in July?
Elf Sugar CookieWelcome back!
Elf TrixieFor me, it’s the radio replay of Santa Tracking last year
Elf TrixieI love that!
Elf Crash MurphyWell, that’s great to hear!
Elf MaxWhen is the big snowball fight, Crash?
Elf Crash MurphyA couple of hours. That’s why I can’t stay long. I have to put in my armor
Elf Sugar CookieYour armor? What kind of armor?
Elf ErnestYou have armor for a snowball fight?
Elf UlanDoes someone do pranks there too?^^
Elf Crash MurphyIt’s basically a plastic garbage bag with a hole cut into it for my head
Elf Sandy ClausLOL
Elf Sugar CookieHey, whatever works! Lol
Elf TrixieLOL!!!!
Elf MaxI hear you don’t lose, Crash
Elf Crash MurphyWhat are you talking about? I get creamed every year. I feel like I’m the biggest target
Elf MaxI hope someone will take video this year
Elf TrixieYes, I’d love to see it.
Elf Sugar CookieMe too!
Elf Crash MurphyIt is all for fun.
Elf UlanMe too!
Elf ErnestGotta run, guys. Thanks for being here.
Elf MaxOk, bye Ernest!
Elf Sugar CookieI have to go too; happy Leon Day, everyone!! I’ve really been enjoying these chats!
Elf UlanThank you, Elf Ernest!
Elf TrixieSanta!
SantaHi everyone! Happy Leon Day!
Elf UlanYou, too, Elf Sugar Cookie!
Elf MaxWow, Santa! I didn’t know you were coming
SantaI’m in Ernest’s office. He signed off and encouraged me to sign on and say hi
Elf UlanHappy Leon Day, Santa!!!
Elf TrixieGod bless Elf Ernest!
Elf TrixieAnd you, Santa!
SantaHahaha. Hi Elf Ulan!
Elf MaxIf we knew you’d be here there would be hundred in chat today!
SantaWell it’s a good thing we didn’t announce it. I can’t stay long, I have to judge the Miss North Pole contest soon
Elf UlanI’m so happy to be with you here too!
Elf Crash MurphyOooohhh…that sounds like a tough job!
SantaLOL, yes, someone has to do it.
Elf TrixieDoes Mrs. Claus join that?
SantaYes, Mrs. Claus is the brains of the whole thing.
Elf Sandy ClausHahaha…good answer, Santa.
SantaYes, I listen closely during things like this.
Elf MaxSo Santa, is everything ok at Flight Command?
SantaEverything is fine at Flight Command. No problems.
Elf Crash MurphyI’m taking your word on that Santa
SantaCan’t stay, guys. Gotta scoot. Just wanted to say hi and Happy Leon Day!
Elf MaxOk, bye, Santa!
Elf Sandy ClausThanks for coming by Santa!
Elf UlanThank you, Santa!
Elf MaxWow. Who knew?
Elf Crash MurphyIs Santa scheduled for a chat during Christmas in July?
Elf TrixieYes, I think so. Both he and Mrs. Claus will chat at SantaUpdate.com
Elf UlanI’m sooo excited about it!
Elf Crash MurphyI wonder if he would do a chat here?
Elf MaxI think that’s a good idea, Crash. Something just for elves.
Elf Sandy ClausWe could ask….maybe?
Elf TrixieCould not hurt.
Elf UlanPlease ask him!
Elf TrixieOk guys, I have to go too. Nice to see you all!
Elf Sandy ClausI will bring it up to Elf Ernest. You okay with that Max?
Elf MaxHeck yes!
Elf UlanNice to see you too, Elf Trixie, thank you!
Elf MaxHi Elf Frank
Elf Frank MyrrhAnyone still here? Sorry I’m late.
Elf UlanThank you, Elf Sandy!
Elf Sandy ClausWow, we are getting quite a few elves here today!
Elf Crash MurphyNo, we’re not here, Frank.
Elf MaxHahaha
Elf Frank MyrrhDon’t you have a snowball fight right now, Crash?
Elf Crash MurphyIt’s in a few hours.
Elf Frank MyrrhNo, it’s happening right now. You’re missing it.
Elf Crash MurphyWut?
Elf UlanI wanna join it if I can!
Elf Frank MyrrhYeah, I just came from there.
Elf Frank MyrrhI was looking for you
Elf Crash MurphyWhat time is it? Really?
Elf Frank MyrrhSeriously. The mud is flying right now.
Elf Crash MurphyNo way
Elf Frank MyrrhWay. You better get over there.
Elf Crash MurphyBye.
Elf MaxFrank, is it really happening now??
Elf Frank MyrrhNo. It’s a couple of hours away.
Elf Sandy ClausOhhhh….you’re terrible!!!
Elf UlanBye Elf Crash, have a lot of fun!
Elf MaxHahahaha!!!!
Elf Frank MyrrhHe’ll be the first one there by a mile
Elf Sandy ClausOhmygosh
Elf MaxThat’s a great one, Frank
Elf Frank MyrrhI hope he thinks he missed it.
Elf Roger StarHi everyone.
Elf MaxOh boy….I’m cracking up here.
Elf Sandy ClausHi Elf Roger
Elf UlanHi Elf Roger!
Elf MaxRoger! Your 2nd chat today!
Elf Roger StarYes, I feel so important
Elf Sandy ClausYou are important!
Elf MaxJust don’t mess with Frank today
Elf UlanYes!
Elf Roger StarThank you Elf Sandy. Why don’t we want to mess with Frank?
Elf MaxHe just pranked Elf Crash good!
Elf Roger StarHe did? That’s why I’m not talking to anyone today. Can’t take them serious
Elf Frank MyrrhI’m just going to hide for the rest of the day.
Elf Sandy ClausI’m not standing next to you!
Elf UlanLol!
Elf Frank MyrrhI don’t blame you
Elf Crash MurphyYou’re a dork, Frank
Elf Maxhahaha!
Elf Frank MyrrhWell, that’s my cue. See you guys!
Elf Crash Murphyhe ran, the turkey!!!
Elf UlanThank you, Elf Frank. Have great days!
Elf Roger StarHahaha
Elf MaxThat’s funny, Crash. Oh man.
Elf Crash MurphyThe field wasn’t even torn up. Nobody was out there.
Elf MaxHe got you good!
Elf Crash MurphyHe should learn not to mess with me. I’ve got a surprise for him once he gets to his sleigh.
Elf Sandy ClausUh oh
Elf Roger StarI’ve got cameras out there you know
Elf Crash MurphyYou do? GOOD!!! I hope it makes the news
Elf MaxWhat is waiting for him?
Elf Crash MurphyLet’s just say there will be a blizzard right over his sleigh seat
Elf Sandy Claus**Giggle***
Elf UlanLol!
Elf Roger StarCrash…it worked, you got him. He’s covered in snow
Elf Crash MurphyI did? SWEET!!!!
Elf Sandy ClausHow did you arrange that so fast?
Elf Crash MurphyElf Bubby had his snow removal team out there standing on their shovels. I just gave them a little something to do. Three guys, two minutes and done.
Elf Roger StarBrilliant
Elf MaxRoger, can we see the video?
Elf Roger StarI’m asking security about it now. They just called.
Elf Crash MurphyNorth Pole Security? Hahahaha
Elf Sandy ClausOh boy…
Elf MaxGuys, our chat time is up. What a great chat!!!
Elf Roger StarYes, very entertaining!
Elf Sandy ClausFrank and Crash have been quite the entertainment today for sure.
Elf Roger StarBye everyone!
Elf MaxThanks for coming everyone!
Elf Crash MurphyI’ll swing by to see that video, Rog
Elf Sandy ClausHappy Leon Day, all!
Elf MaxHave a great day!
Elf UlanThank you, everyone, it was a wonderful time. I’m curious what their next prank!^^

Chat Recap with Elf Roger Star

Elf Roger Star was in the hot seat today, fulfilling the chat he missed in April to provide an update on the tracker elf program. Elf Roger also took questions today about issues in Flight Command and why Elves Frank and Crash could not get anyone there to talk to them. It was an interesting discussion:

Elf MaxHi everyone. We’ll be starting the chat with Elf Roger in  a few minutes
Elf GingerHollyAwesome!
Elf Buddy FrostCan’t wait!
Elf Kobyhi everyone i am elf koby
Elf Roger StarHello
Elf Kobyi feel so happy to be a elf
Elf Buddy FrostHello Roger Star!
Elf MaxHi Elf Roger. Thanks for being here today
Elf Roger StarMy pleasure.
Elf Kobyhi elf max
Elf Kobyhi elf roger
Elf MaxEveryone – Elf Roger Star is the International Director of Santa Trackers. He is here today to give us an update of the tracker elf program.
Elf Roger StarHi Elf Koby
Elf Kobyreally
Elf Buddy FrostOh boy! I can’t wait to hear about some of the new things to come!
Elf Waynehi
Elf MaxRoger, before we get started I wanted to ask you about something brought up in the chat with Frank and Crash earlier today
Elf Kobyhi elf buddy frost
Elf Roger StarOk
Elf Buddy FrostHello Elf Koby!
Elf MaxBoth said they were “shut down” in a visit to Flight Command today. Is something going on there?
Elf Roger StarNot that I’ve heard, no.
Elf Buddy FrostNo one is really sure. Everything seems to be hush hush right now
Elf MaxWhy would flight command basically ignore two senior elves?
Elf Roger StarIs that what they said happened?
Elf Kobyelf roger r u in North pole
Elf MaxYes, at least that is how I understood it.
Elf Roger StarHmmm.
Elf Buddy FrostYeah Elf Frank in the last chat said he had been shut down by them
Elf Roger StarI don’t know of any kind of security holds on information at Flight command right now
Elf GingerHollyHey Everyone!
Elf MaxThey both seemed really concerned
Elf Buddy FrostHello Elf Gingerholly!
Elf GingerHollyHey Elf BuddyFrost!
Elf Kobywe must get help from the flight command to make sure everything’s ready on christmas eve if not santa wouldn’t fly and deliver gifts he mostly needs norad santa tracker and the satelites to go around the globe in one night
Elf Roger StarThings are ramping up. But we’re only half way to Christmas. They haven’t even started test flights yet. So there are really no secrets to keep that I know about
Elf MaxDid someone just use the N-word???
Elf Kobyhi elf gingerholly
Elf Roger StarOk Elf Koby…you have much to learn
Elf WayneMerry half way to Christams
Elf Buddy FrostI may not be a north pole elf yet but I am sure there isn’t anything concerning going on. It may just be a really big project that they want to save as a surprise
Elf MaxYeah, I think a good visit to Elf University would be in order there.
Elf GingerHollyhaha uhoh
Elf Kobywhat you mean i have much to learn elf roger
Elf Roger StarThe thing to remember about Frank and Crash is that they are North Pole media. It’s their job to ask questions.
Elf MaxSanta doesn’t use **The Santa Tracker That Shall Not Be Named**, Elf Koby.
Elf Buddy FrostHm, yes that is true. I suppose we’ll just have to see what time will tell.
Elf MaxBut Roger, why would they shut them out? Seems…not very nice.
Elf Roger StarI agree. I will see what I can find out.
Elf Kobyam  i still a elf i dont wanna be kicked out
Elf GingerHollyMaybe flight command was too busy for questions at the moment and they had to say no…????
Elf MaxWhat can you tell us today what is coming this next month for tracker elves?
Elf Roger StarYes, Christmas in July is a traditional time of announcements concerning the tracker elf program
Elf Roger StarThis year I will be hosting the press conference on July 11th.
Elf Kobyelf max am i still a elf i dont wanna be kicked out i love my job
Elf MaxWill you be announcing the tracker elf recruitment goal?
Elf Roger StarThat will be one of many things discussed, yes.
Elf MaxThis was talked about a little with Frank and Crash this morning too. Crash said that every year the number has gone up. Do you know if that is true for this year?
Elf Buddy FrostElf Roger Star, might I ask what else we might expect to be discussed?
Elf Kobyelf roger i sent a letter to mrs claus how do i see when she wrote roger?
Elf Roger StarHonestly, no. Santa has not yet discussed a number with me. I’ll be meeting with him several times between now and the 11th.
Elf GingerHollyI’ve heard the numbers went up a lot last year
Elf Roger StarI believe Santa will be wanting to discuss elf training a lot. There are changes to the program that many experienced elves will need to be trained on and new elves will need to go through Elf University, for sure
Elf Kobyhow do i see what mr’s claus wrote to me elf roger?
Elf Roger StarSorry, not my department. You’ll have to talk to Elf Hugo Slavia about that.
Elf Kobyam i still a elf elf roger?
Elf MaxYes, the number was 200 million last year, which was insane. But we made it.
Elf Buddy FrostWell I am very excited. Thank you for answering Roger!
Elf GingerHollyWow! That’s Amazing!
Elf Roger StarAs far as I know. You’re here, aren’t you?
Elf KobyYes sir
Elf Roger StarI’m not going to lie, Santa and I have talked about some numbers but that was months ago and we have not talked about it since.
Elf MaxWhat is your personal belief?
Elf KobyYes I am Elf roger
Elf Buddy FrostSomehow, I get the feeling its probably going to be another insane number but we’ll make it for sure!
Elf GingerHollyI wanna guess and say maybe 400million this year???
Elf Roger StarElf Koby, please spend some time studying what it means to be an elf. There is a lot of material on this website. Other elves will help you. You have lots of time between now and when Santa flies to learn.
Elf Roger StarMy personal belief is that Santa may not give us a number this year. He has told me many times we focus on that number too much.
Elf Buddy FrostIf your needing help Elf Koby you can message me anytime! I’d be happy to help a fellow elf!
Elf MaxSo…not something like 400 million?
Elf Kobyhow do i message you elf buddy frost
Elf Roger StarI don’t know, honestly. I suppose Santa will tell me for sure just before the press conference. He has repeatedly said he is focusing on quality, not quantity this year with tracker elves
Elf Sugar CookieI was about to say something similar, Elf Buddy Frost. There are a lot of elves, myself included, who would be happy to help you, Elf Kobe! The Elf Wall and the message options are great resources in addition to Elf University here.
Elf Buddy FrostYou can find my profile by searching my name on Santatrackers.net. From there you’ll be able to message me
Elf MaxThank you Elf Sugar Cookie
Elf MaxRoger, do you know how Santa felt about 200 million elves last year?
Elf Roger StarYes, he was very direct with me about that.
Elf GingerHollySo will we see the numbers at all or will we just focus more on quality?
Elf MaxWhat did he say?
Elf Kobyelf buddy frost can you send me link to you profile please
Elf Roger StarSanta came away from last year’s flight with mixed emotions. It was a record-breaking flight and it went well. But he was concerned we had so many elves who signed up to be elves but then didn’t help.
Elf Buddy FrostOf course Koby! I will at the end of the chat.
Elf Roger StarWe will know the goals, no matter what they are. In terms of focus, I think your Elf Supervisor will play a bigger role this year and that elves will be asked to do things earlier – between Thanksgiving and December 23rd.
Elf weather trackerHi everyone, sorry I am late
Elf Kobyelf roger can we be friends
Elf Roger StarOf course!
Elf Roger StarNice to see you, Elf Weather Tracker
Elf GingerHollyOh ok thank you Elf Roger!
Elf Buddy FrostHey better late then never! Nice to see you Elf Weather Tracker!
Elf MaxWhat is one piece of advice you would give to any tracker elf signing on for the first time this year?
Elf Roger StarI would say to pay attention. The news will be coming fast in July, then we will enter the recruitment and training period. Then instructions come right after Halloween.
Elf KobyElf roger can you give me link to you profile?
Elf MaxIt sounds like the plan calls for things to be more spread out this year – less crammed on December 23rd and 24th
Elf Roger Starhttps://santatrackers.net/login/members/elfroger/
Elf Sugar CookieThat sounds like a great plan!
Elf Buddy Frosthttps://santatrackers.net/login/members/mr-candycanemr
Elf Roger StarYes, that is true. A lot more going on in early December for trackers.
Elf MaxWhen you say to pay attention – can you be more specific?
Elf Buddy FrostIt would be nice for things to be less crammed so we have more time for family matters at Christmas and more time to get reports done
Elf CrusaderHello everyone
Elf Roger StarA tracker elf should be watching three websites in particular – this website, santatrackers.net, because it is for them. Only elves can see the news that breaks here.
Elf Buddy FrostHello Crusader!
Elf Kobyhi elf crusader how are you
Elf Roger StarNorthPoleFlightCommand.com is for the whole world but trackers should be tuned in there as well.
Elf CrusaderI’m good. Glad I finally found the chat
Elf weather trackerI’m ready to start tracking the weather
Elf Kobyelf roger! i sent you an message
Elf Roger StarAnd, of course, SantaUpdate.com – which is general North Pole News – and is the oldest Santa tracker on the Internet, by the way – is essential for tracker elves too.
Elf Roger StarI believe weather tracking will kick in when they announce the test flight schedule.
Elf weather trackerRight, I have been closely watching the weather, and been keeping up with the tracker news
Elf MaxSo is the big message today that tracker elves need to attend the press conference on July 11th?
Elf GingerHollyCan we personally watch the test flight or is it just audio recorded live in the flight command?
Elf Buddy FrostWhat time will that conference be on July 11th?
Elf CrusaderRoger, in all honesty; what is Santa’s opinion of my tracking? I know I’ve been doing my best.
Elf Kobywhere do you go to flight command holly
Elf Roger StarLOL, yeah, I guess so. There is a lot I know that I cannot share today. But in a nutshell, that is when things will be announced, yes.
Elf Sugar Cookie@elfkoby : northpoleflightcommand.com
Elf Kobyelf roger star is everything up and running and ready for christmas eve when santa sets off around the globe
Elf Roger StarTest flights are tracked in flight command and I believe some flights will be known in advance for tracker elves.
Elf CrusaderI think something big is coming for us trackers. I could be wrong, but my gut usually isn’t wrong
Elf Roger StarWith 200 million elves out there, I’m not sure Santa can speak to an opinion of any one in particular, Crusader. I think he’s more focused on the overall effort. You are an outstanding elf, my friend.
Elf GingerHollyOk Great thank you so much yall are amazin!
Elf weather trackerSo will there be a chat for us trackers that are in all sectors for the trackers press conference?
Elf Kobyelf roger star is everything up and running and ready for christmas eve when santa sets off around the globe
Elf Roger StarI’ll have to confirm but I think about noon EST. We’ll announce it again a day or two before.
Elf CrusaderThank You Roger and I understand
Elf Buddy FrostOkay, thank you.
Elf Roger StarYes, we’ve done this for decades. It’s very organized. Watch – you’ll see.
Elf CrusaderIs there a need for a podcast or podcasts pertaining to the conference or things in between?
Elf MaxWe have had many trackers who have seen the test flights when they are over their location. It gets reported all the time.
Elf CrusaderI mean, US there anything I or anyone else can do?
Elf Kobywhen will we see santa’s first test flight? is it likely gonna be in the november month or december cause i know some are in december i am not really sure about november? so when will we see an test flight happen in the north pole flight command
Elf Roger StarThere is a live radio event covering the conference, Crusader. I have no doubt there will be a podcast episode or two in the weeks and months thereafter.
Elf CrusaderWhy are test flight done so early? Is there a need for it?
Elf GingerHollyAwesome thanks Elf Max
Elf Roger StarTest flights will begin in July. That has already been announced.
Elf CrusaderThank You Roger
Elf Kobyso ill hear santa fly through my house Elf roger?
Elf Crusader‘@Elf Koby:  probably not
Elf Roger StarI’m not on the test flight team but I was involved in some discussions about this year’s schedule. Santa’s goal every year is to do better than the year before. That means things like design and sleigh performance are important. So they test early to make sure everything is right before Santa flies.
Elf Roger StarSanta does not fly through houses. That would be dangerous and destructive.
Elf CrusaderHmm interesting
Elf GingerHollyAll of this talk about Christmas is gettin me so excited yall!
Elf MaxAny last questions for Roger?
Elf CrusaderYou have a lot to learn koby and we are all here to help you!
Elf Buddy FrostI know the feeling Ginger! I’ve been excited for Christmas since last Christmas!
Elf Roger StarGood chat, Max. Will this be archived for those who could not be here?
Elf Sugar CookieSame here! This great community has some infectious Christmas spirit, that’s for sure!
Elf weather trackerIs there going to be a chat for the elves that track Santa every year in the chat for the tracker press conference
Elf CrusaderJust one: any updates on the last podcast I recorded
Elf MaxYes sir!
Elf GingerHollyNo but I have a comment: Thank ya for all ya do for Santa. Your work is very much appriecated!
Elf Kobyelf roger i always wanted to know about test flights so how long does test flights take do they take up to about 1 hour or 10 mins or just 1 sec in an hour cause we all know on christmas eve santa is very fast in one night on Christmas eve?
Elf CrusaderGood question
Elf Buddy FrostThank you all for the wonderful chat! Its not often I get to attend these since they usually happen while I am working so I am very happy I was able to attend this one!
Elf Roger StarI don’t know about that. But I’m sure it can be recommended to Elf Ernest or Elf Max or whoever is in charge of that stuff. I think that’s a super idea
Elf Sugar CookieIn addition, will the North Pole chat this morning be archived as well as the other chats going on this weekend here and on santaupdate.com
Elf weather trackerThank you
Elf Roger StarOnce test flights begin they will continue around the clock for several months. There are several prototype sleighS and many teams of test flight pilots and reindeer.
Elf CrusaderGreat chat!
Elf Roger StarAwesome to have you here, Elf Buddy Frost
Elf GingerHollyElf Koby if you ever need any help I would be glad to assist you with your troubles! 😉
Elf Kobywait are we ending now?
Elf Roger StarI believe so, yes. They usually show up several hours later.
Elf Buddy FrostThank you Roger!
Elf CrusaderAs always, it’s great to be an elf and work beside you all
Elf Kobyelf buddy frost can i have a link to you profile
Elf Sugar CookieThank you, sir!
Elf MaxThanks for being here, eveyrone!
Elf Buddy Frost@Elf Koby: https://santatrackers.net/login/members/mr-candycanemr/
Elf Buddy FrostThere you go Koby!
Elf Roger StarThanks, all. Have a great Leon Day!!!
Elf Buddy FrostHappy to be here Max!
Elf MaxYes, Happy Leon Day!
Elf Buddy FrostHappy Leon Day everyone!
Elf Sugar CookieThank you all for this chat; it’s been wonderful. Happy Leon Day!
Elf GingerHollyThank yall! Happy Leon Day!
Elf CrusaderCareful sharing profile info,that can land you in trouble with moe
Elf Kobyhappy leon day to all!
elf radarThanks for your time guys. Happy LEON day!

Half Way to Christmas This Weekend

Happy half way to Christmas!

Today we celebrate Leon Day at the North Pole. “Leon” is Noel spelled backwards, which makes this day a little silly. It is kind of like April Fool’s Day for elves. Folks here do things backwards, enjoy pranking each other and decorating where they can for Christmas, even though it’s not Christmas.

Leon Day is actually an internet invention. It was first marked years ago online by early Christmas communities, such as the Merry Forums of MyMerryChristmas.com. Each 24th of the month is known as Rudolph Day and the countdown to Christmas Eve – the ultimate 24th day of the month during the year. June 24th and June 25th are special because they mark the half-way point to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Leon Day also falls about a week before July 1st – so it’s the perfect lead-in to Christmas-in-July.

Of course, we have things going on this weekend to mark Leon Day and the beginning of Christmas in July.

In Elf Chat, on Saturday, June 25th, we get a visit from Elf Roger. This is actually a re-schedule of the chat Roger was supposed to hold in April. He’s going to give us a program update for Tracker Elves. I’m not sure if he has any big announcements, but he has told me he is opening to answering any questions you might have.

Later on Saturday, also in Elf Chat, we anticipate a gathering of several North Pole Elves who will be talking about both Leon Day and Christmas in July at the North Pole.

We hope you can join us!

200 Days to Santa’s Launch

There are officially 200 days until Santa’s launch and elves all over the world mark the milestone.

Over at North Pole Flight Command it is actually a very hectic time. This 200-day mark is a big one. Elf Buck Sanchez will be reviewing all operations and meeting with Santa this week to report on what he finds.

Here at SantaTrackers.net the milestone is marked in a more quiet way. While we note with some anticipation the closeness of Santa’s launch there is not as much urgency yet as it relates to Tracker Elves and their training.

“Elves who work as trackers this year would be advised to get on board early to get up to speed,” Elf Roger Star said. “We have a lot of changes these year, for sure. But we have time yet to learn those new processes and to become a bigger part of the tracking team for Santa. This year we are focusing on quality instead of quantity, so to speak. We feel that if we have better elves than we have had in the past we think we won’t need so many of them.”

What does a tracker elf need to be working on at this point in the countdown?

Elf Roger advises all elves go to Elf University to brush up on their skills and the changes already announced for this year. He also told me that elves need to be ready to participate in Christmas in July where a lot of big news will be breaking about tracking Santa this year.

Elf Harold

Chats Scheduled for Leon Day Weekend

Elf Roger Star will be in Elf Chat on Saturday, July 25th – also known as Leon Day at the North Pole. This replaces the chat originally scheduled by Roger in April that was missed due to technical difficulties. It will be held here on SantaTrackers.net.


This chat should NOT be confused with two other chats scheduled for that same weekend, just announced at SantaUpdate.com.

In those chats, which are for general audiences not just tracker elves, Elves Frank & Crash will hold an open chat on Saturday, followed by a chat about the History of Christmas in July at the North Pole by Elf Dr. Grant Smedley.

These events will kick off our Christmas-in-July celebrations.

We hope you can join us.

Elf Winslow

Elf Chat this Sunday

We are pleased to announce a new chat has been added to our schedule. Elf Crash Murphy will be here on SantaTrackers.net for “open chat” with any elves who care to attend at 6pm EST on Sunday, May 22nd.

The chat comes right after the Chat with Mrs. Claus that is scheduled for North Pole Chat at SantaUpdate.com at 5pm this Sunday.

What is “open chat”?

If means we can talk about anything you want. There are no announcements to be made or any training scheduled – this chat is being held “just because”.

Elf Crash Murphy will be going on vacation soon, as you may have heard on the most recent North Pole Chat, and he wanted to check in with the Elf Community before he heads out.

We hope you can join us!