Tracker Reports

Personal Tracker Reports

Personal Tracker Reports are reports about you. The Elf Supervisors use your submitted information.

As I was in Norway this week dealing a little bit with the situation with Sector 3 Elf Rolf showed me a big wall of pictures of tracker elves. That’s what he does with the Elfie Selfies you send him. He puts it up on his wall and labels each picture with your elf name.

In talking with all the Elf Supervisors this week I learned they all use the information you submit differently. But they all use it.

They also all said we don’t ask often enough to have that information update. So that’s what I’m asking for today.

When you get an opportunity, please send in all three of these reports (they are linked below):

1. Elf Status Report – this tells us your availability. You should update this as your situation changes between now and Christmas.

2. Elfie Selfie – this is a picture of you, hopefully in front of your Christmas tree, your Santa tracking map or at your home tracking center. The Elf Supervisors LOVE these pictures. Make sure your parents/guardians/wife/mother/significant other are okay with this.

3. Home and Family Report – this is a report shared with Santa, out of concern for all you live with.

None of these are **required**. But it sure is nice to have them.

Ask any questions you have in the comments below.


About this Elf: Elf Crash Verified Elf Executive Elf Santa's Council Member Radio Elf North Pole Elf

- International Director of Santa Trackers
- Eye-in-the-Sky Reporter for North Pole Radio News
- Co-host of the Santa Tracker Podcast and the North Pole Podcast
- North Pole Answer-man
- Chugger of eggnog, lover of red meat
- Bald by nature and Master of Puns

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Elf Ulan

Thank you, Elf Crash! How was Norway, Elf Rolf, and his team? Okay, I’ll send the reports soon. I was thinking about how to send Elfie Selfie, but I hope I can make it. It’ll be awesome if our supervisors put our pictures on the wall like a big family! XD


Did you know that when I’m flying and information I see on my screen on the sleigh comes from a tracker that I also see your elfie selfie (if you have uploaded one)?

I love to see your faces.

Elf Ulan

Oh, I didn’t know that, Santa! Awesome! I’m glad to hear that from you!! (Yes, I have uploaded one last year. I hope you can find me, lol)
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