News About the News

Yesterday’s post from Elf Harold Star about the new news portal known as the Santa Trackers Herald Star has brought a number of questions. My post today is to introduce this new feature to you even though it will not be visible to you for at least a couple of months.

The Santa Trackers Herald Star is a newspaper-like publication for members of our Elf Community. It is NOT for freelance elves or the eyes of the general public. It will be headed up by Elf Harold Star, who will be editor-in-chief. He will have several copy editors and we hope a full staff of at least 25 reporters.

In fact, the Department of Elf Resources today posted for the open positions of Santa Tracker News Reporters.

These jobs will be filled by a mix of veteran and rookie news reporters. Elf Harold wants to make sure the news of Santa Trackers – YOU – comes first. He wants everyone to know that the elf community will be a prominent fixture in this new publication.

It is anticipated that the Herald Star will be available online sometime in May.

Why so long?

Because none of the reporters have actually been hired yet. In order to print news, they need news stories. To get news stories, they need reporters. That’s why the Department of Elf Resources has put out the urgent hiring notice today.

In the next few days the first hires of the news staff will be announced. There will also be formation of a private group in the Elf Community just for news reporters, where ideas and suggestions can be shared among those charged with finding and reporting the news.

We’re very excited about this development and look forward to getting new news published via the Herald Star very soon.


Update on New Elf Jobs

I think it is time we update you on the new elf jobs that are coming. Many of you are very anxious to apply and start in those jobs.

First of all, we have time. We have talked about them a little bit on the jobs page and on the Department of Elf Resources Job Board. But many of them are not quite yet ready to fill.

You see, we’re adding some new staff to Santa Trackers. Gosh, remember when there was just me here to keep things going? Now we have a whole team of elves. Check it out at this link.

Now, I know you’re asking, who are these elves? After all, some of these guys haven’t even logged on here yet.

You’ll get a chance to meet them all.

But they haven’t logged on because these are new jobs for them. They are getting some training right now. New desks. New computers. Lectures from all the elf hot shots. You know how it goes.

In any event, they will be introduced in time. Once they are trained, introduced to the community and have spent a little time here THEN you’ll start to see some of these new positions posted. (Especially for the News Department elves).

I know it seems like a long time in coming. But some of these new jobs are paired with new features we will have on the site. And we’re still working on those. We have a newspaper to publish, a teacher’s portal to build and a couple of other big surprises in the works.

So all these pieces need to come together. And they will.

We just need to be patient.

Thanks for the questions. Keep them coming. Just please understand we’re working as fast as we can.

The Elf Knowledge Test

We are pleased to announce the Elf Knowledge Test.

The EKT is exactly what it sounds like – it a challenge for you to showcase your elfness.

Do you have to take it?

No, of course not.

But you might want to. The Elf Knowledge Test is a way to help you study all the Official North Pole websites. It is a way to gauge how well you know how to be an elf.

And it could be the difference between you getting a new elf job ahead of someone else.

The test is designed to help you grow as an elf. You don’t need to have a perfect score to get the elf job you want. But there is no doubt the better your test score is the better it looks on your elf resume.

The test is open book. And you can take it as many times as you like.

The test was designed by some of the best elf minds in the business – Elf Ernest, Elf Max and Elf Roger Star – just to name a few. We even had Santa take a look at it and he gave us his suggestions.

This is a first edition of the test. It may expand or change as time goes by.

So check in on this now and then and take it again and again. Make sure you know your elf stuff. Click the button below to go to the test:

Elf Knowledge Test


How to Become a First Class Elf

The Department of Elf Resources has three grades of elves:

Junior Elf, 3rd Class – Elves who are brand new signing up at enter the elf ranks in this class. Once they have read the Elf Code and taken the Elf Oath, they become eligible for an upgrade in class as well a new elf job. The vast majority of elves following this path are first assigned or sign up at to become a tracker elf.

Elf, 2nd Class – All new tracker elves are assigned as 2nd Class Elves. This is an entry-level designation. While so classed an elf is expected to go through all the elf training as specified at this link. While in the class elves can move through the Elf Ranks, designated from 1 to 6 stars in their elf profile. Stars are gained in the form of points. Points are gained by activity in the Elf Community, service time as an elf, badges earned, and jobs taken in various capacities. It can take a while to rise from 2nd class to 1st class.

Elf, 1st Class – A first class designation showcases an elf’s experience and knowledge. The following is required to become a first class elf:

  1. You must be a verified elf.
  2. You must have at least 1 year of service as an elf. This requirement can be waived by an Elf Supervisor, Community Manager or the Department of Elf Resources if you apply for and take an elf job that requires 1st class status.
  3. You must pass a comprehensive Elf Knowledge Quiz demonstrating your mastery of Operation Merry Christmas, the Elf Code, and the rules of the Elf Community on
  4. Having an Elf Rank of 3-stars or greater is advisable.

Badges, Points, Elf Types and Ranks

Members of the Elf Community on achieve points for their activities in the community. The intent of the system is to encourage participation. The more you participate, the stronger your standing as an elf becomes.

~ About Badges ~

Badges are special designations given to elves for their various roles as an elf. For example, if you apply for the job of City Captain you will be given a badge that shows on your “about” section of your profile. The “About” section also shows your basic profile information, you points balance and your elf rank.

Badges are not limited to just jobs. Sometimes you can be awarded a badge (and points to go with it) for accomplishing something or for completing a special task. For example, becoming a verified elf will earn you a special badge.

To see the badges you have, just click on the Badges page in your profile.

~ About Points ~

Points are a way of tracking your activity in the elf community. There are several kinds of points:

  • Membership Points
    • Registration as an elf gets you 50 points
    • Every year you are an elf gets you 500 points
  • Participation Points
    • Site Visit – 5 points
    • Viewing Posts – 1 point
    • Logging in – 10 points (per day)
    • Comments on posts – 5 points
    • Elf Wall Posts – 5 points
    • Making Profile Verified – 250 points
  • Promotion Points – Every time you receive an elf promotion for a new job points will be added by the Department of Elf Resources. These are never revealed in advance and are solely up to the discretion of the ER Department.
  • Merit Points – Any member of the staff can award up to 250 merit points based upon your contributions to the Elf Community

These are just some of the points available to you. There are lots of other point opportunities. To see how points are being credited to you, please visit the “Elf’s History” page in your profile.

~ About Elf Types ~

Elf “types” are different than elf rank. An elf type just designates your standing based upon time or assigned position. Here are the elf types:

  • 2nd Class Elf or Tracker Elf – All elves begin at this level.
  • 1st Class Elf – More experienced elves are given this level after at least 1 year of service or when obtaining certain elf jobs
  • Elf Trainer – Elves who train other elves are given this designation
  • Elf Supervisor – Elves who moderate members, events and activities in the elf community
  • Senior Elf Management – Elves who plan or headline events or represent Santa in select elf community activities.

Elf types are generally assigned and not “earned” positions. Points have no bearing on the type of elf you are.

~ About Elf Ranks ~

Elf ranks are all about points. The more points you gain the higher in the ranks you go. Here are the ranks:

  • Newbie Elf: 0-999 points
  • Tracker Elf: 1000-1999 points
  • Veteran Elf: 2000-2999 points
  • Pro Elf: 3000-3999 points
  • Elite Elf: 4000-4999 points
  • Altair Elf: 5000+ points

You can only go up in rank, never back. In the future, it might be possible to exchange gathered points for special elf prizes or products. If you expend points for these purposes you will NOT lose your rank.

Your current rank is listed in the “About” page of your profile.