Stocking Mail

Stocking Mail is NOT for Tracking

At some point in the upcoming weeks there will be a conversation over at about Stocking Mail. It usually generates confusion.

Unfortunately that confusion starts here in the tracker elf community.

So we wanted to put something out about it now so that mistakes can be avoided in the weeks ahead.

The North Pole Post Office is charged with getting Santa his mail, no matter where he is and no matter what date, time or place it may be.

Most of the time that is best handled online. Yes, many still write hand-written letters. But as time and technology has advanced messaging for Santa comes in many forms: texts, emails, messages, faxes, etc.

Several years ago the North Pole Research and Development Department invented a ground-breaking new messaging system we call Stocking Mail. When implemented the system uses a Christmas stocking as kind of a portal. If a note is put in the stocking at the right time when the system is engaged that message gets transmitted to the North Pole Post Office and thus to Santa.

Pretty cool, right?

Well, here’s what you need to understand about it.

  1. It’s not perfect. It can only handle paper. If things are written on plastic or cloth or something else it doesn’t work. Some have tried to send Santa other things via stocking mail, like cookies or food for the reindeer. That stuff doesn’t work either. In fact it all gums up the system.
  2. It only works when the system is turned on. Turning it on is a complex process that requires special facilities, lots of technical equipment and thousands of elves. For the reason, it only gets turned on for a brief period of time each year. Usually, when Elf Hugo contacts Santa to say that time or other resources are running low to keep other messaging options flowing, that is when Stocking Mail is activated. It does not get activated until and unless Santa approves it.
  3. Stocking Mail is NOT for transmitting any kind of information except messages for Santa. It could be a wish list or some sort of note for Santa – but that’s it. It is NOT for sending tracking information for Flight Command. Don’t do it. They will never see it. You must communicate with North Pole Flight Command as directed at

We want all tracker elves to know and understand the proper use of Stocking Mail. You should be prepared to explain it to “normies” out there when it is activated come December 23rd and December 24th.

Of course, the News Department at the North Pole will do their part in trying to communicate how it all works. But you know that people don’t read everything we put out. Sometimes you just have to tell them.

Stocking Mail is most useful for the little ones. They will frequently change their minds about what they want for Christmas. Or, they will remember something at the last minute that they just want Santa to know. This is why Stocking Mail was invented.

If properly used and implemented, Stocking Mail will transmit information to Santa from any stocking anywhere in the world directly to him, even while he is on the sleigh. Frequently, Stocking Mail isn’t even utilized until Santa has taken off from the North Pole.

Have questions? As them here, in the comments below or on the Elf Wall. We want everyone to understand this.

About this Elf: Elf Ed Zachary Verified Elf Santa's Council Member North Pole Elf

Elf Ed Zachary is Director of News at the North Pole. He oversees all North Pole news outlets - newspapers, websites, radio and television stations.

Ed Zachary has been a force in North Pole journalism for decades, having served for years as a columnist for the North Pole Gazette. He is known as the Defender of Santa Claus, taking on all doubters and scoffers of Santa and his Christmas effort.

As part of his news duties Elf Ed Zachary contributes "news about the news" at the North Pole for the Santa Tracker Herald Star.

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Elf notJack

Stocking mail never worked for me or my friend, any reason why?


How do you know it “never worked”?

Elf notJack

I just have strong evidence to suggest it (but I know it works for others, I’m not doubting the system)


Now, Jill, I think we know each other’s situation pretty well. Just remember, just because your answer (or non-answer) never materialized doesn’t mean stocking mail failed or that I didn’t get the message. That’s all I’m saying. Wishing you a Merry Christmas, my friend.

Elf notJack

Woah there sir! Who is this Jill?! Hahaha simple mistake, Merry Christmas

Elf Ulan

Thank you, Elf Ed Zachary. Stocking Mail is excellent! We can send a message to Santa by Stocking Mail at the last minute only if Santa approves. Is it okay to put a message into my stocking before they would tell us just in case? XD
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