Tracking Santa on the Radio

Tracking Santa on the Radio is a long held tradition on Kringle Radio at the North Pole. Right now, in a player in the footer of this site, is a player that is sharing a rebroadcast of the Tracking Santa Around the World radio show from last Christmas. You can hear the best commercial-free Christmas music coupled with news reports directly from North Pole Radio News hosted by Elf Frank Myrrh. It’s the merriest radio show in the world!

This massive effort of elves in the News Department spans the globe. Each sector has their own news anchor. The great music is only interrupted with breaking news from “somewhere out there” every 15-30 minutes for more than 50 continuous hours. The program begins when Christmas Eve dawns in the far corners of the world and does not end until Santa safely returns to the North Pole. That’s more than 2 full days!

The are news updates from Flight Command, news reports from Elf Crash Murphy (Santa’s eye in the sky reporter who follows behind Santa every year, and interviews from eye witnesses and tracker elves all over the world.

We know not everyone can listen to this broadcast at Christmastime so we re-share it during Christmas in July. To hear the broadcast just click on the graphic below or via the player in the footer of this page.

Tracking Santa Around the world


Elf Count Update for July

The Elf Count update for July is as follows by sector:

Sector 1 – 7.4 million = +4%
Sector 2 – 3.2 million = +5%
Sector 3 – 17.4 million = +6%
Sector 4 – 11.3 million = +1%
Sector 5 – 19.0 million = +12%

Total – 58.5 million = +7%

The breakdown worldwide in freelance elves vs North Pole elves is:

Freelance – 44.6 million – 3%
North Pole –  13.8 million – 19%

This is a very good beginning to the recruiting season. Congratulations to all elves in all sectors for their good work.

Please recognize these totals reflect tallies from all North Pole websites in all languages and cultures. We have in less than a month made up the shortfall in seasonal adjustments made last month and have surpassed the record established last December 23rd. Every mark going forward each month will represent a new record. This is outstanding news. We did not expect to achieve this for another month.

Santa’s stated goal for tracker elves in 2021 is 200 million. This aggressive (crazy) goal will require double digit increases every day, week, and month of the season.

We need better performance specifically in Sectors 1 and 4. We know that as we go along we will see greater growth in the freelance elf numbers than we will in the North Pole elf numbers. That’s okay – an elf is an elf.

Please seek direction from your elf supervisor, the Department of Elf Resources and other elves such as Elf Ivy Holley for how to achieve these numbers.

North Pole Radio Replay Scheduled This Week

Hello Trackers!

I send you greetings from North Pole Radio News. We are celebrating a little Christmas in July this week by listening to a radio replay of Tracking Santa Around the World from last Christmas.

Every year millions around the world listen to Kringle Radio, the North Pole Radio station that shares a very special two-day radio broadcast of commercial-free Christmas music interrupted only by occasional news of Santa as he makes his way around the world.

The news begins as Christmas Eve dawns in the far corners of the world in the South Pacific, long before Santa launches.

Our news team has radio reporters stationed at every Regional Tracking Center and in other locations all over the world to gather news, interview eye witnesses of Santa and to discuss the tracking of Santa’s flight.  Here is an example of one such radio news report:

We replay this special two-day program in July for those fans who couldn’t hear it last Christmas.

It is shared as well here on for good training information.

As you listen to it you can hear the part trackers play in Santa’s flight (we interview as many as we can). Using the radio news with the live map from North Pole Flight Command on gives you a tracking experience that is unmatched online.

The broadcast begins this week at 5am EST on July 23rd (matching the time it originally aired on December 23rd of last year). It runs for two full days, documenting every hour of Christmas Eve and Christmas morning around the world.

Elves can hear it via the radio player in the side bar of the Elf Wall once logged in. It will also be available on


Tracker Elf Conference Review

Tracker Elf Conference recaps are now online and include the complete chat transcripts from the event. The Tracker Elf Conference for Christmas in July 2021 was held Saturday, July 17th, and was well attended. Several elf presenters talked about topics of interest to Santa Trackers everywhere.

Here are some highlights:

  • Tracking Santa for Santa is different from how the world tracks Santa
  • Santa goes through front doors when a house does not have a chimney
  • Riding in a sleigh is difficult and requires training and certification
  • Nobody ever gets on the sleigh with Santa
  • Yes, Santa surfs
  • Santa often delivers gifts of relief supplies to countries, cities, towns, villages and families in need
  • Tracker elf reports definitely impact Santa’s flight plan
  • The 200 million tracker elf recruitment goal breaks down to just one recruit per elf per month
  • Santa is a scientist. That is why he uses numbers
  • Santa wants to have a special meeting later this year with Santa Tracker Elves

It should be noted that these were live events that allowed those in attendance to ask questions. Some of the best information came as a result of tracker elf questions. We encourage all to read the transcripts from each session.

This was just the first Tracker Elf Conference for this year. Another will be scheduled at a future date and we will keep you informed when that will be. It should be noted, according to Elf Roger Star, that Santa will be addressing Santa Tracker elves sometime shortly before he takes flight in December.

This was a great event and a lot of fun. Next time we hope more of you can attend.


Come to the Santa Tracker Elf Conference

We remind you that we are just hours away from our first Santa Tracker Elf Conference of the year.

This is the first official meeting of elves since Santa announced the tracker recruitment goal for this year. I’m sure you have questions. This will be the time and place to ask them.

The conference is a series of presentations given in Elf Chat by various presenters on topics of interest and training for tracker elves tracking Santa for Santa. You can see the agenda at this link.

We recognize this is coming during a period of normal vacation and “time off ” for many elves. Please do not worry if you cannot attend. Each presentation will be archived and made available for later review.

Each presentation is brief and allows for your questions to be asked and answered. So if you can be there it would be most helpful. If not, we understand. We believe other conferences will be held later in the year.

Santa Makes a Stunning Announcement

Santa made a stunning announcement a short time ago at a press conference just held at the North Pole. Please listen to this newly posted episode of the Santa Trackers Podcast which features the North Pole Radio News report as it aired live from the event.

Santa wants to have an unprecedented number of tracker elves by the time he takes off for Christmas 2021. The number that Santa personally announced was not foreseen by anyone and it goes far to explain all the early actions taken by Flight Command this year.

Elves, we have a lot of work ahead of us!

Special Elf Chat Coming Up Sunday

For the first time ever a special elf chat is scheduled here on as part of the Christmas-in-July celebrations at the North Pole. Sunday, July 11th at 2pm EST in Elf Chat here on a chat will be hosted by Elf Frank Myrrh who will chat with Elf Agent X of North Pole Security.

We have scheduled this event at because the information this discussion will provide is really more for elves than for standard believers.

North Pole Security is tasked with keeping Santa and the North Pole safe. As the North Pole Radio News team has reported over the years it is sometimes a sad reality that Santa faces a variety of threats on Christmas Eve that could slow him down or stop his flight efforts altogether. North Pole Security deals with these situations.

This conversation will be useful to tracker elves. You all need to be aware that these things happen and that you can do your part by reporting on suspicious activity you might hear about in your area.

We invite you to come and be a part of this discussion.

Elf Chat

Invite Friends to the Become-an-Elf Workshop

The Become-an-Elf Workshop is coming up soon and it is a great opportunity to invite friends who you hope to recruit to become elves.

This special event will give very basic information about what we do as Santa Trackers for Santa. It is an introductory course for someone who maybe doesn’t know Santa has this program or perhaps just needs a little help understanding how it all works.

We know how hard it can be to talk to folks about becoming elves. We see the questions and concerns you have about bringing it up to people. Maybe this little workshop can help you. That way you don’t have to invite them to become a tracker elf for Santa – you can invite them to this event so they can just learn about how to become an elf.

We would also invite you to invite your parents, if you’re an elf on the younger side. A lot of parents are not aware of our little website here and this workshop is a good way to introduce them to it. We want parents to know what we do here and to understand what you’re up to as an elf. This workshop is a good way for us to pick up a few new elves who might be parents, too. We love that when that happens.

Just remember – this chat will be held at the chat room at the Merry Forums of, a general Christmas community. We are holding the event there because we have been invited to their Christmas-in-July celebrations. We feel it is an excellent venue to bring a lot of people to advance knowledge of becoming an elf.

So invite your friends. It will be held Saturday, July 17th at 10am EST at

The People Tracking Department

Elf Frank Myrrh tracked down this elf in something called the People Tracking Department at the North Pole. He interviewed him for the latest episode of the Santa Tracker Podcast.

Yeah, I had never heard of it either.

The People Tracking Department is just a small part of the larger Tracking Department at the North Pole. They’re job, according to this dude Frank interviews, is to keep lists of people.

Lots of people. Lots of lists.

Why? Why would Santa allow this to happen?

Well, it’s kind of to help Santa stay organized.

Take for example all the wish lists that Santa receives. All that information goes into a computer so Santa can keep it straight. Imagine just how many wish lists came in for Santa TODAY. Now imagine how many of those people sending in lists today are going to change them between now and Christmas? And how many times will they change it?

That’s kind of what this department does. It keeps track of the “people stuff” related to Santa.

If you think about it the People Tracking Department kind of has an impossible, thankless, endless job!

This is a pretty cool conversation. I’m really liking these new podcasts. They give us a bit more information than we get from the more general North Pole Podcast over at

It’s good to be a tracker elf!

A Chat with Elf Crusader

Elf Frank Myrrh has been a podcasting machine this weekend. I have knowledge not only of the episodes he has done for us here at but also that he has some work for the North Pole Podcast coming out soon too.

In this episode he talks with “famous” Elf Crusader. Click here to listen to it.

Elf Crusader is famous at the North Pole and in this episode you will see why. He’s got quite the story.

Frank’s Zoom chat with Elf Crusader is fun to listen to because the questions he asks Elf Crusader is something that just didn’t intimidate this elf. He relished the questions and answered them honestly. That is what makes this a good listen.

Frank is looking for more elves to interview. He even asked me, but I’m too shy to go on a podcast. Besides, I think he needs to talk to more elves out there in the field – from all over the world.

I think it was fun to get into Elf Crusader’s world a little bit and to hear what he thought of tracking Santa and being an elf. That’s pretty cool.

The Santa Tracker Tracking Department

Elf Frank Myrrh just posted a new podcast episode about the Santa Tracker Tracking Department. This is a very important episode to listen to.

He’s not talking about Santa tracker elves. He’s talking about other Santa trackers out there – places like NORAD and Google Santa Tracker.

Yeah, there’s a whole department that follows other Santa trackers out there.


Because they get the story of Santa wrong, they mess up the flight details and they give out bad information.

Frank talks this over with Elf Curly Bennion whose job it is to track the trackers. Click here to listen to it.

This is an important thing. A lot of people come here because they want to become elves but then they insist on using these bogus trackers. That doesn’t make them elves. That makes them….something else. This episode goes far to explain that you should only get your tracking data from the North Pole.


By the way, Elf Frank Myrrh has been one busy podcaster this weekend. I know he’s got several episodes in the pipeline and don’t be surprised if he springs another one on you really soon.


Elf Resources Announces the Latest in Elf Promotions

We are pleased to announce the following promotions and assignments for elves effective this week:

Elf Barney Q – State Representative of North Dakota
Elf Louise – State Representative of New Hampshire
Elf Liv – Province Representative of Saskatchewan
Elf Brandi – State Representative of Arkansas

Elf Maria R.  – Country Ambassador, Mexico
Elf Izzy – Country Ambassador, Romania
Elf Mel – Country Ambassador, Denmark

Elf Deidre – City Captain, Milan, Italy
Elf Fabio – City Captain, Manchester, England
Elf Queenie – City Captain, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
Elf Thor the Magnificent – City Captain, London, Ontario, Canada
Elf Georgie – City Captain, Hoover, Alabama
Elf Gingeria – City Captain, Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico
Elf David E – City Captain, Limon, Costa Rica
Elf Sandy Coco – City Captain, Ashburton, New Zealand
Elf Randy P – City Captain, Dunedin, New Zealand

These individuals have been added to the Elf Map.

Please note that this marks the first assignments for State/Province Representatives and the first Country Ambassadors as well.

On the map, State and Province Representatives are marked with this icon:

State or Province



The Country Ambassador is marked with this icon:

Country Ambassador



We encourage all elves to continue to apply for open positions.