How to Become a First Class Elf

The Department of Elf Resources has three grades of elves:

Junior Elf, 3rd Class – Elves who are brand new signing up at enter the elf ranks in this class. Once they have read the Elf Code and taken the Elf Oath, they become eligible for an upgrade in class as well a new elf job. The vast majority of elves following this path are first assigned or sign up at to become a tracker elf.

Elf, 2nd Class – All new tracker elves are assigned as 2nd Class Elves. This is an entry-level designation. While so classed an elf is expected to go through all the elf training as specified at this link. While in the class elves can move through the Elf Ranks, designated from 1 to 6 stars in their elf profile. Stars are gained in the form of points. Points are gained by activity in the Elf Community, service time as an elf, badges earned, and jobs taken in various capacities. It can take a while to rise from 2nd class to 1st class.

Elf, 1st Class – A first class designation showcases an elf’s experience and knowledge. The following is required to become a first class elf:

  1. You must be a verified elf.
  2. You must have at least 1 year of service as an elf. This requirement can be waived by an Elf Supervisor, Community Manager or the Department of Elf Resources if you apply for and take an elf job that requires 1st class status.
  3. You must pass a comprehensive Elf Knowledge Quiz demonstrating your mastery of Operation Merry Christmas, the Elf Code, and the rules of the Elf Community on
  4. Having an Elf Rank of 3-stars or greater is advisable.

Badges, Points, Elf Types and Ranks

Members of the Elf Community on achieve points for their activities in the community. The intent of the system is to encourage participation. The more you participate, the stronger your standing as an elf becomes.

~ About Badges ~

Badges are special designations given to elves for their various roles as an elf. For example, if you apply for the job of City Captain you will be given a badge that shows on your “about” section of your profile. The “About” section also shows your basic profile information, you points balance and your elf rank.

Badges are not limited to just jobs. Sometimes you can be awarded a badge (and points to go with it) for accomplishing something or for completing a special task. For example, becoming a verified elf will earn you a special badge.

To see the badges you have, just click on the Badges page in your profile.

~ About Points ~

Points are a way of tracking your activity in the elf community. There are several kinds of points:

  • Membership Points
    • Registration as an elf gets you 50 points
    • Every year you are an elf gets you 500 points
  • Participation Points
    • Site Visit – 5 points
    • Viewing Posts – 1 point
    • Logging in – 10 points (per day)
    • Comments on posts – 5 points
    • Elf Wall Posts – 5 points
    • Making Profile Verified – 250 points
  • Promotion Points – Every time you receive an elf promotion for a new job points will be added by the Department of Elf Resources. These are never revealed in advance and are solely up to the discretion of the ER Department.
  • Merit Points – Any member of the staff can award up to 250 merit points based upon your contributions to the Elf Community

These are just some of the points available to you. There are lots of other point opportunities. To see how points are being credited to you, please visit the “Elf’s History” page in your profile.

~ About Elf Types ~

Elf “types” are different than elf rank. An elf type just designates your standing based upon time or assigned position. Here are the elf types:

  • 2nd Class Elf or Tracker Elf – All elves begin at this level.
  • 1st Class Elf – More experienced elves are given this level after at least 1 year of service or when obtaining certain elf jobs
  • Elf Trainer – Elves who train other elves are given this designation
  • Elf Supervisor – Elves who moderate members, events and activities in the elf community
  • Senior Elf Management – Elves who plan or headline events or represent Santa in select elf community activities.

Elf types are generally assigned and not “earned” positions. Points have no bearing on the type of elf you are.

~ About Elf Ranks ~

Elf ranks are all about points. The more points you gain the higher in the ranks you go. Here are the ranks:

  • Newbie Elf: 0-999 points
  • Tracker Elf: 1000-1999 points
  • Veteran Elf: 2000-2999 points
  • Pro Elf: 3000-3999 points
  • Elite Elf: 4000-4999 points
  • Altair Elf: 5000+ points

You can only go up in rank, never back. In the future, it might be possible to exchange gathered points for special elf prizes or products. If you expend points for these purposes you will NOT lose your rank.

Your current rank is listed in the “About” page of your profile.

Becoming a Verified Elf

Becoming a “verified elf” is part of our process of properly setting up our elf profiles on A verified elf has a check mark next to their name where ever they appear on the site. For example, this is from Elf Sandy Claus’ profile:

Verified Elf - Profile

This image shows all the elements we want to see in every elf profile:

  1. The Elf Title – Notice that her name is not just Sandy Claus but ELF Sandy Claus. Titles are VERY important to Santa and he wants us to use them. The title “Elf” needs to be in front of your elf name.
  2. The Elf Profile Picture – You should have a unique image for your profile picture. It can be your actual picture, taken with your phone or webcam, or it can be an elf representation, similar to what Elf Sandy is using. You should NOT be using the same image as another elf.
  3. The Elf Cover Image – This is the background image, here it shows as green with a festive Santa and snowflake pattern. It is sized 1350×350. If finding such an image is a challenge for you please let us know and we can help you with it.
  4. The About Me Tagline – this is your elf job position. Most of you can list your job as Santa Tracker Elf, or City Captain if you are one, or any other elf-appropriate title.

Once your elf profile properly reflects these attributes you can apply to receive the check mark next to your name and acquire the Verified Badge, which will show on your “About” page in your profile.

This is the member’s page view of what a proper profile looks like:

Verified - Members View

Notice that this shows the profile picture, the cover image, the Elf title with the name, the check mark, and the “About Me” tagline.

Also note that below the tagline are small images that represent the badges that you have earned.

Here’s a view of what the check mark looks like on the Elf Wall (from a post I made).

Verified Elf - Wall

As you can see, the site looks a lot neater when elves have a “Verified” badge. We want to see as many elves get this badge as possible.

Once you have made the necessary adjustments to your profile you can apply via the form below to get the badge.





Watch Your Step!

Hi guys. Yeah, things look a bit different. And the paint is still wet, so to speak.

I know this is a big change to get used to. But I really do think this will make the new website a lot more fun. Plus, it’s only February. So we have time to work the bugs out of this.

So, what to call this?

Well, it’s a whole new way of elves connecting with elves. This new social platform for Santa Trackers will allow us to roll out all kinds of new capabilities. A lot of the new stuff we want to introduce will come in time. But for now, we just need to get used to customizing our profiles and just talking to each other.

Through this new interface we can make friends and share information. We need to play with it. Get used to it. Then lots of new things will happen.

For now, we know it is full of bugs. But it is set up enough where we can start using it. Just make sure you say something when you see something weird or wonky or just not working. We’ll get it figured out.

Thanks for understanding.

Update on Plans for 2021

Hi there, Trackers!

I know many of you have been looking forward to news and information about tracking Santa next Christmas. After taking a little time off after Christmas and then meeting with the Big Elves at North Pole Flight Command, the North Pole Tracking Center and the North Pole News Department I can let you in on a few details of our plans over the next six months or so.

These are things we really want to get done before we begin the serious work of recruiting new elves:

  1. A complete website redesign.
  2. Lots of elf promotions. We need MORE elf representatives in each sector.
  3. New elf jobs: we are going to be looking for news reporters in each sector, perhaps some elf podcasters and video producers.
  4. Maybe a specific mobile app just for Santa Trackers. This is a new idea. Don’t expect it this year. But we may ask some of you for ideas and others to participate in testing.

This is just for starters.

As always, we appreciate your comments, ideas and suggestions.

You Gotta Log In

Attention fellow trackers!

I was in a meeting earlier today and I can tell you this upcoming week is one you will not want to miss. There are some great surprises in store.

This is the time of the year when news comes in two forms — there is news for everyone and then there is news for just elves. This is a reminder that if you want all the news coming out this week you will want to be logged in at

I think you will like some of the new things coming out this week and the fast announcements that are to be made.

It’s going to be a great week!