Becoming a Verified Elf

Becoming a “verified elf” is part of our process of properly setting up our elf profiles on A verified elf has a check mark next to their name where ever they appear on the site. For example, this is from Elf Sandy Claus’ profile:

Verified Elf - Profile

This image shows all the elements we want to see in every elf profile:

  1. The Elf Title – Notice that her name is not just Sandy Claus but ELF Sandy Claus. Titles are VERY important to Santa and he wants us to use them. The title “Elf” needs to be in front of your elf name.
  2. The Elf Profile Picture – You should have a unique image for your profile picture. It can be your actual picture, taken with your phone or webcam, or it can be an elf representation, similar to what Elf Sandy is using. You should NOT be using the same image as another elf.
  3. The Elf Cover Image – This is the background image, here it shows as green with a festive Santa and snowflake pattern. It is sized 1350×350. If finding such an image is a challenge for you please let us know and we can help you with it.
  4. The About Me Tagline – this is your elf job position. Most of you can list your job as Santa Tracker Elf, or City Captain if you are one, or any other elf-appropriate title.

Once your elf profile properly reflects these attributes you can apply to receive the check mark next to your name and acquire the Verified Badge, which will show on your “About” page in your profile.

This is the member’s page view of what a proper profile looks like:

Verified - Members View

Notice that this shows the profile picture, the cover image, the Elf title with the name, the check mark, and the “About Me” tagline.

Also note that below the tagline are small images that represent the badges that you have earned.

Here’s a view of what the check mark looks like on the Elf Wall (from a post I made).

Verified Elf - Wall

As you can see, the site looks a lot neater when elves have a “Verified” badge. We want to see as many elves get this badge as possible.

Once you have made the necessary adjustments to your profile you can apply via the form below to get the badge.





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Elf will

so what is this for

Elf will


Elf Lil Cream

Done! How long does it usually take?

ELF Jingle Bells

1-3 days and i did it too

Elf Lil Cream

Ok thx!


[…] You must be a verified elf. […]

ELF Jingle Bells

I am And I’m 1st Class now Too

Elf Ullrich

Hi, I need help to find the Elf cover image can someone please send it.

Elf Snowball


Elf Snowball


Elf Snowball

Got it

Elf Coco

I’m having trouble doing my cover image, I can’t find where to do it? Help!

Elf Cookie Dough

Thank you I am verified now