Badges, Elf Types, Points and Ranks

Badges, Points, Elf Types and Ranks

Members of the Elf Community on achieve points for their activities in the community. The intent of the system is to encourage participation. The more you participate, the stronger your standing as an elf becomes.

~ About Badges ~

Badges are special designations given to elves for their various roles as an elf. For example, if you apply for the job of City Captain you will be given a badge that shows on your “about” section of your profile. The “About” section also shows your basic profile information, you points balance and your elf rank.

Badges are not limited to just jobs. Sometimes you can be awarded a badge (and points to go with it) for accomplishing something or for completing a special task. For example, becoming a verified elf will earn you a special badge.

To see the badges you have, just click on the Badges page in your profile.

~ About Points ~

Points are a way of tracking your activity in the elf community. There are several kinds of points:

  • Membership Points
    • Registration as an elf gets you 50 points
    • Every year you are an elf gets you 500 points
  • Participation Points
    • Site Visit – 5 points
    • Viewing Posts – 1 point
    • Logging in – 10 points (per day)
    • Comments on posts – 5 points
    • Elf Wall Posts – 5 points
    • Making Profile Verified – 250 points
  • Promotion Points – Every time you receive an elf promotion for a new job points will be added by the Department of Elf Resources. These are never revealed in advance and are solely up to the discretion of the ER Department.
  • Merit Points – Any member of the staff can award up to 250 merit points based upon your contributions to the Elf Community

These are just some of the points available to you. There are lots of other point opportunities. To see how points are being credited to you, please visit the “Elf’s History” page in your profile.

~ About Elf Types ~

Elf “types” are different than elf rank. An elf type just designates your standing based upon time or assigned position. Here are the elf types:

  • 2nd Class Elf or Tracker Elf – All elves begin at this level.
  • 1st Class Elf – More experienced elves are given this level after at least 1 year of service or when obtaining certain elf jobs
  • Elf Trainer – Elves who train other elves are given this designation
  • Elf Supervisor – Elves who moderate members, events and activities in the elf community
  • Senior Elf Management – Elves who plan or headline events or represent Santa in select elf community activities.

Elf types are generally assigned and not “earned” positions. Points have no bearing on the type of elf you are.

~ About Elf Ranks ~

Elf ranks are all about points. The more points you gain the higher in the ranks you go. Here are the ranks:

  • Newbie Elf: 0-999 points
  • Tracker Elf: 1000-1999 points
  • Veteran Elf: 2000-2999 points
  • Pro Elf: 3000-3999 points
  • Elite Elf: 4000-4999 points
  • Altair Elf: 5000+ points

You can only go up in rank, never back. In the future, it might be possible to exchange gathered points for special elf prizes or products. If you expend points for these purposes you will NOT lose your rank.

Your current rank is listed in the “About” page of your profile.

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