Membership Update

Here’s a little reminder that Membership routines continue even as Elf Max revamps the website.

We are at the time of the month where we give a cleaning to our membership roles, meaning those accounts who have not logged in for 90 days get deleted. This practice, while frustrating for some elves, is necessary to keep the most serious elves among us. So, as we frequently experience at this time of the year, you will see our numbers dwindle before they expand.

When will we open the gates of registration again for new elves? That is a topic of much discussion among elf leadership. Even Santa is weighing in on it. I have no news at this time to share but as soon as I do, I will let you know.

As always, we encourage every elf to have a complete elf profile. Elf Max assures me that the work is done on the new set up for profiles. He made an adjustment to elf names, leaving just one field to set up or edit in your profile. Where it says first name, just put in “Elf” and whatever your elf name is. You can look at my profile as an example. It says simply “Elf Moe”. That’s how we want every profile to look.

We remind you that you need a “cover” image and an “avatar”. There are many examples of elves who have done this correctly. I believe the new elf profile interface makes it clear and easy to do this. But if you need help, just let one of us know and we’ll assist.

We strongly encourage ALL active elves to update their profile with the new set up and freshen up the look you have for yourself.

Finally, as you work to get your profile the way you want it be sure to look at the little images to the right of your name. We want to get those right for every elf as well. If you are missing the red check of a verified elf or other designation please let me or Max know. Those images are pretty cool – if you hover your cursor over them a little text box pops up to explain what the image means. We want that for every everyone, so let us know what you’re missing and we’ll get it working.

While we anticipate a lot of adjustments to the website still in the coming weeks we anticipate more bugs and fixes. Please do not be shy in testing things out and sharing what you find. We want to fix everything and make it better and we believe it is going to take the efforts of everyone to get it right.



About this Elf: Elf Moe Verified Elf Executive Elf Santa's Council Member North Pole Elf Community Manager
For years Elf Moe was an anchor in the Shipping Department at the North Pole. That's a tough job. It entails making sure that the right names get on the right packages before Santa delivers them. Not a lot of people want that job because it is so detailed. Moe did it for years. That's why Elf Moe now has the job he does: Elf Moe works in the North Pole Complaint Department. If someone want to complain about anything, Moe's the guy to see. He has a very difficult job.
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Elf Ulan

Thank you, Elf Moe! This community is quiet after Christmas, and just several tracker elves come here now. But it’s an essential period too for me, lol. I hope every tracker elf will notice this post, see what things have changed, and recheck their profile as soon as possible. I’m so excited and delighted to see a lot of elves at the North Pole posted here! I always appreciate all of your hard work so that we can stay better elves for Santa! XD




Can anyone help me create an “elf avatar”?
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