Chat Recap

Transcript of the Elf Supervisor Chat

Elf Crash Murphy and several of the Elf Supervisors met in Elf Chat to answer questions of the elf community. This is a transcript of their conversation:

Elf MaxTrying to get the supes in here now….they don’t know what to do!!!
Elf Chocolate Snowflakesyes
Elf PinkyHey!!!
Elf UlanYeah, Elf Max
Elf UlanHello, Elf Pincky!
Elf UlanElf Pinky!
Elf MaxOk, from what I can see….we have Elf Randi from Sector 1 here…
Elf Chocolate Snowflakeshi pinky
Elf MaxElf Rolf from Sector 3
Elf MaxElf Pinky from Sector 5
Elf MaxCrash is here….
Elf UlanHello, Elf Randi!
Elf MaxWe’re missing Elf Tubby from Sector 4, who has internet issues
Elf MaxAnd Elf Clif, who can’t make it.
Elf UlanHello, Elf Rolf!
Elf MaxCrash, did I miss anyone?
Elf UlanHi, Elf Crash! XD
Elf Rolf JanssenHello everyone
Elf Crash MurphyI think we are good to go
Elf Randi HumeHi everyone!
Elf MaxOk, everyone…lots of people here, I’ll do the best I can to keep order
Elf MaxWe want this to be a very open chat
Elf MaxWe’ll try to take it one at a time, but we want you guys to ask your questions. The supervisors as I understand it do NOT have an agenda. This is all about your questions.
Elf MaxSo…that being said….who has a question?
Elf CrusaderI do.
Elf MaxOk, fire away
elfbubbleteahey guys!
Elf CrusaderElf Pinky, if an elf moves, do they have to reapply for a city captain position
Elf MaxGo ahead, Crusader
Elf CrusaderOr any position
Elf PinkyGood question, Crusader. We should talk about it, yes. We don’t want to kick someone out. I heard you were moving
Elf CrusaderIs my question not showing?
Elf Crash MurphyCity Captain is very location specific. So move to a city where there is no City Captain, Crusader
Elf UlanElf Randi, how are my reports so far? I want to know what weather report you need, wind, temperature, etc.
Elf CrusaderI am ma’am. To Iowa
Elf Randi HumeElf Ulan. Your reports are excellent. The biggest help in reporting the weather right now is the forecast for the next couple of days. With the sleigh in our sector right now, it helps
Elf MaxGreat questions!
Elf Chocolate Snowflakeself pinky what is your favorite thing about Christmas time?
Elf PinkyI heard all the elves in Sector 3 are shorter than 5’2″. Is that true?
Elf CrusaderCrash, what do you expect of us this year?
Elf PinkyI love tracking Santa. It’s my life, Elf CS
Elf Rolf JanssenNo, that’s not true, Pinky. I hear all the elves in Sector 5 wear pink.
Elf Crash MurphyI’ll hold off on answering that for now, Crusader. I think Elf Pinky should answer that
Elf PinkyI hope they do, Rolf!!!
Elf Crash MurphyYou two….
Elf CrusaderPinky, what do you expect of sector 5 this year
Elf PinkyExpectations? I would expect our elves to be present and paying attention. Ready for anything
Elf PinkyFor the record, we’re in good shape right now. Right on target
Elf UlanThank you, Elf Randi. So I can keep my style. Do you need to send the report tomorrow or Tuesday this time?
Elf PinkyOctober is going to be a busy time for us
Elf CrusaderDo we know when Santa will be home?
Elf Randi HumeElf Ulan, I prefer the weekly reports any time on Tuesday
Elf Crash MurphyNo clue about Santa, Crusader. People are starting to talk.
Elf MaxPinky, when is the best time to send in chimney inspections?
Elf PinkyThat’s an October thing, Max. Early enough to still have good weather but late enough for the information to be current for Santa
Elf UlanElf Randi, thank you! I’ll send it on the regular day. How about the local Christmas reports I send?
Elf MaxIs Sector 5 still the biggest one in terms of numbers of elves?
Elf PinkyYes, by far.
Elf notJackI have a question for Elf Pinky
Elf PinkyGo ahead, Jill
Elf PinkySorry, Elf NotJack
Elf Chocolate Snowflakeswow that’s alot of elves here in sector 5
Elf notJackUhh
Elf notJackOkay so, I’m not quite sure what I’m supposed to be doing right now in terms of reports could you explain your expectations?
Elf Crash MurphyIf you wanna get under Pinky’s skin, just call her Red
Elf Rolf JanssenHey Red!
Elf CrusaderHow am I personally doing so far pinky?
Elf PinkyReport expectations are pretty light. I’d like to see a weather report once a week right now, just to help with test flights
Elf PinkyWe want as well to be sending in reports that notes BIG changes locally since last Christmas
Elf Chocolate SnowflakesI have a question for pinky
Elf notJackOkay thank you!
Elf PinkyAlso, any upcoming road construction would be great to note as well
Elf PinkyBut I’m not asking for a ton of specifics right now, that changes after Oct 1 or if I get something new from North Pole Flight Command
Elf Crash MurphyGuys, as me that question at the end of the chat….
Elf UlanElf Randi, please tell me about the Local Christmas reports. My area is still very quiet, and my reports are okay or not
Elf CrusaderAm I still sector lead?
Elf Chocolate Snowflakeswhere i live don’t have an chimney and the area of where i live doesn’t’ have chimneys either what do i do if you call a chimney report?
Elf Randi HumeIt is quiet in many areas, Elf Ulan. But things are changing quickly. I’m noticing in my travels a lot more Christmas out there. Online and offline, people are talking a lot more about Christmas
Elf PinkyGREAT questions Elf CS. If you have no chimneys just don’t send in a report. No need to confuse things by reporting on something that isn’t there. This is a common thing.
Elf CrusaderWhat if there’s no test flight in your area?
Elf MaxWill we have the same Sector Lead in Sector 5 as we did last year? (Sorry, Crusader)
Elf PinkyYes, Crusader is our Lead
Elf CrusaderNo problem max
Elf Rolf JanssenThe test flights are more in your areas than you know. There are 12 sleighs flying out there. They aren’t always together
Elf Randi HumeWe sure have a lot of flights in Sector 1 right now
Elf UlanElf Randi, thank you, I’m looking forward to changing the time, we will see when it happens!
Elf MaxHow much do the test flights matter, Pinky?
Elf PinkyThey are great for training. It feels kind of low key because those flights are going so well. They don’t need or ask much from us. At least for now.
Elf Crash MurphyThat could change though.
Elf MaxWhat do you mean, Crash?
Elf Crash MurphyWhat I hear is that that test flights are doing so well, they are pushing the agenda forward. Not even sure if it will be flown come December, They are moving fast. So keep track of them
Elf UlanElf Randi, yes, they came to my area too! XD
Elf PinkyWhat could they ask of us, Crash?
Elf CrusaderPinky, is there anything that I should be doing as sector lead right now?
Elf Crash MurphyWeather mostly. But I hear rumors they may engage our trackers in some….special assignments.
Elf CrusaderSpecial assignments?
Elf PinkyCrusader, you’re doing it. When new elves come on board, become their friend. This goes for all of you. We can all do a better job of sharing information and skills
Elf UlanElf Crash, do you know Santa’s sleigh is with the test flights now?
Elf CrusaderHappy to do so , pinky!
Elf Crash MurphyCan’t say anything more than that, Crusader. But what would you think if they sent a test flight right over your house and told you it was coming. Would you watch?
Elf Chocolate Snowflakeself crash how heavy is the sleigh?
Elf Crash MurphyElf Ulan, I have no idea about that. Santa’s got a different agenda. I don’t think he is with the test flights, no.
Elf CrusaderI would crash
Elf Crash MurphyChocolate Snowflakes, I have no real idea. At least 15 pounds.
Elf PinkyI have a feeling that Santa is back in Sector 5. Just a feeling.
Elf Chocolate Snowflakescool
Elf PinkyOk, Crash – I’ll ask it. What are your expectations of us?
Elf Randi HumeI think it’s a little heavier than 15 pounds, Crash
Elf Crash MurphyMy expectations. Ok, listen up.
Elf CrusaderFrom what I hear, Santa has a friend who lives in Minnesota who he’s been visiting
Elf UlanElf Crash, thank you, okay, he got a different agenda. Do you know what it is?
Elf Crash MurphyRight and for the next month ONLY, I’d like the Elf Supervisors to focus a little bit on Elf recruiting
Elf Crash MurphyWe don’t need a lot of new elves.
Elf Crash MurphyBut I think making a small effort to have fresh eyes and new elves with us is a good idea
Elf Crash MurphySanta does not want MILLIONS of new elves like we did in past years….just a few
Elf Crash MurphySo be selective
Elf Rolf JanssenOk
Elf Crash MurphySanta doesn’t sound to me like he’s coming back to the North Pole soon
Elf Crash MurphyI’m guessing…Thanksgiving, maybe? I just don’t know
Elf Crash MurphyBUT, when he gets back he’s going to have instruction for us
Elf CrusaderWhen do things start kicking into high gear for us?
Elf Crash MurphyMy experience with him going on walkabout is that he always comes back with very specific information in certain areas
Elf Crash MurphyHigh gear? Really high gear comes November
Elf Chocolate Snowflakeswhen is a good time to send our christmas list?
Elf UlanElf Crash, maybe Santa will not visit Canada this year with Mrs. Claus?
Elf Crash MurphyAnd I think Santa may have some special stuff for us. I just want us to be ready for it. It could be different because it is a walkabout year
Elf MaxElf Chocolate Snowflakes, I think Elf Hugo talked about wish lists in this morning’s North Pole Chat
Elf CrusaderHow does mrs. C feel about Santa be gone for so long?
Elf Crash MurphyYes, it sounds like Santa’s not doing Thanksgiving in Canada. Which is WEIRD
Elf Crash MurphyMrs. Claus is a very strong lady. She’s the best. I don’t know how she feels about Santa being gone but I can tell you that Santa is a lot more active right now and talking to all of us by phone a great deal. I talked to him on Thursday
Elf CrusaderIs he watching this chat?
Elf MaxDid Santa give you any special instructions FOR US?
Elf UlanElf Crash, thank you for telling it!
Elf Crash MurphySanta will read this transcript but I have no reason to believe he is online right now.
Elf Crash MurphySanta did not give any special instructions. I actually asked him that and he told me to just listen to my boss, Elf Roger Star of North Pole Flight Command
Elf UlanI hope Santa would be here!
Elf CrusaderCool
Elf Chocolate Snowflakescool
Elf Crash MurphyI know Santa was here last weekend…or at least a few weeks ago. He seemed pretty happy with his visit
Elf Crash MurphyI would not be surprised if he hopped back on every now and then going forward. We’re in the season now. Santa is engaged.
Elf CrusaderThat’s good to hear
Elf MaxOk, we’re over time – any last questions for Crash or the Elf Supervisors?
Elf MaxSupes, any last words?
Elf CrusaderWould any of you like to be on one of my podcasts
Elf PinkyFrom what I can see every elf here is very experienced. You know what to do. I’ll do better to let you know what we need.
Elf Randi HumeI will focus on some new elf blood going forward, Crash. I’m proud of my team!
Elf UlanThank you, Elf Crash, and supervisors! I’m so delighted to see you today! I hope we will see you again soon! XD
Elf Rolf JanssenI think it still may be possible to get Santa here for a tracker-elf only chat. He and I talked about that a long time ago. I know our elves want that very much
Elf Chocolate Snowflakesbye
Elf MaxThat would be very cool. Crash, is that possible?
Elf Crash MurphyYes sir. I talked about it with him too. Looks like December though
Elf PinkyI’ll be here for that!
Elf MaxOk, that’s a good note to end it on. Thank you everyone for being here!
Elf PinkyThanks everyone!
Elf Randi HumeGood job everyone!
Elf Rolf JanssenSemper Fi!
Elf UlanElf Randi, Thank you so much!
Elf CrusaderLater everyone
Elf notJackThan you supervisors!
Elf Chocolate Snowflakesyou’re welcome bye.
Elf Crash MurphyThanks, Max. Nice work.
About this Elf: Elf Max Verified Elf Santa's Council Member Senior Elf Sector 5 Community Manager
Elf Max is the webmaster of and Executive Director of the Elf Community. Max has worked in computer systems web development for many years. He has been an anchor for the tracker elf program and has been with this project from the very beginning. When he's not tweaking the website he's running off to fix someone's computer.
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Elf Ulan

Thank you, Elf Max, the supervisors, and Elf Crash! It was fascinating. I’m so happy to talk to our supervisors, and I wanted to talk to other supervisors too.
I’m looking forward to hear what Santa will say to us soon! XD

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