Come to the Elf Supervisor Chat

Hi y’all!

We have finally received buy-in from all our Elf Supervisors for a joint chat for all sectors this Sunday at 11am EST.

We know that time is not convenient for many people. It is simply impossible for us to find a time that works for everyone.

But, with North Pole Chat scheduled with Elf Hugo scheduled this Sunday at at 10am we feel that we have the best chance to get folks together for a chat with the Elf Supervisors right after that.

So after you chat it up with Elf Hugo on Sunday morning at, just come over here to to chat with the Elf Supervisors.

I have ask the Elf Supervisors to make this an open chat. That means YOU will be driving the discussion – not them. Don’t expect any big announcements and a huge list of instructions to come from this chat. This chat is about YOUR questions for THEM.

I might be there, lurking in the background. I want the focus to be on the Supervisors.

Elf Max will moderate the chat and will be able to answer questions, too.


Santa Tracker Chat

About this Elf: Elf Crash Verified Elf Executive Elf Santa's Council Member Radio Elf North Pole Elf

- International Director of Santa Trackers
- Eye-in-the-Sky Reporter for North Pole Radio News
- Co-host of the Santa Tracker Podcast and the North Pole Podcast
- North Pole Answer-man
- Chugger of eggnog, lover of red meat
- Bald by nature and Master of Puns

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Elf Ulan

Thank you, Elf Crash! Wow, amazing! We can talk to all our supervisors simultaneously in the chat. The time is midnight local; I hope I can keep my eyes open after Elf Hugo’s chat, lol. I’m very excited to see you all in the chat soon! XD
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