Chat Recap

Transcript of the Elf Supervisor Chat

Elf Crash Murphy and several of the Elf Supervisors met in Elf Chat to answer questions of the elf community. This is a transcript of their conversation: Elf Max Trying to get the supes in here now....they don't know what to do!!! Elf Chocolate Snowflakes yes Elf Pinky Hey!!! Elf Ulan Yeah, Elf Max Elf... Read more

Crash Murphy

Chat Recap with Elf Crash in Elf Chat

Elf Crash Murphy, Santa's Eye-in-the-Sky Reporter and the Ultimate Santa Tracker, was in Elf Chat today to talk about tracking Santa this year. Everyone's questions sure made for an interesting conversation. Here is the recap: Elf Crash Murphy Hi ho - MAXY!!! Elf Max Hi Crash. You're right on time Elf Ulan Hi, elf Crash!... Read more