Alert for All Elves in All Sectors

Attention all Trackers: In a conversation this morning with Elf Roger Star, Director of North Pole Flight Command, he referenced this posted news at North Pole Flight Command.

Flight Command is working to meet Santa’s requests for changes to the sleigh. It will require some assistance from us over the next couple of days. If you can report from your local area to meet this need it would be very helpful.

The sleigh will be made lighter, which will require re-testing it in certain weather conditions. While it is anticipated that the changes Santa wants will not result in performance problems with the sleigh Elf Roger wants to erase any doubts by putting the sleigh through some rigorous testing in adverse weather conditions. To do that, they need to know where severe weather may be in the forecast over the next few weeks.

They are asking all trackers to research weather forecasts for any severe weather events – it can be rain, snow, wind, hail, tornados, blizzards – anything extreme.

Their plan is to put the modified sleighs – some loaded, some not – directly in the path of as much severe weather as they can find.

I have already alerted the Elf Supervisors to this request. They may be posting specifics to their sector over the next 10-days or so. The goal is to get enough flights tests done in these areas over the next three weeks to discover performance issues and make adjustments.

You can help by:

1. Checking your local weather DAILY.

2. IF there is any sign of extreme weather forecast for your area, copy and paste a weather link in the weather report form and send it in.

All staff at the Regional Tracking Centers are working on this too and will be looking for your reports.

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Elf Cookie Dough

Thank You Elf Crash Murphy I will keep watch for any sever weather when it heads our way

Elf Ulan

Thank you, Elf Crash! Okay, I’ll often check the weather. About #2: can we send a report whenever the weather suddenly changes from now on, or should we wait until our supervisors request it? Thank you. XD

Elf Cocoa

Thank you Elf Crash! Sorry this comment is so late… I’ve been rather busy lately!!
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