Finding Santa

Report Form for Finding Santa

As we promised earlier last week we now have activated a report form so that tracker elves can report possible sightings of Santa.

Finding Santa

This report is a little different. It goes straight to the Finding Santa Trask Force at North Pole Flight Command.

When you send in information via this form it gets added to the database of other information recently gathered about Santa’s possible location.

This allows analysts to compare all the information.

With this mass amount of information, Elf Roger Star, Elf Agent X and other task force leaders can move elf assets from the North Pole Sleigh Fleet, the North Pole Navy, and Flight Command Scout teams to different locations.

We recognize that these reports are mostly tips. Most will likely not pan out. However, all it takes is one good report to move us closer to finding Santa.

We hope you will use this report form frequently. There are NO bad reports!

The News Department will be providing updates at least weekly. Be sure to follow breaking developments at, and right here on for ongoing information.

Thank you.

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Elf Crash Murphy
International Director of Santa Trackers
Elf Crash is Santa's eye-in-the-sky reporter who follows behind Santa every Christmas when he launches from the North Pole. That makes him the Ultimate Santa Tracker. He's also a director here in the Elf Community and one of the leading voices in the tracker elf program. He trains, he teaches, and he works tracking Santa all year long. When not on North Pole Radio News with Elf Frank Myrrh, Elf Crash is also co-hosting both the Santa Trackers Podcast and the North Pole Podcast. Elf Crash is the "answer man" at, taking questions and giving answers to fans and believers of Santa all over the world. In 2023 Elf Crash was named International Director of Santa Trackers, overseeing all Santa Tracker Elves worldwide.
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Elf Ulan

Thank you, Elf Crash. Santa has already been in Japan! I wish I could send a report. I’m curious if other elves found him! Thank you!

Elf Arrow

Thank you elf crash

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Thanks u

Elf Arrow

Thanks you elf crash 💥 for letting me know 😀