Tracker Elves and the Search for Santa

Santa Tracker Podcast
Santa Tracker Podcast
Tracker Elves and the Search for Santa

In a new episode of the Santa Trackers Podcast Elf Crash Murphy answers questions posted by many of our tracker elves.

Elf Frank Myrrh asks Crash about how tracker elves can aid in the search for Santa. They talk about a wide range of questions related to where Santa might be, how he is dressed and how he might respond if he is spotted.

In addition, Elf Crash talks about specifics of the Tracker Elf program, including an important update on the Elf Evaluations that many trackers have been anxious to receive.

Elf Crash talks about the odds of finding Santa and what Santa’s prolonged absence from the North Pole means for everyone working to track Santa for Santa.

It’s a long episode and many of you are mentioned in it.

Elf Crash expects this episode to likely raise more questions and he is encouraging all elves to ask their questions either in the comments below or on the Elf Wall so that he can address them in an upcoming episode of the Santa Trackers Podcast.

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Elf Frank Myrrh is the lead anchor of North Pole Radio News which is featured at Kringle Radio, Santa Tracker Radio, Merry Christmas Radio and a host of other Christmas radio stations around the world. He is the host of the North Pole Podcast and the brand-new Santa Tracker Podcast.
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Elf Ulan

Thank you, Elf Frank and Elf Crash! I’m sooo glad to hear your response!! I understand your situation that the elves of the North Pole are busy after personnel changes to be used to new jobs. My questions are; do you have a very unique report so far? Has Santa ever seen some elves and left away immediately, then? I wish Santa knew what I look like, but he knows our supervisors, other elves he met, his friends, etc. Has he sent local hats to the North Pole during this time too? Please ask Mrs. Claus! My imagination of Santa is getting better except for his face, and I’ll change places to search for Santa, lol!


Thank you so much for your kind words; they mean so much to me! The podcast was excellent as always. I’m grateful to hear that you’ll still be on the radio and on these podcasts, Elf Crash!

Elf Arrow

Ty for the lovely kind words I really appreciate it thank you so much and for letting me know he is safe

Elf Arrow

Ty for letting me know about Santa being safe and hopefully we can find him soon
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