Sector 5 Chat Scheduled

Elf Pinky has added a special chat to the calendar for Sector 5 elves on November 6th at 8pm EST in Elf Chat on

I talked to Elf Pinky by phone this morning.

She told me she wants to see how many elves can show up for this chat. She is not sure if it is still too early to hold such an event.

But at the same time she is a little worried that TOO MANY elves might show up. Sector 5, as you know, has more elves than any other sector and it appears already they will out recruit all other sectors this year.

Pinky want to answer questions. She also wants to give some direction that she thinks will be unique to Sector 5 in tracking Santa. And even though it is a little early she believes we can start mapping out the anticipated schedule. She hope to archive the chat so that more elves can access it later.

Also, if elves from other sectors want to join in, that would be fine. She is also extending invites to some key North Pole elves – Crash Murphy, Buck Sanchez, Frank Myrrh, just to name a few — hoping they might attend to help answer questions.

If you cannot attend, which is understandable because this is a Saturday night after all, please put any of your questions in the comments below or send them to me privately.

More Elf Promotions Announced with State Representatives

We are pleased to announce new State and Province Representatives for Christmas 2021. According to the job description, this is what a State/Province Representative does:

A state representative works for the elves AND BELIEVERS of Santa in any given state or province. They are charged with being the voice of the people TO THE NORTH POLE. In other words, if there are any concerns about anything that people of the state want to have brought to the attention of Santa or the North Pole it flows through these representatives.

This is a very serious job.

As a state or province representative you will be charged with teaching people of your area of responsibility how to become elves, where they can get more news and information and Santa and the North Pole and you will relay to those in your area any information Santa and the North Pole feels is of urgent conveyance to the people.

It will take us some time to update the Elf Map but here are the State/Province Representative elf promotions we have completed so far:

Elf Drew – Idaho, USA
Elf Slimey C – California USA
Elf William P. – Oregon, USA
Elf Babe – Washington, USA
Elf Foster T.– Utah, USA
Elf Jaime – Wyoming, USA
Elf Action Jackson – Nevada, USA
Elf Desert Rat – Arizona, USA
Elf Pee Wee – Texas, USA
Elf Gnome – Colorado, USA
Elf Frostberry – Kansas, USA
Elf Tinselhead – Nebraska, USA
Elf Bernard II – South Dakota, USA
Elf Sparkle Nose – Minnesota, USA
Elf Danielle – Iowa, USA
Elf Josie – Missouri, USA
Elf Ellie – Arkansas, USA
Elf Howard – Mississippi, USA
Elf Lil Lady – Louisiana, USA
Elf Noel – Alabama, USA
Elf Grady – Georgia, USA
Elf Beach Baby – Florida, USA
Elf Sassy – South Carolina, USA
Elf Gloria – North Carolina, USA
Elf Frankie – Tennessee, USA
Elf Bahama Mama – Kentucky, USA
Elf Dieter – West Virginia, USA
Elf Gabby – Virginia, USA
Elf Cheeser – Wisconsin, USA
Elf Homer – Michigan, USA
Elf Kylie W.– Illinois, USA
Elf Penny Rene – Indiana, USA
Elf Victoria – Ohio, USA
Elf Clausman – Pennsylvania, USA
Elf Yankee Doodle – New York, USA
Elf Blueberry – Maine, USA
Elf Paul R. – Connecticut, USA
Elf Vinny – New Jersey, USA
Elf Della – Delaware, USA
Elf Kenny D. – Rhode Island, USA
Elf Hazel – Quebec, Canada
Elf Eh – Ontario, Canada
Elf Maynard – Manitoba, Canada
Elf Jilly – Saskatchewan, Canada
Elf Fudge Boy – Alberta, Canada
Elf Filly – British Columbia, Canada

Official Elf Count Update

We are pleased to announce that growth in tracker elf registrations grew last month by a global rate of 11.8% and that we now have enrolled nearly 78 million elves worldwide. Here is how each sector grew in September:

Sector 1 – +5.6%
Sector 2 – +4.6%
Sector 3 – +3.1%
Sector 4 – +3.7%
Sector 5 – +24.1%

While each sector shows improvement over the previous month Sector 5 continues to show the most explosive growth. We expect that trend to continue.

While the growth has been amazing we do note that in order to meet the 200 million tracker elf goal that Santa set for this year we need to recruit better than 122 million MORE tracker elves in the weeks ahead. The next four weeks are especially crucial to the overall season.

Please work to bring those you know on board as tracker elves tracking Santa for Santa this year.


Chat with Elf Pinky Schedule

A chat with Elf Pinky has been scheduled for Saturday, November 6th at 8pm EST.

Elf Pinky is the Elf Supervisor of Sector 5. Sector 5 is for North and Central America. There are more tracker elves in this sector than any other on earth.

Elf Pinky has scheduled this chat as a test. While she is directing comments and discussion to trackers in Sector 5 she wants it clear that elves in other sectors are welcome to participate and ask questions if they are available.

This is the first in a series of specific chats in November. This is a great time period for training and asking questions.

The North Pole Schedule: Chat Recap

Elf Chat RecapThe North Pole Schedule was the topic of a chat with Elf Ernest, Senior Vice President of Public Relations at the North Pole. The chat was held with Elf Ernest and Elf Max on Saturday, October 9 in Elf Chat.

The purpose of the chat was to answer some questions that had come in about planned events at the North Pole and to review the general information about the event themselves.

This is a very busy time of year at the North Pole. Not only are all preparations being made for Santa’s flight but production is ramped up in Santa’s workshop, the reindeer are in training, and elves everywhere are getting ready for Operation Merry Christmas.

Here is that discussion, rich with details about the North Pole Halloween Party especially:

Elf MaxHi Ernest, thanks for being here today
Elf MaxOur chat will discuss the schedule at the North Pole in the coming weeks
Elf MaxJust so everyone knows, I will briefly discuss this with Elf Ernest
Elf MaxThen we will open the chat up for whatever questions folks might have
Elf ErnestThanks, Max
Elf MaxErnest, we have a calendar, so why is this discussion happening today?
Elf ErnestWell, we do publish what is coming up but I think they sometimes generate a lot of questions
Elf MaxSo today we’re going to work on answers to those questions?
Elf ErnestYeah. It’s the little stuff you can’t put on the calendar. I think the North Pole Halloween Party and the Elf Parade are the ones generating most of the questions
Elf MaxAh, I get it now.
Elf MaxSo where do we begin?
Elf ErnestWell, there are a number of chats – some already on the calendar, and several yet to be added
Elf MaxYes, I think Elf Sandy Claus is the headliner at North Pole Chat this month
Elf ErnestYes, that’s right. That has been on the calendar for a long time. She will be chatting about elf jobs
Elf MaxRight – a lot of people have questions!
Elf ErnestYes, as we expected. Sandy is super busy so this will be a great time to catch her
Elf MaxOk, so the chats are going to increase in frequency. Good to know. What else is coming up?
Elf ErnestWell, the big Halloween Party is happening at the North Pole again.
Elf MaxYes, that’s a big news item and popular event. Why would tracker elves want to know about it?
Elf ErnestWell, it’s impossible for them to join the party, cause it’s at the North Pole, but you wouldn’t believe the questions we get
Elf MaxOh, like what?
Elf ErnestJust the fun stuff, you know, like the costumes certain elves are making or wearing
Elf MaxMaybe we should do a chat with some of those elves to talk about it?
Elf ErnestWe might. We also are kicking around the idea of maybe a special Halloween episode of the North Pole Podcast
Elf MaxOk. What else besides costumes do they want to know about?
Elf ErnestWell, the party itself. They know about the annual food fight but they want more details about other stuff
Elf MaxLike what?
Elf ErnestThe games and the activities
Elf MaxOk…can you give me an example of one of those?
Elf ErnestWell, we bob for snowballs.
Elf MaxYou…wait, WHAT?
Elf ErnestYeah, it’s different but it’s a scream
Elf MaxIt sounds cold. How does it work?
Elf ErnestWell it starts with a big tub of hot chocolate…
Elf MaxHuh?
Elf ErnestYeah, we put snowballs in it and elves have to fish them out before they melt. You get an elf on either side and the one who fishes out the most snowballs wins.
Elf MaxBut…sticking their faces in HOT chocolate? Won’t that burn?
Elf ErnestIt’s not that hot….it’s merely warm. And a little sticky
Elf MaxOk, now that’s a very different Halloween game. I like it!
Elf ErnestIt’s very popular. Almost as popular as the limbo contest
Elf MaxI have heard about that.
Elf ErnestThe limbo contest is very traditional. It’s how low you can go and elves just love to compete in it
Elf MaxThe Halloween Party at the North Pole is always big. But Halloween this year is on a Sunday, I think
Elf ErnestYes, good point. The party is on Saturday. And the elves working Santa’s sleigh will take a break and come home for that weekend.
Elf MaxOk, we look forward to the news coverage of the Halloween party. What happens next?
Elf ErnestWell, that period between Halloween and Thanksgiving is really the big time for decorating homes at the North Pole
Elf MaxOh yeah, I forgot about that
Elf ErnestYeah, it’s a quiet time, a little bit, because elves are in their homes, stringing lights and putting up trees but trying to hide what they are doing from everyone else
Elf MaxWhy are they hiding?
Elf ErnestWell, on Thanksgiving evening there’s a contest
Elf ErnestSanta goes on walkabout and the entire village goes with him to see all the homes and the lights
Elf ErnestThere’s a prize for the best decorated
Elf MaxOh I see
Elf ErnestYeah, if there’s a competition elves are all over it.
Elf MaxYeah. I’d be the same way
Elf ErnestBut that’s really the end of a very long and fun day at the North Pole
Elf MaxYes, I’m learning that people want to know more
Elf ErnestThanksgiving Day begins with the Elf Parade. Which is a HUGE deal
Elf MaxYes, lots of questions about that, Ernest. Many elves around the world want to participate
Elf ErnestThey will get their chance. We are going to hold a little contest for elves out there who want to dress up, decorate their trikes or bikes, and upload their pictures or videos to
Elf MaxOh, that sounds fun!
Elf ErnestYes, we’d love to see how creative our remote elves can be with this
Elf ErnestYou know, Santa started this parade many, many years ago as a way for the elves to have some fun during a pretty stressful time
Elf ErnestAnd they do that, it’s very much an event with a lot of creativity, lots of smiles and good laughs
Elf MaxIt sounds like a ton of fun. Will there be radio coverage from the parade this year?
Elf ErnestYes, and we’re looking at ways to make it more detailed – maybe a radio show instead of just a news report this year
Elf MaxOh wow, that would be cool
Elf ErnestYeah, we’re talking to the news guys about it. Nothing official to announce yet but maybe we’ll have something soon
Elf MaxVery exciting!
Elf MaxWhat happens between the Elf Parade and the walkabout with Santa?
Elf ErnestWell, there’s the big North Pole Thanksgiving luncheon, you know, turkey with all the trimmings.
Elf MaxOf course! Duh….
Elf MaxWhat about the next day?
Elf ErnestThe next day is what is sometimes referred to as the launch of Operation Merry Christmas
Elf ErnestEarly, early in the morning in Santa’s workshop there’s a little ceremony
Elf ErnestHigh at the top of the ceiling in the atrium is a giant clock
Elf ErnestOn day #1 of Operation Merry Christmas, the day after Thanksgiving, that clock begins a long descent…dropping a little each day until Santa launches
Elf ErnestBy the time launch day arrives the clock is just about at eye level for most workshop workers
Elf MaxWhy in the workshop? Why doesn’t this happen, say, out in the village?
Elf ErnestWell, this is a very very old tradition at the workshop. Back in the day the workshop is where EVERYTHING happened. The mailroom was in there, the wrapping was done in there, and the sleigh was built in there
Elf MaxOh wow. I had no idea
Elf ErnestYeah, so when it was all together the clock kind of was the center of focus for everyone
Elf ErnestBut of course each of these departments have grown and have moved out of the workshop as the population of the world has changed things for us
Elf MaxDo other departments have clocks too? Even if they are separate?
Elf ErnestActually, in a nod to modern technology, they have web cams
Elf MaxSeriously?
Elf ErnestYes, the clock is continually shown on big screens in every department. Even North Pole Flight Command works from that little web cam image
Elf MaxThat’s really amazing
Elf ErnestAgain, just one of those little details
Elf MaxAfter that weekend…is that pretty much it for events at the North Pole?
Elf ErnestWell, no – there are lots of little events that happen in the run up to Christmas. Traditional stuff like concerts
Elf ErnestThere is a production of A Christmas Carol that runs on the Village Stage
Elf MaxWhat’s the Village Stage?
Elf ErnestIt’s our local theater
Elf MaxOh
Elf ErnestThere is a devotional at the North Pole Chapel on the Sunday before Christmas which is also really traditional
Elf ErnestBut honestly, once that clock starts dropping we’re all focused on one thing and that’s getting Santa’s sleigh off the ground
Elf MaxOk…Ernest, thank you for all this great detail today.
Elf ErnestMy pleasure. We will try to share as much as we can as we go along with the Santa updates
Elf MaxWe all watch for them religiously!
Elf ErnestThank you, I appreciate it

Secrets of Santa Explored in New Santa Tracker Podcast

Elf Frank Myrrh has just posted a new episode of the Santa Trackers Podcast addressing the secrets of Santa’s flight. This interesting episode expands on the controversial recent episode of the North Pole Podcast over at, titled Around the World in One Night.

Here is the new tracker episode:

While there is a lot of talk about non-believers in this episode I like to focus instead on the meatier topics related to Santa’s flight plan and all that goes into making that historic sleigh ride every Christmas.

I hope Frank and Crash continue to answer track elf questions in this fashion. It’s very interesting.


How Tracking Santa for Santa Works

How Tracking Santa for Santa Works was the title of a special elf chat between Elf Max and Elf Roger Star, International Director of Santa Trackers at the North Pole. Here is their conversation:

Elf MaxHello, Elves. Our chat with Elf Roger Star will begin at the top of the hour.
Elf MaxToday’s chat is an informational event, meaning Elf Roger and I will hold a discussion that will be archived. It is designed to be reviewed later by those who cannot attend.
Elf MaxIf you have questions you want to ask, please wait until Roger and I have completed our discussion.
Elf Roger StarHello, Max. Let’s go.
Elf MaxJoining us today is Elf Roger Star, International Director of Santa Trackers at the North Pole
Elf MaxRoger is here to provide information about How Tracking Santa for Santa Works. Roger, what’s the first thing people need to know about tracking Santa?
Elf Roger StarI think it is important that people understand that the way we track Santa is not the way most people track Santa
Elf MaxWhat do you mean?
Elf Roger StarIn the age of the Internet there are a lot of websites out there who put up a map and just  say “There’s Santa”. That is how they track him. We can’t do that.
Elf MaxWhy not?
Elf Roger StarOur job, as elves, is to help Santa get around the world.
Elf Roger StarSo our tracking of Santa comes with some responsibility TO Santa.
Elf Roger StarWe, as tracker elves, feed information about our local area to North Pole Flight Command
Elf Roger StarFlight Command then organizes that information and feeds it to Santa
Elf Roger StarThat requires tracker elves to know where Santa is at all times and to know what Flight Command needs in order to help Santa
Elf MaxRoger, why has the North Pole set it up this way?
Elf Roger StarWell, the world is a big place. When we first started, Flight Command was set up as a means to just communicate with Santa
Elf Roger StarHe took off into the world and he had to deal with whatever he ran into
Elf Roger StarFlight Command, after a few years, started sending out scouts to different parts of the world ahead of Santa
Elf Roger StarJust so that he could know before he got somewhere if he would run into any problems
Elf Roger StarBut we found we just didn’t have enough elves to do that. The answer was to get more elves
Elf Roger StarSo since that time we have slowly working to find people who could be an elf, who wanted to help Santa, and who could give timely information about stuff going on where they live that could be passed along to Santa
Elf MaxOkay, so how does tracking Santa for Santa then work?
Elf Roger StarMost wait until Christmas Eve to look at their maps to see where Santa is. Many in some parts of the world are surprised to learn that Santa has already taken off
Elf Roger StarIn tracking Santa we do not believe in surprises, Max
Elf Roger StarWe believe in planning. Elves should know ahead of time when Santa is taking off, where he is headed and what information he requires.
Elf MaxSo you’re saying someone tracking Santa here cannot wait until December 24th to get started.
Elf Roger StarCorrect
Elf Roger StarIt is vital that weeks and months ahead of time they are on the North Pole websites.
Elf Roger StarThey should be reading the North Pole News
Elf Roger StarThey should know what’s happening with the development and test flights of Santa’s sleigh
Elf Roger StarThey should be up on the condition and readiness of the reindeer
Elf Roger StarAnd they should be training to understand how to fill out reports for the North Pole for when it really counts
Elf MaxWell, how do they know when it counts?
Elf Roger StarWell, obviously not much is going to count until December
Elf Roger StarBut honestly, it is set up in such a way that an Elf Supervisor can say to all the elves in their sector “Hey, Santa wants a roof report”, and then they would send in that report for their area right away
Elf MaxWill there be a lot of calls for that in December?
Elf Roger StarIt depends, but, yeah, there could be. Santa is a planner and to plan he needs information. He might want to know the specific weather report for certain areas, or maybe if there are construction delays in some places. It just depends.
Elf Roger StarWe really don’t know what he will want to know or when he will want to know it.
Elf Roger StarAs a general rule, I’d say elves tracking Santa for Santa need to be ready to supply information up to a whole week before Santa takes off.
Elf MaxWow…that IS tracking Santa different. Roger, what goes in to tracking Santa from the North Pole perspective?
Elf Roger StarWell we have a lot more to worry about than just know how Santa flies.
Elf Roger StarFlight Command is following not just Santa’s sleigh, but thousands of sleighs.
Elf Roger StarLong before Santa takes flight we launch something we call Operation Airlift
Elf Roger StarIt uses thousands of sleighs who do different things in support of Santa
Elf Roger StarWe still send out scout sleighs
Elf Roger StarWe send out weather trackers, sleighs that stay in the skies constantly to report on severe weather issues all over the world
Elf Roger StarAnd of course, we coordinate the moving of a lot of freight
Elf Roger StarSanta’s sleigh can only hold so much stuff and his sack only holds less than that
Elf Roger StarWe support Santa by keeping him continually stocked with the stuff that he delivers
Elf Roger StarThat effort alone takes better than 40,000 sleighs and hundreds of thousands of elves
Elf Roger StarSleighs are taking off and coming in to the sleigh port long before Santa takes off and long after he returns
Elf Roger StarThere are a lot of things in motion
Elf MaxDoes Flight Command have one map that shows all those flights?
Elf Roger StarNo, it’s too confusing to do that. And it is information, a lot of it, that people don’t need.
Elf Roger StarWhat we try to stay focused on is Santa. That’s the most important sleigh. The rest of it is managed by responsible elves who also have to know where Santa is all the time
Elf MaxAre their any conflicts in the air with so many sleighs flying around?
Elf Roger StarWe have never had an accidents. We stagger the sleighs at different altitudes. Outbound flights will fly at one altittude and inbound in another – and Santa can go wherever he needs to go. We keep the other sleighs out of his way
Elf MaxRoger, what are the odds that people out there in the world can see a flying sleigh on December 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 25th?
Elf Roger StarActually, the odds are pretty good. It is hard to keep that many sleighs hidden.
Elf MaxDo you want them to be hidden?
Elf Roger StarWe want them to be safe. The less people can see them the lower the chances of something bad happening.
Elf MaxLet’s talk about what happens in the skies BEFORE Santa takes off. What is that process?
Elf Roger StarOur first flights of Operation Merry Christmas usually launch around December 22nd. Those flights are dedicated to tracking weather events around the world. They are the sleighs and the reindeer who stay up the longest
Elf MaxDo trackers track those flights?
Elf Roger StarNo, these are very technical sleighs we send. They are wired to the teeth. We manage them mostly online, using special technology
Elf MaxOk, then what happens?
Elf Roger StarWell, all that time we are gathering information from our Regional tracking centers. The is a tracking center for each sector. We use that information to make lists of follow-up information we might need.
Elf MaxYou lost me, what does that mean?
Elf Roger StarEach Regional Tracking Center, from the day they open, sends in a daily report. Even now at the end of September we get that information.
Elf Roger StarFrom those reports we match up what is known about believers in that sector. Using Santa’s lists and combining what we know, we develop new lists of stuff we’re concerned about.
Elf Roger StarLet me give you an example from Sector 1, where there are a lot of islands.
Elf Roger StarThere’s a little island not far off the coast of New Zealand. A believer there by the name of Mela is someone Santa has special information about.
Elf Roger StarBut this is an isolated, small island where high winds are frequently a problem. Landing a sleigh there is tough
Elf Roger StarSo, we are studying weather patterns and wind tendencies on that island. Santa has a mission to deliver for Mela and he does not want to fail.
Elf Roger StarOur job, between now and Christmas, is to make it safe for Santa to get in and out of there.
Elf Roger StarFortunately, we have a tracker elf on that island, an elf we know as Elf Pringle. Pringle is feeding us instrument readings.
Elf Roger StarNow, granted, that’s an unusual request for a tracker elf. But he’s willing to do it and he’s doing good work.
Elf Roger StarWe are confident that between now and Christmas we will have all we need to direct Santa so that he and the reindeer can go there safely and deliver
Elf Roger StarWe have millions of such situations. Some require more information that others. But all of them require a lot of work.
Elf MaxWow, I had no idea. That’s really detailed. How can North Pole Flight Command keep all this straight?
Elf Roger StarWell, we’re not perfect but we work hard to help Santa as much as we can.
Elf MaxRoger, thank you for taking the time to explain this. Will you be available for follow-up questions?
Elf Roger StarOf course. We can schedule more chats, handle questions by message or email. We will do whatever we can to train the millions of elves Santa is asking for.
Elf MaxGreat, thanks for the chat today, Roger.
Elf Roger StarThank you and Merry Christmas.

Santa Decides on Just One Tracker Elf Conference

Another Tracker Elf Conference has been scheduled before Santa’s flight. It will be held here on on Saturday, December 18, 2021 from 10am EST until Noon EST. The conference agenda and assigned speakers will be announced at a later date.

With the high number of new elf recruits expected this year it was debated if more than one conference was necessary. After hearing from a number of lead elves from various departments Santa decided to hold just one conference on the date mentioned above.

“It was a difficult decision,” Elf Roger Star, International Director of Santa Trackers said. “We know there will be millions of elves who will sign up between December 18th and December 23rd, and they will miss the conference. But a goodly number of the elves we will have on board for Christmas will be ready and we feel December 18th is a good time to hold the meetings.”

Details of the Tracker Elf Conference are pending. You do have time right now to help shape the agenda of the conference by providing your suggestions for topics to be covered and personalities from the North Pole you want to hear from. Visit this link to provide your input.

As more details become available for this Tracker Elf Conference we will, of course, update you right here.

The Herald Star to Publish Soon

The North Pole will be publishing an all-new news portal to be known as the Santa Trackers Herald Star. The newspaper-style media will be an exclusive feature for members of the elf community. It is expected that the publication will make its debut soon on

The North Pole News Department has announced that veteran elf newsman Harold Star will be the editor. In an exciting development, Senior Vice President of Public Relations, Elf Ernest, has announced that the publication will be staffed by a mix of veteran and rookie elf reporters. It is hoped that applicants will come forward from each sector to help report the news.

What makes this publication unique is that it will showcase news ABOUT Santa tracker elves. This is different that the other news on that is FOR Santa tracker elves.

Santa himself has fully endorsed this project. In an early January meeting where the idea of the publication first took root Santa enthusiastically embraced the idea of sharing news about Santa tracker elves. “They should be not only recognized for their great work,” Santa said. “They should be heralded for the work they do.”

The comment is thought to be the genesis for the publication’s name, the Santa Tracker Herald Star.

While exact details of all the content that will be published in the Herald Star is still being worked on we do know that aside from Santa tracker elf features the publication will report on general Christmas news and feature topics such as Christmas movie reviews, advice columns, Christmas foods features and North Pole articles of elf culture.

Hiring for the publication is underway and first edition news stories are being worked on.