Public Observance

Public Observance ReportThis report is different from the Local Christmas Report. That report is all about Christmas.

This report is all about the behavior of people you are observing.

We want to know how people are feeling and acting, especially if you are concerned with what you see.

Santa wants your opinion why they are acting the way they are.

Please be honest and direct.

This is not about getting people in trouble. It is about Santa knowing what to expect when he gets to your area.

Sometimes Elf Supervisors hear rumors about what might be going on in some places and they will ask for this report.

Elf Supervisor Warning

Please do not send this report until it is requested.

This is the common name of the public place you are observing
This is different than the Local Christmas Report.
Don't hold back. Tell Santa how you feel.

This is a points eligible report.

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