Local Christmas Report

merry-christmas-gif-57The Local Christmas Report is very important. Santa learns a lot from what you see.

Your local Christmas report tells us how people in your home and in your neighborhood might be feeling about Christmas. Are they happy? Are they sad?

They might not tell you but maybe the way they have Christmas set up tells Santa and the Tracking Department about their Christmas spirit.

Don’t be surprised if you are asked to complete this report a couple of times before Santa launches. In many cases, the feel of Christmas in your area will actually improve the closer it gets to Christmas.

Please take your time to think about your answers:

Just your elf name, please. Submit nothing else here.
This is needed in case your supervisor needs to contact you to help with something.
This helps the mailroom in the Tracking Department to route your report to the right person.
Check all that apply, please.
Santa recognizes you may not have control or influence of this in your home.
We're talking about Christmas lights here.
Please describe who this is and why you feel they have the best Christmas decorations.
Fill in the stars. The more stars the better the rating.
This is not required.
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