Tracker Elf Conference Recaps

Tracker Elf Conference Recaps are a way for elves who could not attend these special meetings to learn what is said and taught in these gatherings. We try to archive every presentation, chat, question and answer that we can. We encourage elves reviewing the material shared here to direct their questions to their Elf Supervisor.

Click here to review the transcript of the Tracker Elf Conference Held on 18 December 2021 here on

Tracker Elf Conference

An early-in-the-season Tracker Elf Conference was held on 17 July 2021 as part of the Christmas in July Celebrations at the North Pole.

The main event was held on Saturday and featured the following elves: Crash Murphy, Max the Miracle Worker, Elf Sandy Claus, Elf Buck Sanchez, Elf Flip Beans and Elf Roger Star. Here are some highlights and links:


  • Tracking Santa for Santa is different from how the world tracks Santa
  • Santa goes through front doors when a house does not have a chimney
  • Riding in a sleigh is difficult and requires training and certification
  • Nobody ever gets on the sleigh with Santa
  • Yes, Santa surfs
  • Santa often delivers gifts of relief supplies to countries, cities, towns, villages and families in need
  • Tracker elf reports definitely impact Santa’s flight plan
  • The 200 million tracker elf recruitment goal breaks down to just one recruit per elf per month
  • Santa is a scientist. That is why he uses numbers
  • Santa wants to have a special meeting later this year with Santa Tracker Elves


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