The Santa Tracker Map

Chat with Elf MaxThe Santa Tracker Map – a presentation by Elf Max on 17 July 2021

Here are some highlights share by Elf Max and others in this chat:

  • The official map comes from North Pole Flight Command
  • Sensors on Santa’s suit and Santa’s sleigh help Flight Command update the map
  • There will not be an IOS App of the Santa Tracker map, although all websites are mobile ready.
  • Santa sees a different map with slightly different and customized information
  • Nobody ever gets on the sleigh with Santa
  • Flight command works with many governments and military personnel
  • There are many elves working in governments and military units

Chat Transcript:

Elf Max My presentation today is about the Santa Tracker Map.
Elf Max I actually do not feel qualified to talk about it. The map comes from North Pole Flight Command. I’ve been chosen to talk about it because right now the official map is only available at
Elf Max When you look at the map right now what you will see is the last reported location of the map as Flight Command knows it. You can see it on our website at
Elf Max Elf Buck Sanchez, flight director at the North Pole, will speak to us soon about Santa’s Flight Plan. To understand Santa’s Flight Plan you need to understand the map.
Elf Max North Pole Flight Command has divided the world into five pieces we call Sectors. We refer to you being in a certain sector because we want you to understand fully where you are on the map and in Santa’s flight plan.
Elf Max If you study the map and the flight plan, you can begin to think like Santa. Elf Crash just talked about that.
Elf Max Anticipating what Santa will need to know about your sector and flying into your neighborhood is important in knowing how to help him. For example, if you are in Sector 5 you know that Santa will be in Sector 4 just before he comes to your sector. In looking at Sector 4 you know it is Summer there in most parts of the sector. His flight in Sector 4 will be very different than what it will be when he g
Elf Max he gets to Sector 5. Knowing that, don’t you think your reports should focus on those differences for Santa?
Elf Max That is why knowing the map is so important.
Elf Max Knowing the map will also help you to understand what all the other tracker elves in all the other sectors are going through. It will also help you to understand the news as it comes out on the radio from the North Pole.
Elf Max So study the map. Understand the sectors. And be ready to help Santa. Thank you.
Elf Max I will take your questions now about the map.
Elf Flip Beanz How does the North Pole update the map?
Elf Max There are sensors on Santa’s suit and Santa’s sleigh, as I understand it
Elf Max I also think there are sensors on Crash’s sleigh
Elf Crash Murphy There are. But they don’t use those sensors to make the map
Elf Max They don’t, Crash?
Elf Crash Murphy No. They use them to calculate how far I am from an In and Out Burger.
Elf Max Ha. Right, Crash.
Elf Lil Cream Is there going to be an IOS app this year where u can track?
Elf Max No. Unfortunately, IOS is completely incompatible with North Pole systems
Elf Crash Murphy Tell the real truth Max
Elf Max Ok. They also want to CHARGE Santa
Elf Lil Cream really?
Elf Crash Murphy That’s right. Naughty people at Apple
Elf Max Yes, it is cost prohibitive at this time for the North Pole to develop an IOS map
Elf Crash Murphy BUT….every North Pole website is mobile ready
Elf Crash Murphy And I used them on my phone on the sleigh every year
Elf Max Thank you, Crash. Excellent point.
Elf Lil Cream okay!
Elf Lil Cream also, on the map it has all the test flights that are happening, or have happened, how do u tell which ones is the most current?
Elf Max The bouncing sleigh is the most current position.
Elf Max We’re discussing whether or not to leave up past positions on the map
Elf Max It’s getting crowded on that map already
Elf Lil Cream oh, thats what i thought, but if u click on another test flight, that one becomes bouncing
Elf Max But of course tracking test flights is far different than tracking Santa
Elf Max Yes, you’re correct. The map is intended to show a lot more information than what it shows
Elf Max On Christmas Eve, those who track Santa and want more info on where he has been need only click on those past indicators
Elf Max It will give the time Santa was there, for example
Elf Max And it might, I think, link to past news and radio reports
Elf Lil Cream ohhh ok
Elf Max The past locations on the Christmas Eve map use a much smaller icon, I believe
Elf Max I know that the past news reports at get read a LOT through out the year
Elf Max Crash, do you use the map a lot in flight?
Elf Crash Murphy Actually, I do not. No need for it. Santa’s right in front of me the whole time.
Elf Crash Murphy I look at it now and then only to see how I look to the rest of the world.
Elf Crash Murphy I like to know what the tracker elves out there are seeing, actually
Elf Max What about Santa? Does he see the map?
Elf Crash Murphy He sees a different map
Elf Max He does?
Elf Crash Murphy Yes, his map is like no other.
Elf Crash Murphy It shows him all the danger zones
Elf Crash Murphy Those things are the culmination of reports sent in by trackers
Elf Crash Murphy His map changes constantly when he is in flight
Elf Crash Murphy He gets information on everything on his map
Elf Crash Murphy Weather, obstacles, dangers, and – of course – information about the people he is visiting
Elf Max Really? Like what?
Elf Crash Murphy Wish lists, for one.
Elf Max On the map??
Elf Crash Murphy Yes, Santa has a HUGE heads up display on his sleigh. And he works all year to make sure it works just the way he likes
Elf Max Wow
Elf Crash Murphy He needs that info. He wants to give a customized experience at every home
Elf Lil Cream cool!
Elf Crash Murphy Yeah, there’s a lot to it
Elf Crash Murphy People don’t realize
Elf Max So Crash
Elf Max If I could sneak up on my roof when Santa is here and look at the display on the sleigh
Elf Max I’d see a map with weather and all the usual stuff and also stuff about me…like my wish lists?
Elf Crash Murphy Yup
Elf Crash Murphy He even gets info about WHAT to put in your stocking…right up to the last minute
Elf Crash Murphy He’s got elves who work on that screen the whole flight – teams of elves work Santa’s map
Elf Crash Murphy That’s a whole part of flight command most people don’t even think about
Elf Buck Sanchez Careful there, Mr. Murphy
Elf Crash Murphy Yessir
Elf Crash Murphy I know my limits
Elf Crash Murphy But we are talking to elves here.
Elf Buck Sanchez Yes, I agree.
Elf Max You sounded like Agent X there for a second, Buck
Elf Buck Sanchez He’s right here next to me!
Elf Crash Murphy Ha!
Elf Max Crash, does anyone ever get on Santa’s sleigh with him? Do you?
Elf Crash Murphy No way
Elf Crash Murphy Too much going on
Elf Crash Murphy I try to be very careful NOT to disturb Santa when he’s working
Elf Crash Murphy He moves fast, he thinks faster….
Elf Crash Murphy You don’t want to mess with that
Elf Max I find the whole flight process really interesting, Crash.
Elf Crash Murphy I hear ya. My first year I don’t think I ever blinked.
Elf Max I bet!
Elf Flip Beanz Max…do countries play a part in information for the map?
Elf Max What do you mean?
Elf Flip Beanz Well. I would think the military in, say, Italy, could provide the North Pole with a lot of useful information
Elf Buck Sanchez I can answer that one
Elf Buck Sanchez Yes, we receive lots of information from governments and military all over the world
Elf Buck Sanchez Much of it ends up on the map or affecting Santa’s flight plan
Elf Buck Sanchez There are many elves employed in various government and military units
Elf Max THERE ARE?!!!!
Elf Buck Sanchez Yes sir
Elf Buck Sanchez Believers are everywhere, Max
Elf Max Wow. I had no idea.
Elf Max What about places like Iran or North Korea.
Elf Buck Sanchez We have believers there, Max. That’s all I can say
Elf Max WOW
Elf Max Here I am giving a presentation and I’m learning new stuff.
Elf Max What about things trackers WANT to see on the map? Any feedback?
Elf Buck Sanchez Are we getting complaints?
Elf Max No sir…not one.
Elf Max I’m just wondering.
Elf Max Ok, I guess not. Any last questions?
Elf Max Ok, let’s take a little break. Then we’ll have Elf Sandy Claus at the top of the hour with her presentation.