What Santa Trackers Mean to Santa

Elf Roger StarWhat Santa Trackers Mean to Santa – presented by Elf Roger Star, International Director of Santa Trackers – 17 July 2021


  • The Santa Tracker effort is a personal thing to Santa
  • Santa wants to have a special meeting later this year with Santa Tracker Elves
  • Elves should watch and listen to Elf Crash Murphy
  • Elf Crash is the inspiration for the Santa Tracker Elf program
  • It is okay if an elf is not merry all the time
  • It is okay to make mistakes. Even Santa makes mistakes
  • Santa does not like broccoli

Chat Transcript:

Elf Roger StarHi everyone, thank you for your dedication in being here today. My name is Elf Roger Star and I am the International Director of Santa Trackers.
Elf Roger StarYou do not hear as much from me today as you did when this program began five years ago.
Elf Roger StarBack then there were only a few of us. Today there are many more. And we’re about to become much bigger.
Elf Roger StarMy goal today is to somehow communicate what you mean to Santa.
Elf Roger StarThis is all a very personal thing to him. After all, he is the one out there in the skies on Christmas Eve. What you do helps keep him safe. That is no small thing.
Elf Roger StarIf you recall back to when you first became an elf and learned the Elf Code you remember that the code is made up of the letters of the word CHRISTMAS.
Elf Roger StarThe letter C, the first one, is about charity.
Elf Roger StarCharity is putting the needs of others before yourself.
Elf Roger StarThat’s just as true in the work you do for Santa as it is in anything else. Santa knows this.
Elf Roger StarYou guys are the stars. The pioneers. The real example of what Christmas service means.
Elf Roger StarBeing here in July means you’re going to be ready for Christmas like no other elves. Being here is a great reflection on you and I hope you know it does not go unnoticed.
Elf Roger StarI have a bit of an announcement to make. Something I want you to make note of.
Elf Roger StarSanta wishes to express himself to his tracker elves. So I am announcing right now that he will do that in a special chat just for trackers to be scheduled in December not long before he takes off. We don’t know the date yet — likely sometime on December 22nd or 23rd. This will not be a public chat. It will be held here in Elf Chat.
Elf Roger StarHe would be here today if he could. But I’m certain he will be reading the archive of these presentations and your questions when he gets the opportunity.
Elf Roger StarHe values your time and service. And I want you to know he is grateful.
Elf Roger StarThere is only one other elf who knows what it is like to be out there in the cold and the wind and the rain and the heat and the snow on Christmas Eve. He’s a legendary tracker, one I consider to be a Hall of Fame Elf.
Elf Roger StarHis name is Elf Crash Murphy. Every Christmas Eve he tracks Santa the way you want to track Santa. He follows Santa around the world in a sleigh pulled by flying reindeer.
Elf Roger StarNo other elf can say that. That’s why we call him the Ultimate Santa Tracker
Elf Roger StarThere is a reason he began today’s conference.
Elf Roger StarHe has much to say every Christmas. He’s a reporter. That’s his job.
Elf Roger StarBut he’s also an elf. Just like you. And just like you his job first and foremost is to track Santa for Santa.
Elf Roger StarMy advice to you is to pay attention to what he has to say over the next five months. He’ll be hosting chats at SantaUpdate.com, he’ll be on the radio now and then, he’ll be doing podcasts.
Elf Roger StarElf Crash has been part of this program for tracker elves from the very beginning. He spends a lot of time talking to elves and trying to understand things. He works hard to share what he can with anyone who is interested. You would be wise to listen to him and seek him out.
Elf Roger StarThank you again for being here. I will now try to answer any questions you might have.
Elf MaxThank you, Roger. Guys – Elf Roger is a top elf. IF you have ANY question, he is a good guy to ask!
Elf Crash MurphyDid my agent call you Roger?
Elf MaxHahaha!
Elf Roger StarNo Crash. I just want everyone to know they can talk to you
Elf Lil CreamHi! The elf code mentions to always be merry, and i guess what im asking is if an elf is smiling and happy 24/7 does that make them less of an elf?
Elf Crash MurphyI really appreciate that, Roger. I really do.
Elf Sugar CookieFirst of all, I wanted to thank everyone who works for these websites. It means a lot to be able to have this connection to the North Pole. What made Santa decide to start the Tracker Elf program?
Elf Roger StarLil Cream – I would think that makes them MORE of an elf
Elf Lil Creami meant isnt sorry
Elf Roger StarSugar Cookie – Elf Crash is actually the inspiration for the program
Elf Lil Creamit spell corrected
Elf Roger StarAs he followed Santa on the radio over the years Santa noticed how many people wanted his job
Elf UllrichWow! I did not know that!
Elf Roger StarSo he looked into it. And what he found was that people didn’t want Crash’s job – they just wanted to help. To be like Crash and help get Santa around the world
Elf Roger StarAnd Santa thought…why not? In fact, the more people we have helping the better things will be
Elf Sugar CookieVery cool! Thank you, Crash, for inspiring all of this! I’ve wanted to help Santa like this for years.
Elf Roger StarAnd it’s been true. Since we have started the tracker elf program Santa’s job has been done better, faster and more completely. More people are happy
Elf Roger StarSee, Sugar Cookie? You have wanted to do it all this time! That’s wonderful!
Elf Roger StarSanta never knew
Elf Roger StarAnd he LOVES that there are so many llike you out there
Elf Lil CreamThe elf code mentions to always be merry, and i guess what im asking is if an elf isnt smiling and happy 24/7 does that make them less of an elf? (it spell corrected the first time to is)
Elf Sugar CookieThank you so much!!
Elf Roger StarBack to Lil Cream
Elf Roger StarElves are people. We’re not perfect
Elf Roger StarWe make mistakes
Elf Roger StarAnd we’re entitled to bad days
Elf Roger StarThat does not make you a bad elf
Elf Roger StarThere is no such thing as a bad elf!!!!
Elf Crash MurphyThank you for saying that Roger
Elf MaxIndeed!!!
Elf Roger StarI think we all want to do well.
Elf Roger StarBut even Santa makes mistakes now and then.
Elf Roger StarAnd even Santa can get grumpy
Elf Roger StarEspecially around broccoli
Elf Crash MurphyHahaha…that’s true. He’s not a fan
Elf Roger StarReally good questions, thank you Lil Cream and Sugar Cookie
Elf Sugar CookieHa! It’s an acquired taste for sure. Lemon juice on it helps, believe it or not.
Elf MaxAny last questions at all?
Elf Sugar CookieThank *you*, Elf Roger!
Elf Crash MurphyI think Santa prefers gasoline and a match
Elf MaxOh boy….
Elf Sugar CookieHahahaha
Elf Roger StarDon’t try that at home, elves
Elf Lil Creamlol
Elf Crash MurphyI’m kidding…
Elf Sugar CookieTrust me, I’d rather be eating cookies than broccoli, but it has to be done sometimes lol
Elf MaxThank you all for being here. It was a good conference
Elf MaxI learned a lot
Elf Roger StarAnd I did too.
Elf Sugar CookieThank you so much to everyone!! I’m so glad I was able to attend part of it!
Elf Lil Creamthank you so much!
Elf Roger StarHope you can all make it for the next one!
Elf MaxThanks elves! Have a great day!
Elf Crash MurphyYes, have a merry one!
Elf Lil Creamu too!
Elf Sugar CookieThank you all! You too!
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