Elf Jobs

Elf Sandy ClausElf Jobs – a presentation by Elf Sandy Claus of the Department of Elf Resources


  • The jobs that are listed now are NOT hard jobs to do
  • Those elves who apply now are most likely to get the jobs. Those who come late in December, won’t have time to get them.
  • A Country Ambassador elf speaks to the North Pole for an entire country
  • Yes, an elf can have more than one job
  • Santa needs a lot of Elf Recruiters
  • Yes, Santa surfs
  • And yes, Santa goes into outer space
  • Elves should ask about jobs that they DON’T see posted

Chat Transcript:

Elf Sandy Claus Hello from the Department of Elf Resources. My name is Elf Sandy and I’m here to talk about elf jobs.
Elf Sandy Claus Our job, like all elves at the North Pole, is not complete until Santa arrives back at the North Pole and everything has been successfully delivered. That’s the mission.
Elf Coffee Bean Hi ! I’m here now
Elf Sandy Claus It takes a lot of elves to pull that off. This year, according to Santa’s goal, it’s going to take 200 million elves tracking Santa.
Elf Sandy Claus But today instead of talking about finding new elves I want to talk to the elves who have been here for a few years.
Elf Sandy Claus You are special elves. Last Christmas we ended up with around 55 million elves. 55 million of you are experienced. If Santa wants 200 million tracking him this Christmas we are going to need those with experience to take on responsibilities.
Elf Sandy Claus We need City Captains, State Representatives, Country Ambassadors, Podcasters, Writers, Trainers, and Recruiters. These are all jobs we do before Santa takes flight. Once he is in the air we ALL become Santa trackers.
Elf Sandy Claus So I’m speaking to those 55 million elves with experience. We need you to take on expanded roles as North Pole Elves.
Elf Sandy Claus Many of you have already done that. We have many City Captains, State Reps and Country Ambassadors. We have a few podcasters, writers, and recruiters.
Elf Sandy Claus But we need many more.
Elf Sandy Claus Is it hard to do these added jobs? No, we have elves to help you. Sometimes all you need is an understand of what each of these jobs are.
Elf Sandy Claus A City Captain is an elf who tries to work with elves in a certain city, town, village or neighborhood. Your job is to find new elves from these areas. Your job is to answer their questions and show them the ropes. Your job as a City Captain is to show other elves the way.
Elf Sandy Claus The same is pretty much true of State Reps. Your job is to be a friend to City Captains and to help them. Help them communicate, help them to find elves, and make suggestions for new city captains in your State.
Elf Sandy Claus A county ambassador is a little different. As a country ambassador it is your job to represent your country TO THE NORTH POLE. That’s right, your job is to speak for every elf and believer in your country. The North Pole values your feedback and wants to know what elves in your country want and need. You are the voice of the elves in your country.
Elf Sandy Claus We have other jobs and they are pretty much explained on SantaTrackers.net.
Elf Sandy Claus I want to point out that we don’t have every job listed. If you think you are qualified to do something that is not listed on the website we would love to hear from you. Of course Santa wants to make use of your many talents. If you speak a language or can help other elves in some way because of your talents and abilities we want to talk to you.
Elf Sandy Claus Just recognize and remember than once Santa takes off ALL of us are tracker elves and our mission at that point is to HELP SANTA.
Elf Sandy Claus That’s my presentation. I will now take whatever questions you might have. Thank you.
Elf Max Sandy, from our email we have been asked this question:
Elf Max Can an elf have more than one job?
Elf Coffee Bean hi ! I just have a simple question, when is the next announcement about the job recruits
Elf Sandy Claus Yes, of course. It happens all the time
Elf Sandy Claus A person can be a city captain and a news reporter elf at the same time
Elf Sandy Claus Coffee Bean…I don’t understand your question
Elf Max I think maybe Coffee Bean wants to know about being an elf recruiter?
Elf Coffee Bean oh sorry I mean when is the next post about who has new jobs, if that make sense. you make the announcements about who is state rep, city cap, etc
Elf Sandy Claus Oh…I’ll catch it up in a few days.
Elf Sandy Claus It constantly changes
Elf Coffee Bean elf max actually that’s a good question
Elf Sandy Claus Elf recruiters are really in demand right now
Elf Sandy Claus We want as many applicants for those positions as we can get
Elf Coffee Bean are we able to apply to be an elf recruiter ?
Elf Flip Beanz I’m also working on an update to our elf count in every sector
Elf Sandy Claus Yes, those positions are open now. Please apply
Elf Sandy Claus In fact, I’ll just tell you right now, Coffee – YOU GOT THE JOB!!!!
Elf Max OH WOW
Elf Crash Murphy Haha!
Elf Max That recruiting number is scaring a lot of people, Sandy
Elf Sandy Claus I know. But it shouldn’t
Elf Sandy Claus It’s only July
Elf Lil Cream I have a question- are you in charge of just tracking jobs or the NP jobs too?
Elf Sandy Claus And I know I shouldn’t say that
Elf Coffee Bean omg hahahaha thank you ! I was talking about two things state rep or recruiter so which one hahahahah sorry
Elf Sandy Claus But it’s a fact more than 60% of all our new elves come the week before Christmas.
Elf Sandy Claus Coffee, I’ll get to you on BOTH of those
Elf Sandy Claus Lil Cream, we handle elf jobs everywhere
Elf Sandy Claus Including North Pole jobs. We just don’t post North Pole jobs on SantaTrackers.net
Elf Coffee Bean omg wow ! So will I need to talk to one of you to be able to get recruitments to go through ?
Elf Lil Cream Also, I sent in a application a while ago, did u recieve it?
Elf Sandy Claus Yes, Coffee…well, kinda
Elf Sandy Claus Lil Cream, yes we are aware. But I can’t yet respond because…well, Santa. It’s a big one.
Elf Coffee Bean Could you explain it a little more about how this job will work ?!
Elf Lil Cream oh okay
Elf Sandy Claus Recruiting?
Elf Sandy Claus Please be patient, Lil Cream. We definitely have NOT forgotten you.
Elf Sandy Claus Slimey C, he’s forgotten. But not you.
Elf Lil Cream ?
Elf Sandy Claus I’m kidding, of course.
Elf Coffee Bean Yes sandy !
Elf Lil Cream oh lol
Elf Lil Cream 😀
Elf Sandy Claus I have been in meetings with the recruiting team this past week. I think Elf Ivy Holley will be posting some info shortly about your questions, Coffee
Elf Lil Cream also- he couldnt make it today because he’s working, but he told me to tell u guys that he really wanted to
Elf Sandy Claus It’s been a good week for new elves, that’s for sure
Elf Max He’s working? What’s he do?
Elf Coffee Bean okay perfect I was a bit worried if I was gonna be able to do the job good enough
Elf Lil Cream he works at a surf shop
Elf Sandy Claus Yes, please tell Slimey we’ll be glad to tease him in person when he has time.
Elf Lil Cream lol
Elf Max Wow. Cool job. Does he make surfboards?
Elf Lil Cream no, he sells shirts and works the register
Elf Lil Cream he rent out surfboards there to tourists
Elf Max Pretty neat
Elf Crash Murphy Santa surfs, you know.
Elf Lil Cream rlly?
Elf Crash Murphy No, I’m serious. Every Christmas Eve, in fact.
Elf Max No way
Elf Crash Murphy Yes, way.
Elf Crash Murphy Down in Australia
Elf Crash Murphy The only way he can reach those dudes is by surfing
Elf Crash Murphy He also parachutes
Elf Max Get out of town
Elf Sugar Cookie Wow, that’s incredible!
Elf Crash Murphy It’s the truth
Elf Crash Murphy He goes into outer space too.
Elf Max Well, I heard that news report
Elf Lil Cream cool!!
Elf Crash Murphy International Space Station
Elf Lil Cream he delievers there?
Elf Max Yeah…why do they call it that? If it’s not in this world, it can’t be International
Elf Crash Murphy Yes, he delivers there
Elf Crash Murphy Many believers on the International Space Station
Elf Lil Cream how does he get in?
Elf Sugar Cookie Wow, does he have his own space suit?
Elf Coffee Bean oh wow Santa really goes EVERYWHERE
Elf Crash Murphy And Max, you dumb bunny, It’s named for those who put it together. Not where it is
Elf Crash Murphy Santa has a jetpack for those deliveries
Elf Crash Murphy Because, as you know, it’s impossible to get a helmet on a reindeer
Elf Lil Cream jetpack?
Elf Sugar Cookie That’s awesome!
Elf Crash Murphy Yeah…the reindeer get the sleigh to the edge of space…then Santa launches right from the seat of his sleigh in a jetpack
Elf Lil Cream that is pretty cool!
Elf Coffee Bean I still can’t believe Santa just surfs on Christmas Eve
Elf Crash Murphy I’ve seen it every year
Elf Lil Cream do u surf crash?
Elf Crash Murphy He surfs on Christmas Eve cause he has to. But he might surf for recreational purposes at other times of the year
Elf Crash Murphy No, I do not surf.
Elf Crash Murphy I’m not a fan of water
Elf Max Really?
Elf Crash Murphy Nope.
Elf Crash Murphy Personal reasons.
Elf Max Okay, okay
Elf Sugar Cookie Fair enough. Is Santa able to carry his bag while surfing?
Elf Sandy Claus We were talking about elf jobs?
Elf Coffee Bean Have you ever accidentally landed in the water ?
Elf Crash Murphy He uses a waterproof backpack for surfing
Elf Coffee Bean oh yeah- sorry elf Sandy
Elf Sugar Cookie Wow!
Elf Crash Murphy No, I’ve never landed on water. Thank goodness
Elf Max Haha – sorry Sandy
Elf Sandy Claus It’s okay. I just want to make sure we answer any remaining questions about jobs. Then we can talk about parachutes and surf boards all ya want.
Elf Coffee Bean I had said that that’s good that Ivy is going to be posting a post about it because it scared me I wasn’t gonna be up to the job
Elf Max Any other questions on elf jobs?
Elf Sandy Claus I have confidence in you, Coffee Bean. You can do it!
Elf Sugar Cookie Any advice for elves who would want to be city captains but are a bit shy?
Elf Sandy Claus GOOD question, Sugar Cookie.
Elf Sugar Cookie Thank you!
Elf Sandy Claus My advice is to apply. I’m guessing Sugar Cookie isn’t the name that your Mama gave you, right?
Elf Crash Murphy Sugar Cookie, I know how ya feel!
Elf Crash Murphy Can I give you some advice that Santa gave me a long, long time ago?
Elf Sugar Cookie That is correct 🙂 I’ll definitely apply when I have at least a year of elf service under my belt. Thank you!
Elf Coffee Bean Once the badges show up again and be fixed it’ll show up as a state rep right ?
Elf Sandy Claus Ok, that’s a good plan!
Elf Sugar Cookie Please, Elf Crash!
Elf Max Yes, Sugar Cookie. We’re working on it.
Elf Crash Murphy When I was nervous about going on the radio Santa said:
Elf Crash Murphy “Crash, they don’t know that you don’t know what you’re doing”
Elf Crash Murphy And that helped me a ton!
Elf Sandy Claus Hey, that is good advice!
Elf Max I like that too
Elf Sugar Cookie Very good advice! Thank you!
Elf Crash Murphy Santa told me fear is normal but that we need to tell it to get lost.
Elf Cookie Dough I can’t apply for anything till next year
Elf Coffee Bean I think you were talking to me so yes okay !
Elf Max That’s right
Elf Sandy Claus Why not Cookie Dough?
Elf Sugar Cookie @Elf Crash Murphy: Great advice! I need to tell fear to get lost more often
Elf Sandy Claus You can tell me privately if ya want, Cookie Dough
Elf Max Ok, guys. Let’s take a five minute break then we’ll start up again. Thanks, Sandy!
Elf Sandy Claus Thank you!
Elf Sugar Cookie Thank you!
Elf Cookie Dough I haven’t been a tracker elf for a year yet I just started as an elf and I only have 2 stars not 3
Elf Lil Cream ty!
Elf Max Cookie Dough – talk to Elf Sandy about any job you want. I hear she is waiving a lot of those kinds of requirements.
Elf Sandy Claus Yes, message me. If there’s something you want to do we want to help make it happen