Numbers Matter

Elf FlipNumbers Matter – presented by Elf Flip Beanz 17 July 2021

The North Pole uses numbers of all types to measure and keep track of things. In this presentation we learn what some of those numbers are and why they are important.


  • One important number is found in the points generated on
  • Any big number becomes easy to understand when you break it down
  • The 200 million tracker elf recruitment goal breaks down to just one recruit per elf per month
  • Santa counts stockings
  • There are a variety of numbers kept about the reindeer
  • The numbers associated with the reindeer are kept on cards, kind of like trading cards
  • Santa is a scientist. That is why he uses numbers
  • 95% of all people are believers the week before Christmas

Chat Transcript:

Elf Flip Beanz Hi all. Thank you for being here.
Elf Flip Beanz Santa just gave us a new recruiting goal for this year and you all know what it is. It is a number.
Elf Flip Beanz Because Santa gave us a number I have a job. My job is to tell you how we’re doing to that goal. Numbers are very important.
Elf Flip Beanz We use a lot of numbers here to keep track of stuff. The number of elves doesn’t even scratch the surface of the numbers we track.
Elf Flip Beanz Think about it.
Elf Flip Beanz Santa has to give a gift or two to every child. There’s a number to that
Elf Flip Beanz He needs to fit those gifts in a bag. There’s a number to that.
Elf Flip Beanz He needs to fit that bag onto a sleigh. There’s a number to that.
Elf Flip Beanz That sleigh needs to go so fast and hold up against all kinds of weather and other conditions. There’s a number to all that.
Elf Flip Beanz He needs so many elves, in so many departments, and so many reindeer and so many support sleighs — these are all numbers.
Elf Flip Beanz That’s what I do.
Elf Flip Beanz I even keep track of numbers on you guys — our fabulous tracker elves.
Elf Flip Beanz For example, do you know how many points you have generated on You might keep track of your points. But I keep track of ALL the points for everyone. So far, there have been almost 200,000 points made by you guys this year. I keep that number.
Elf Flip Beanz Why?
Elf Flip Beanz Because numbers are important. They tell us when we are doing well and when we can do better.
Elf Flip Beanz Can you imagine how Santa feels when he fails? If a believer that doesn’t get something from Santa can you imagine how bad it is for that person? This is the #1 reason we work all the numbers that we do. Santa doesn’t like to fail and he doesn’t want anyone to be left out.
Elf Flip Beanz So we track things constantly.
Elf Flip Beanz What are the numbers that should matter most to you?
Elf Flip Beanz Well that depends on a lot of things. Right now, and at least for the next several months, the number you should be aware of is how many people you can recruit to become an elf.
Elf Flip Beanz Santa says he wants 200 million. We’re just below 60 million right now. So we have a long way to go.
Elf Flip Beanz It sounds easy enough. When we break it down, every tracker elf needs only to recruit about 5 other elves and we’ll meet the goal.
Elf Flip Beanz I think five is a good number – and likely some elves will be challenged with even completing that over the next five months.
Elf Flip Beanz One per month. See how easy that is? See how numbers help us?
Elf Flip Beanz So, how many people will you need to talk to in order to find one new elf a month? Well, that’s a number. You need to figure that out.
Elf Flip Beanz This is the purpose and the challenge of numbers. Numbers keep you sharp. You should be looking for all kinds of numbers as often and as much as you can in all that you do as a tracker elf.
Elf Flip Beanz That’s my presentation. Any questions?
Elf Max Thanks, Flip
Elf Max Does Santa count the stockings?
Elf Flip Beanz Yes he does.
Elf Flip Beanz And everything that goes in them too
Elf Max What about reindeer? Are there numbers with them too?
Elf Flip Beanz Like you wouldn’t believe
Elf Flip Beanz He has little cards – like baseball cards — that have all the stats a reindeer could produce
Elf Flip Beanz Their weight, height, color and gender
Elf Flip Beanz Their speed, stamina ratings, etc.
Elf Max Reindeer cards?
Elf Sugar Cookie Wow, I wish he would give out some of those reindeer cards!
Elf Flip Beanz Yeah, I’m serious
Elf Max Are they collectible?
Elf Flip Beanz Yes, of course.
Elf Max Who knew?
Elf Flip Beanz Santa is a scientist, Max. Of course he love numbers of all kinds
Elf Flip Beanz He’s very good a math, too. He has to be.
Elf Sugar Cookie Those cards may be a good idea for a prize you could redeem with points!
Elf Max Is this what you do all day – Santa’s numbers?
Elf Flip Beanz Hmmm…that’s an interesting idea, Sugar Cookie!
Elf Sugar Cookie Thank you!
Elf Max I love that idea
Elf Max I want reindeer cards now. What does a Rudolph go for?
Elf Sugar Cookie Thank you guys!
Elf Flip Beanz Oh, they cannot be bought
Elf Max They can’t?
Elf Ullrich I think that is a great idea!
Elf Flip Beanz No…they are serious information, Max. These aren’t trading cards.
Elf Max Well they should be. We should have cards for elves too
Elf Crash Murphy Hey wait a minute
Elf Sugar Cookie We should!
Elf Crash Murphy I don’t want to be objectified that way…
Elf Max Haha, Crash. You just don’t want anyone to know your weight.
Elf Crash Murphy Or how long it has been since I’ve had hair.
Elf Flip Beanz Too funny
Elf Flip Beanz I doubt you need to worry about that, Crash
Elf Max Yeah, too much information
Elf Max Ok, any other questions for Flip?
Elf Crash Murphy When do we get the new elf numbers, Flip?
Elf Sugar Cookie I know you’re more of a numbers elf, but do you have advice for recruiting people? Especially when all of my friends are non-believers?
Elf Flip Beanz My next report is due July 21
Elf Flip Beanz Sugar Cookie, I’m no expert
Elf Flip Beanz But I think you make it a matter of numbers
Elf Flip Beanz The more people you talk to the better your odds of getting a recruit
Elf Flip Beanz Here’s one thing I know
Elf Flip Beanz There are believers out there
Elf Flip Beanz And that’s a number
Elf Flip Beanz There are non-believers out there
Elf Flip Beanz And THAT’s a number
Elf Flip Beanz And then there are believers who SAY they are non-believers
Elf Flip Beanz And THAT’s a number
Elf Flip Beanz It makes sense then to assume that you are reaching more believers or silent believers than non-believers
Elf Sugar Cookie Very good points. I didn’t think of that. Thank you!
Elf Flip Beanz This is one reason we have seen so many new elves come on board the last week before Christmas
Elf Flip Beanz In July, they say –  “I don’t believe in Santa!”
Elf Flip Beanz But then in December, after they think about it
Elf Flip Beanz They say, “Yeah, I believe in Santa!”
Elf Flip Beanz Because they, you know, want a gift or something
Elf Flip Beanz You just keep talking about it.
Elf Flip Beanz For those who say they don’t believe now
Elf Flip Beanz there are just as many who will suddenly believe come December
Elf Flip Beanz If you plant seeds now, they will remember you later
Elf Flip Beanz So don’t be shy
Elf Sugar Cookie Thank you!!
Elf Flip Beanz Studies and statistics show that better than 95% of all people are believers the week before Santa comes
Elf Flip Beanz It’s amazing
Elf Sugar Cookie Wow, that IS amazing. I had no idea!
Elf Flip Beanz Yeah, people are funny
Elf Flip Beanz I wish they were all like you, Sugar Cookie