Sector 2 Regional HQ

Sector 2 Regional HQ Announced

We are pleased and excited by the announcement from North Pole Flight Command today that the ancient city of St. Nicholas in Demre, Turkey will serve as the location for our regional tracking center in Sector 2.

In case you don’t know, Demre is the home of the legend of Santa Claus. It is where he was born. Not many people realize this.

I have not been there yet. This is a total surprise to me. I was part of the committee that scouted locations for this year’s tracking center in Sector 2. We went to China, India, Israel, Oman, and even into parts of Russia on our scouting trips. We saw many locations that would be excellent for a tracking center.

Rumor has it that Santa himself made this site selection. He was there about a month ago, talking with local authorities about potential locations.

Regardless, we now have a home. I am awaiting instructions from Flight Command about construction and possible dates for opening the tracking center. I will keep you informed as that happens.

Like most elf supervisors, I am waiting to learn why this is beginning so early this year and specifically what it means for the Santa tracking effort.

For those elves in Sector 2, please keep an eye open on the new group I set up last night. I will be posting news about our sector there.


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Elf Clif Moyer
Tracking Center Director -- Asia & Middle East at the Santa Claus Ltd
Elf Clif is a long time presence at the North Pole getting his start in Santa’s employ in 1917 hauling wood with reindeer teams from Austria. He speaks 14 languages and took a 3-year sabbatical to serve in the Peace Corps in Africa in the 1950s. Elf Clif lives with his wife of many years in one of the largest farms at the North Pole, keeping hot house plants and flowers year round, his passionate hobby.
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Elf Maurice

wow originally i thought that Santa was born in Myra,Turkey also i have always wondered what is Santa’s origin.

Elf Max

Demre is Myra…it was renamed several years ago.

Elf Maurice

thanks for telling me that .

Elf Ullrich

I am so glad there will be a new place for Santa tracking!

Elf Maurice

wow are you guys working with the flash or something every single day each sector has a new regional tracking center each day.