Sector 2 Reports from Rudolph Island

Sector 2 UpdateHello friends!

The regional tracking center for Sector 2 is now operational from Rudolph Island, Russia. It serves Asia and the Middle East. That’s actually not far from the North Pole — in the far northern area of the sector.

But honestly, it does not matter where the regional tracking center is located. We’re here, the lights are on and we’re ready to rock.

And rock we will.

Over the next several days I will be alerting you to news coming out of the sector and of direction we will be receiving from North Pole Flight Command. Some of that direction will be very plain but most of it really won’t begin until we get closer to Santa’s flight time.

That gives us plenty of time to read up on the training materials and learn what each report type is. I hope you make use of the next four days or so to ask questions, so you are clear on what to do.

My name is Elf Clif, and I will be tracking Santa with you from here at Rudolph Island.

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Elf Clif Moyer
Tracking Center Director -- Asia & Middle East at the North Pole Tracking Department
Elf Clif is a long time presence at the North Pole getting his start in Santa’s employ in 1917 hauling wood with reindeer teams from Austria. He speaks 14 languages and took a 3-year sabbatical to serve in the Peace Corps in Africa in the 1950s. Elf Clif lives with his wife of many years in one of the largest farms at the North Pole, keeping hot house plants and flowers year round, his passionate hobby.
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