Santa Launches in 100 Days

Santa Launches in 100 Days

Santa launches in 100 days, elves. My friends, this is a significant milestone.

We have less than 100 days to get 150 million more elves and to get them all trained.

Of course, you’re here now. You’re already an elf. You’ve taken the oath and know the code. You’re ready to rock.

So what should you be doing?

First, make sure you are informed. Read all the training materials. Then jump into the elf community here to ask your questions. Be on the lookout for chat events and special elf meetings that will be upcoming in October, November and December. You want to be the informed elf.

Second, talk to your family and friends about becoming elves, too. It might feel weird at first. You may get teased. But you will find that as we get closer to launch time people become believers. They will turn to you for advice. Plant those seeds now. It gets easier.

Third, watch that Santa tracker to see where the test flight is. It is good training for when you watch Santa. I can tell you right now that watching Santa is very different from watching a test flight. He moves a lot faster. But getting in on the test flights now will help you later when the real deal happens.

I’m not much of a communicator. I leave things here pretty much to Elf Max. But do get in the habit of watching the news from and And do not forget to listen to North Pole Radio News and the Santa Tracker Podcast. They will show you the way.

And if you have ideas, for goodness sakes, please share them in the elf community.

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Elf Roger Star
International Director of Santa Trackers at the North Pole Flight Command
Roger is an experienced sleigh pilot, designer and flight engineer who has worked the past 42 years as a flight supervisor in the Tracking Department at the North Pole. Previous to that Roger served as a designer in the Research and Development Department during the crucial years of 1947-1974, an era known for breakout designs in Santa’s sleigh that broke long standing speed records. Roger was the lead designer of Santa’s 1968 sleigh, famous for surviving a brutal blizzard in Bavaria.
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