I owe everyone an apology. Especially Elf Max.

Last month when we had to re-schedule Santa’s chat we knew we had to re-schedule the chat for May. That’s because Santa called for an extended season of Basic Elf Training — or, as we like to call it, BET.

Most elves love BET. Except for new elves. For a newer elf it can be a pretty tough thing.

Well, elves like Max and Trixie and Beanz – they are new at basic training. It takes a lot of out them. They have to take classes and tests. They have to study a lot.

Santa himself told me to move Max’s chat. And I didn’t do it. I forgot. Pure and simple, it’s totally my mistake. We knew it wouldn’t happen on May 2nd and I just forgot to change the website at SantaUpdate.com.

Well, it’s changed now. Max’s chat will happen on May 16th at 4pm EST.

Max would be here to talk about all this, I’m sure, but he’s still in BET. I’m pretty sure he won’t be happy when he gets back and he sees how I blew it. I’M SORRY MAX!!!!

And I am sorry to you, too. I know a lot of you showed up for the chat the other day and nobody was there. Totally my fault.

Elf Ernest

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Elf Ernest
Senior Vice President of Public Relations
The Head Honcho, The Big Cheese, The Kahuna.
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ELF Jingle Bells

thats ok i thought something was wrong with my dads phone LOL i was mad but now i know why there wasnt a chat

Elf Lil Cream

It’s fine! Don’t worry about it! 😀

Elf Ullrich

It’s fine I totally understand.

Elf Jangle

Hey, no problem!At least most good elves won’t miss it because they checked the news

Elf Maurice

That’s okay everyone makes mistakes.

Elf Buttercup

Even ELVES make mistakes! Don’t worry about it. It’s the Elf Way. Nobody’s perfect! And I’m sure Max will understand.