Meetings Galore

Howdy Elves,

I apologize for my absence. That elf training thing was really intense. Not only did it take me away it has caused me to fall behind on things here.

And all the meetings this week are not helping.

I know many of you have sent notes or posted messages with questions and stuff. Please just bear with me a little longer.

We have a number of projects coming to a head all at the same time. Some of you will be receiving some direction relative to the new jobs you have applied for. You might hear from Elf Resources or me…or maybe even another elf about that work. Trust me, it’s coming. We’re working those things out right now.

That’s why we are having all the meetings.

One little thing I wanted to talk to you about though. It appears while I was away there was a little trouble with a few elves in chat and on the Elf Wall.

I’m not much of a cheerleader or a taskmaster. I’m a big believer in just being nice. I know some of our elves are a little young and a lot inexperienced. But “being nice” is not a difficult thing to do. It’s in our terms of service. It is part of the Elf Oath.

So I’ll just remind you all to “be nice”.

Santa is very intent on keeping the elf community to high standards. He doesn’t think we need to be posting these kinds of reminders. And he believes that being an elf means being able to control yourself at all times. None of us, as elves, really want to be telling other elves what to do or even how to “be nice”.

I guess what I’m saying is that you’re either nice or you’re not. As such, you’re either an elf or you’re not. Our terms of service make it clear that if you cannot be nice you cannot be here. It’s nothing personal. It’s just the way it is.

So, we have seen through sad experience that some elves come and go here quickly.

Real elves are nice. They don’t talk mean. They don’t complain about other elves. They don’t cheat, lie or steal. They don’t blatantly run up points and then brag about it. They don’t falsely accuse other elves of doing things they never did.

We just don’t have time to be dealing with that kind of stuff. We expect elves to be nice. Period. Be nice or…don’t be an elf.

Parents can help with this. We expect parents to be nice too. It’s not hard.

Now, we’re getting ready to head into the month of June. Leon Day is just around the corner. And that means we are going to be seeing lots of new elves.

Let’s be nice to them, ok?

They will learn to be nice too if we show them the way. There is a lot of work ahead and Santa wants as many elves as he can get. Being nice is a good way to get those elves.


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Elf Max Elf Support Manager at the Santa Claus LTD company
Elf Max is the webmaster of and Executive Director of the Elf Community. Max has worked in computer systems web development for many years. He has been an anchor for the tracker elf program and has been with this project from the very beginning. When he's not tweaking the website he's running off to fix someone's computer.
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Elf Ullrich

Ok, thank you for the reminder and updates!